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Rebirth of the Strongest Dungeon Master Original

Rebirth of the Strongest Dungeon Master

Fantasy 183 Chapters 1.1M Views
Author: Wage_saga

4.01 (26 ratings)

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The objective was the World Domination.

108 Demons and their Dungeons descended upon the land as they battled each other to become the Strongest Dungeon Master.

Isaac Constantine, a Demon Baron who managed to survive until the end of the game, only to meet betrayal that lead to his death.

Just as he thought it was over, he received a second chance

[Artefact Sand of Time has been activated.]
[Players can restart the game.]
[Displaying status]
[Isaac Constantine - Rank 99]

The battle between Dungeon Masters has restarted!

With a thirst for revenge, Isaac swore to create the best Dungeon and the Strongest army to win the game. Demons, Monsters, Superhumans even God himself will know his name.

Follow Isaac's story as he Rebirth to become the strongest Dungeon master

Parents Strongly Cautioned


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    LV 13 Badge

    When most apocalypse stories wrote about the Hero, this one wrote about the dungeon boss, the villainess that kills humans. However, with the MC (demon) betrayed by another Demon, this creates an interesting complex character that made me wonder where the story would lead. Smart unpredictable MC and great world-building, this story definitely worth reading.

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    LV 3 Badge

    looking good so far only thing that can kill this novel whould be changing the mc mindset 👌............................................ 👌

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    Trash revenge novel mc always has some humanity left despite being a demon, its like author projecting his insecurities to the mc.

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    won't lie I've read less than 10 chapters but so far it's pretty much an exact copy of Dungeon Hunter which while I admit was a great read I'm in no mood to read a reskinned copied version of it

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    I rarely play a game of this genre. But the story idea is quite interesting and easy to follow. Author can explain any detail in a good way so that someone as newbie as me can enjoy the game. Sometimes it reminds me of COC hahaha. Anyway, I would love to recommend this book to you guys, please read and give it a try.

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    this work is plagiarized from the novel 'Dungeon Hunter' shameless. and still getting high reviews. is the author deleting bad reviews or something?

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    LV 11 Badge

    Well, this is a review after I read 84 chapter. What to say about this book? It is promising, the premise is intriguing and also very interesting, sure it's a story about dungeon Master but here we discover a new system more sophisticated. The fact that MC came back from time is also a big plus because he won't stay weak for too long and he's not acting like a noob who doesn't know what to do. Tbh, my feeling are complicated about MC. He is intelligent, cunning and also has the trait of a demon being merciless and treating everyone as tool (not minding their feeling) It's good but also annoying to read. /!\ Spoiler Alert /!\ For exemple, when he rode on a worm to find where it rest to steal it's egg, I was rly annoyed by what he did like, this worm saved him from death in his past life but what he did in return now? He mercilessly stole her egg even though he should know the feeling of being betrayed. To me, he's really hypocrite, "Don't do to others what you don't want them to do to you". Well, maybe I'm the only one bothered but I wanted to complain "-" Anyways, MC is pretty skillful but sometimes I feel that he's also making dumb decisions even though he should be aware of some fact since he survived til the end of the game ( I forgot which mistake but I know that it was dumb for someone who experienced the game once). Side character, they have near to zero screen time or importance, they're only here to fulfill their role and that's all. They're bland, no emotion, it's boring seriously if there's only the MC. For exemple we have his first slave, Guo Chen, he should be (in MC first life) one of the six greatest hunter, but here I saw just a emotionless character calling brother here and there, just following his order. We lack seriously some side character dialogue or inner monologue to understand what they feel right now. There's also a sever lack of information about the game, it's purpose/goal, about demon family and so on. I hope someday author explain it to us or will it be unexplained ? idk To finish, this novel has his strength but also weaknesses. Still it is definitely a hidden gems that is uncovered, let it have it's chance and you may not regret it who know :)

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    started decent but multiple things ruin it 1 inconsistencies - MC refering to female characters as he etc annoying 2 the reason for the dungeons to appear just stupid - god lost interest, by putting in the god to your novel it removes any form of progression that MC could achieve through effort for example if you wrote a novel where you train day in day out to develop great power and strength then superman with 0 weaknesses and immortal turns up all efforts seems pointless 3 the reasons for demons desire to conquer utterly ridiculous - they know their greatest enemy could wipe them out with a thought yet still think they are high level beings

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    I really hope this story will continue soon.

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    I like the world building and how he’s not too overpowered from the start just beacuase he knows the future

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    Pretty good evil Mc novel gets bad a couple of times and then a nose dive in quality around ch 100 still a good read.

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    Personagens como esse MC são horríveis, eles não têm personalidade, apenas sabem agir como robôs sem emoções. Totally boring apart from the fact that all humans are weak or stupid. That were just to fill the scene

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Its good enough for me I guess. There is no major mistake and it is easily readable and understandable. I gave 5 stars to motivate you to continue

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    It could have been a great story but the author changes the mc to make it drag on longer, also simply. So the was the girl he could not implant the seed of the mind he did not her the first time, I understand why he did not kill her that time. But the next time is straight up simping if you can't control it, he should kill and take the power, instead of manipulating remotely simping. The are other problems what about all the demon powers and spells, they are only skills and weapons and tiles. You might erase what makes demons supreme. then the is the mentality of paying people back. So in total lots of potential if done correctly, but wasn't simping galore and erasing what makes a demon a demon.

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    to tell you the truth guys this is hidden gem at first but as the chapter goes on the story turn into upside to down because the main character turn on into 'kind'human (demon) saving humans when 'he' the demon turn human races massacring for Her Majesty 'Count demon' and he got betrayed and he full of revenge but instead turning it into revenge story the author made it into back ward story because the mc helps human for fun ? hays many author made story like that but they ended up into failure author ttoo many unnecessary trouble because he can just low key and make another human by bRiding by making human go to his dungeon and even though human didn't come to his dungeon there is still a tower that can help him to get point by many times than at first and too much unnecessary drama ya know this is definitely not recommend reading this novel. but if you bored or with Righteousness attitude then this is for u.

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    Me like very much, very solid/enjoyable. Am reviewing to help author.Me like very much, very solid/enjoyable. Am reviewing to help author.Me like very much, very solid/enjoyable. Am reviewing to help author. At chapter 97 atm

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    I like the concept and story so far . Hope there is more dungeon building though but maybe that happens later . Need words .........

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    The premise is similar to a novel I read a while ago about a demon count who almost won mind you this has the same demons have dungeons and stuff and its a battle Royale he loses and is like 3rd place he goes back to the start and uses his knowledge to slowly but surely build up his strength and also helps the humans a tad bit by giving them this unicorn or horse creature that buffs them and can lead them to safer places and ward off the weaker creatures he also acts like he’s a really strong awakener and helps clear dungeon outbreaks cause by other demons to make himself strong he’s also doing this tho so he’s not a good guy he just makes everything a means to get to the top considering the demons start A lot stronger depending on their rank

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    Author Wage_saga