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Chapter 26: Failed

After the Alpha's death, the remaining horde of monsters ran back into the dungeon. Even though there were thousands of them, none of the monsters dared to touch Isaac. They just passed the demon as if he was invisible.

Isaac ignored them either. His mood was awful right now.

Because a blade was pointed at him.

"What are you doing?" Isaac asked. He made a displeased expression.

"Stop pretending. You think I'm stupid? I know you have bad intentions."

The veins on Isaac's face twitched after hearing Wang Mei's words.

'How come? Can she read my mind?'

Wang Mei seemed to be getting more and more suspicious. Her eyes looked at Isaac warily.

Wang Mei seemed to get more and more suspicious. Her eyes looked at Isaac warily.

"I just helped you. Why are you even threatening me? What did I do wrong?" Isaac gave an excuse while putting on an innocent face.

"Save your bullshit. Tell me who you really are. What do you want from me?"

Isaac still couldn't believe Wang Mei's response. He tried to calm her down by explaining that it was all a misunderstanding, but Wang Mei didn't believe his words at all. She kept pointing the blade at his neck.

In the end, Isaac ran out of patience. He sighed. "What a bother."


Isaac moved as fast as a shadow behind Wang Mei and hit her in the neck. The woman fainted right away.

"I would have definitely killed you if you were of no use to me."

Isaac finally carried out his original plan, planting the 'Seeds of Mind'. He touched his forehead, then the tip of his index finger glowed bright red. After that, he touched Wang Mei's forehead, who was fainting, with the red glow.


[Failed to plant 'Seed of Mind'.]

Isaac was surprised to see the notification.

'Impossible… How is that possible?'

It made Isaac frown. He had thought that something like this could happen, but it was only if the level of the target was too high. Whereas Isaac's level was much higher than the target.

'Does this human class affect it? '

When he thought about it again, it was impossible. Guo Chen was of the same class as Wang Mei, and Issac successfully planted 'Seeds of Mind' on him. So it was impossible that the class was the problem.

'Could there be a probability of success? But it's not mentioned in the skill description.'

Isaac then tried to plant the Seeds of Mind again, and similar notifications popped up again and again.

[Failed to plant 'Seed of Mind'.]

[Failed to plant 'Seed of Mind'.]

Isaac's brows furrowed even more. His head throbbed thinking about the strangeness possessed by this woman.

"Could it be… this is an 'innate skill'?" 

Demons were provided with a system that allowed them to strengthen themselves, and humans were the same.

Only their access was limited; such as viewing character stats and seeing level ups. Humans couldn't access the 'shop'.

Without the 'shop', they couldn't buy skills, items, and artefacts. So it was difficult for humans to catch up on the strength of the powerful demon army. Thus, Absolute One instilled skills in humans who experienced awakening in order to survive.

This was only known by the demons in the third year they stayed in the human world.

"That's the only explanation that makes sense. Maybe she has a special skill. If only I have 'that' skill, maybe I can extract it. But…"

Isaac narrowed his eyes at Wang Mei who was lying unconscious. The woman had seen many things, and she was also suspicious of Isaac. Sooner or later, she was going to give Isaac a problem.

His eyes then shifted to the side, looking at the blade lying near Wang Mei's body. 

'Should I kill her?'

As Isaac was considering his decision, a familiar male voice called out his name.


A black-haired man in light armour ran towards him. Behind the man, a group of Hunters with the number nine symbol forming a cloud came closer.

They were Guo Chen and the Nine Sky guild members.

"Brother? Are you okay? How could you be here?" Guo Chen asked with a worried face.

"I'm fine. I saw a horde of monsters running back into the dungeon earlier. So I went to the vanguard, looking for injured Hunters. I didn't realize that I have gone this far. Then, I found this woman."

Isaac's eyes glanced at the woman lying unconscious next to him. Meanwhile, Guo Chen believed Isaac's words.



Wang Yi and Nine Sky's members rushed with a worried face. They quickly surrounded Wang Mei, who was unconscious.

"Sister! Sister! Get up!"

They all looked worried when they saw Wang Mei's condition, especially Wang Yi. She cried while hugging and shaking her sister's body. Captain Chen Wei, who stood next to her, tried to calm the girl down.

"Miss Wang Yi, let me take a look," Captain Chen Wei said to Wang Yi softly.

Then, Captain Chen Wei checked Wang Mei's pulse and his face turned relieved.

"It's okay, Miss Wang Yi. Our guildmaster is still alive."

Now, all the Nine Sky guild members looked relieved. Meanwhile, Wang Yi was in tears of joy.

Captain Chen Wei ordered his men to find a healer. It wasn't long before a group of people in priest's robes arrived. They quickly gave Wang Mei help then carried her on a stretcher. Nine Sky's members also went to escort their guildmaster.

Isaac just stood there silently, watching them leave. In his head, he had thought to kill them all here. However, on second thought, it was too early to make that decision.

'I'll kill her another time.'

He didn't care. After all, in his previous life, he managed to kill that woman. Killing her a second time wasn't a big deal.

Isaac's eyes narrowed. He saw one of the Nine Sky members approaching him and Guo Chen. That person was Wang Yi.

"I apologize if my words were rude earlier. I wanted to show my gratitude." 

She clasped his hands together, bowing down slightly. 

"Thank you for finding my sister. If you don't find her first, maybe bad things could happen to her. My sister has many enemies."

"It's not a big deal," Isaac replied with a smile.

"Hmm, how about you guys join our guild? In our guild, there are several non-Hunter job desks available. Maybe you want to join us?"

"Thank you. We are very happy with your offer. This friend of mine deserves to be a part of your guild. He may be a rookie, but his talent is promising."

Wang Yi held her chin while pondering Isaac's words. She tried to recall the previous battle with Guo Chen. The man's fighting style looked amateur, but he could keep up with the team's agile movements. It was rare for a novice Hunter to do that.

"Well, you're right, he does have talent. We will consider adding him to the rookie squad."

Guo Chen, who heard those words, smiled broadly.

Meanwhile, Isaac silently touched his forehead until his fingertips glowed red, then he quickly touched Wang Yi's forehead. The woman was shocked. She felt something strange crawled through her head, as if a spider had crawled on top of her brain.

"Then, please take care of us," Isaac said with a subtle smile.

Wang Yi still looked confused. She shook her head for a moment. "All right, Mister Isaac. I will wait for you in Nine Sky headquarters." 

After that, the woman quickly left with the 'Seeds of Mind' planted in her head.

Guo Chen, who was curious about what had just happened, asked Isaac. Of course, Isaac didn't tell the man. He just told Guo Chen to forget about it and the man immediately forgot.

'If I don't get the head, at least I got the right hand.'

Wage_saga Wage_saga

Thank you for reading this chapter. I hope you like it.

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