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1.64% Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) / Chapter 3: Training And Growing Up

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Chapter 3: Training And Growing Up

Kenichi:" Does that mean that Polygamy is practiced in this world??? but how could this be possible is it because I wished for such"

Kenichi wasn't able to understand the situation but he decided to let it be for the time being as it won't be affecting him for now. Right now all he can do is wait and train in the energy control that's all.

After a day Kenichi parents took him home which was in the neighborhood of Ryuto Asamiya who should also be born around the same time.

Kenichi has already started his energy training since that was all he could do but it was the best training one could do from childhood. Kenichi's energy training will help him develop his body externally and internally as it will cleanse his veins and bone marrow as well. If he is able to clean them fully then his talent would even surpass Miu Furiniji and Sho Kano who had the most potential as a martial artist.

Kenichi kept on his energy training without any stop his daily routine was breastfeeding, training, sleeping again breastfeeding, training, sleeping and again breastfeeding, training and sleeping it went in until he was 1 year old. After he turned 1year old he started running and talking properly so the first thing he did was asking for a different room from his parents saying that they made weird noises in the night which made them speechless and ashamed as well but they also thought that he is to small to know what they were doing and when he becomes big enough to know about it he won't remember it.

So they hurriedly gave him a different room but would keep him infront of themselves and only left him alone in the night to perform there own night activities. So it was only night time where Kenichi could train his body as a 1year old he couldn't do much to strengthen his body but it was already 3 time's stronger than an average 5 year old baby hence all he did was sit-ups for leg strengthening and push-ups for strengthening of hands but both were not more than 10 and a little stretching exercises that's all. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Kenichi kept doing this training for next 2years. He was 3years old now and his mother was pregnant once again looked like his father did a good job. Kenichi remembered that according to the manga he was going to have a little sister her name was Honoka Shirahama.

He was happy that he would have a little sister with him in this life as he was an orphan in previous life and always lived alone. Since his mother was already admitted in the hospital he was staying with his mother and slowly passing his energy to nurish his mother and the baby which he has trained for 3years. The delivery was successfull and Shirahamas had a daughter in there family now who was quite healthy and cute, she would become a beautiful lady as she was nourished by Kenichi's pure energy.

Kenichi after returning home had started his training once again but this time his training schedule has been increased as he did 30 sit-ups, 30 push-ups, 20 crunches and had started running as well. He was only doing body strengthening training he had already decided to do that and nothing else as he already had his Karate from previous life the rest he had already decided to learn when he joins Ryozanpaku dojo.

Kenichi had already made freinds with Ryuto Asamiya and had started to play with him from time to time.

Ryuto:" Kenichi why do you train yourself like that do you have to fight with someone"

Kenichi:" No Ryuto it's not because of that I train because I want to become strong enough to beat anyone who wants to hurt me and my family"

Ryuto:" But there is no one who wans to hurt your family"

Kenichi:" Yes it's true but who knows about the future and my mom's says that I have to bring more than one girl home as my wife when I am big enough and she also told me that for that I have to be strong enough to protect them"

Ryuto:" Then should I also train myself Kenichi"

Kenichi:" Yes you should and if you want to you can train with me from now on"

Ryuto:" Ok Kenichi I will follow your training from now on"

And so two 3 year old boys started there training together. Although Ryuto wasn't supposed to train untill after he met Miu and lost a fight from Kenichi but it's only a 3 years earlier that he has started training and even with it he wouldn't be able to beat Kenichi who has Ki as well.

While Kenichi was only doing body training it he has also started to watch videos of martial arts fights and training from there he got to know one more thing about himself and that was that he was able to perform any move that he has seen once though not perfectly at once but after training in it for sometime he would be able to do it and it all depends on the technique if its a easy technique then he would perfect it in 2 to 3 try's but if it's hard skill then he may have to practice it for hours.

He may not be able to put the necessary strength that is needed in the techniques until told but he will be able to perform it correctly. This simply means that his martial arts talent is even greater than he thought and it won't be hard for him to beat Miu's Grandfather Hayato Furiniji who is called the strongest man now.

Kenichi and Ryuto has kept training for 3 years now and they are taller than they were in the manga at this time. Kenichi is the tallest in his class followed by Ryuto it's almost opposite from the original series.

Ryuto has asked Kenichi to go with him to play near a shop which is runned by the granny and Kenichi ofcourse answer positively as that was the place where he met Miu Furiniji for the first time.

Kenichi:*In his mind*"This time I am gonna make a much better impression on her"

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