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Chapter 222: Winning

Ukita groggily stood up, barely able to hear what was happening. He looked around seeing Takeda and others yelling at him to do something, pointing behind him. He knew that his opponent was coming to finish him but he didn't have the strength to move.

"Is this it?... am I going to lose just like that!?" Ukita thought, "No, even Mizunuma surpassed his limit to beat someone much stronger than him so why can't I do that as well!"

Ukita then looked at his jujitsu master Akisame who was looking towards him and nodding his head, he remembered the conversation he had with Master Akisame.



"Master is it possible to learn martial arts from inanimate objects," asked Ukita.

"Hmm... Yes it is, many people take inspirations from inanimate objects and imply them in their martial arts" replied Akisame, "But why do you ask Ukita were you inspired by something like that too"

"No master nothing like that, it's just I saw some video games in the game parlor where the character does some judo moves that I didn't think were possible but then Siegfried learn from a spinning wheel that's why I was having doubts" stated Ukita.

"There is nothing that a human can't do Ukita! It's all about belief and perseverance can't achieve so grit your teeth and do it until you are successful" said Akisame.

"Yes Master," Ukita said Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Flashback End


Ukita turned around and saw Member E jumping in the air, ready to finish Ukita off once and for all.

But he wasn't going down until he ditched his last effort, his hand shot forward grabbing member E by surprise. Then, in one swift motion, turned and jumped with member E still behind him. Ukita flipped in the air before landing with member E hitting the ground first, feeling the pain as he hit the floor hard with Ukita's body weight pressed onto him.

Ukita quickly rolled off his hands and raised off his hands ready to fight with his eyes showing the determination that he will last till the end.

"What the hell was that!?" thought member E as he quickly got up before charging forward once more.

"That's! That's from Judo 99!" said Matsui.

"Judo 99!? What's that?" asked Tsuji.

"Judo 99 is a fighting game with many different characters which have many different Judo moves and the one which Ukita used was one of them" explained Matsui as they watched Ukita swirl through member E's charge to grab him by his waist from the back and lifting him to slam him on his back.

"You are saying that Ukita used a judo move from a video game!?" asked Tsuji to confirm what Matsui said.

"Yes" replied Matsui

"That sounds pretty good" grinned Takeda, "And he said he wasn't a genius. Seems pretty impressive to me if he can use video game moves in a real fight"

Not only The Shinpaku Alliance but even Kenichi was surprised by Ukita's development from the story he knew that Ukita wasn't that much strong but it looks like he wasn't forced enough that's why he didn't train that much but right now he was showing that he was on the same level as his other friends in The Shinpaku Alliance.

Ukita was continuing his attacks as he landed an overhand punch to the face, followed by a low kick, then followed by grabbing member E from his waist and with surprising strength lifting him in the air his head to slam his head first on the ground.

That attack had done it! Blood was leaking from member E's head like a fountain but luckily member E had a strong neck otherwise it would have been broken from that head slam on the ground but Ukita didn't know that he moved towards member E who was lying unconscious not moving at all and looked worried, he thought he had killed him.

"Don't worry Ukita he isn't dead! He is seriously injured but won't die" said Akisame from his seat.

"Master!! Thank you" said Ukita and sighed in relief.

"And the winner of this match with a surprising comeback is The Shinpaku Alliance!" shouted the announcer.

"I did it!" mumbled Ukita before falling unconscious.


The others quickly moved Ukita to the bench to let him rest while the last member of the Black Force, their Captain.

"Come on, let me up!" said Tsuji with a grin, "With all the hyped Ukita build-up, I can make this explode perfectly!" said Tsuji with a grin.

"No no no after the thrower it's the time for the puncher to go! Don't you think so as well Niijima!?" said Takeda as he himself couldn't wait anymore.

"Alright, you go, Takeda! Tsuji can go in the next round" stated Niijima hearing which Takeda smiled and Tsuji could only grumble.

"hehehe I will come back fast after doing the sweep up" grinned Takeda.

"In a war, subordinates mistake have to be cleared by their captain otherwise they lose the war," said Captain C.

The bell rang and Captain C rushed towards Takeda with a thin steel wire in his hand ready to cut Takeda apart but Takeda wasn't going to back down from this.

He started with his right straight but stopped it in between because captain C had grabbed the steel from both hands and placed it right in front of his face just before Takeda's punch could reach him.

Captain C kicked towards Takeda right after Takeda retracted his punch but Takeda dodges it by sidestepping but then there came captain C's roundhouse kick. Takeda used both his hands to block the kick but the force pushed him to take two steps backward.

"Ok looks like you are stronger then I thought," said Takeda as he stripped his shirt showing his upper body which was still wearing restraints, "I will have to go all out against you"

While removing his restraints he said "Since I normally wear this, When I take it off I am not able to control my strength but since you are going to use that steel wire weapon I have to finish it fast as I don't want to get cut by mistake especially on my face which I still need you to know"

"Why is he like that!? Idiot!"

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