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Records Of The Immortals (Completed up to Book 2) Records Of The Immortals (Completed up to Book 2) original

Records Of The Immortals (Completed up to Book 2)

Author: Wulin_Jianghu

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Chapter 1: A Rebellion - Bloodbath In The Royal Family

529 BC

Chu State was a big powerful state. Yet, they didn't content enough with its large territory and abundant resources. That year in winter, King Ling of Chu led his army to besiege and conquer Xu State capital to prepare an invasion of Wu State. He wanted to kill two birds with one stone.

King Ling and his troops had been besieging the Xu State capital for three months. And he's getting desperate as it seemed there's no result. But that day, when he discussed with his officials whether they should stop the campaign and return to Chu, a report came to him.

"Reporting, Your Majesty!" the soldier said. "Our troops had defeated Xu soldiers led by Yuan Wei on the bank of the river led to the west gate!"

Spontaneously, applause and laughter broke from the camp. Finally, after three months, they made progress.

"Finally, we are making progress!" King Ling said.

"My king, we managed to break through Yuan Wei's defence. Then in the next few days, we may be able to break through the west gate!" one of the officials said.

"Whoever could advance to the west gate will be heavily rewarded!" King Ling said in a loud voice. Everybody was in high spirits with the happy news.

They were still discussing when another report came.

"Reporting, Your Majesty!" the soldier said. "General Mi Yan and General Mi Huan had advanced to the west gate!"

King Ling slapped the table in front of him with excitement, "The time has come for our victory! We will win this war!" King Ling said. His face and voice showed his excitement.

King Ling felt that he's on top of the world. Both Xu State and Wu State would not be able to stop the army of Chu.

King Ling and his officials were happy and excited. Almost every day, they heard good progress in their campaigns.

Who would have thought that while the foreign affair was going well, the domestic affair went wrong?

Ten days later, King Ling was meeting his military officials when urgent news came to him. It was a report from the Ying City - the capital of Chu.

"Reporting, Your Majesty!" the messenger from Ying City said in a panic voice. "Third Prince Zigan made a coup. Officials and also spies and military men from the state of Chen and Cai are backing their rebellion!"

That news was like a clap of thunder in broad daylight.

"What?" King Ling disbelieved his ears. He pointed out the messenger and said, "Repeat the report once again!"

"Third Prince Zigan made a coup. Besides the traitors from our own country, the former ministers and also spies the state of Chen and Cai, are backing their rebellion!" the messenger repeated with a more articulate voice.

"Outrageous!" King Ling threw everything on his table as he was enraged.

"Zigan is taking refuge in Jin State. Who are the traitors in our court who allow him to return and make a coup?"

"It's the military officials, such as Prince Qiji, Xiong Huai, Mi Xin, and some generals who have troops in the eastern borders," the messenger said.

"Qiji? That little scoundrel! I spared his life, and he betrayed me!" King Ling yelled, his face turned to red.

"Your Majesty, please cease to be angry!" General Mi Yan said. "There's no need to be angry or panic. We have to decide what to do next! We can't waste any more time!".

"Your Majesty, in the capital, Prince Qiji, has a least twenty thousand troops!" General Mi Huan said carefully, "Perhaps, we should consider dividing our troops to quell the rebellion!"

"We're halfway to go! I'm afraid if we divide our troops, then our efforts in these past three months will be in vain!" another official said.

"If we don't mobilize half of our troops to quell the rebellion, then what if they harm the crown prince and take the throne?" Mi Huan asked.

"If we want to quell the rebellion, then probably we just have to withdraw all of the troops! We can't just mobilize half! That will influence our troops' morale," another official said.

The officials and military generals had a heated debate on what to do.

King Ling dumbfounded, didn't know what decision he had to make. He's worried about his sons in Ying City. It would take some time for him and his troops to return to Ying City, and his enemies might use this chance to retaliate for the things he did in the past.

A day later, another urgent report came to him: the rebels had sacked Ying City. The capital of Chu was now under the hands of the rebels, and the Third Prince Zigan was enthroned as King Zi'ao. Prince Qiji, one of the military commanders, supported the rebellion. At the same time, Lord Ejun Zixi, who was exiled in another state eleven years ago, had returned to Ying City to take a position as a prime minister.

Meanwhile, his soldiers on the front line still had no idea of what's going on in their country.


In Ying City, the new king, Zi'ao were celebrating their victory with the new officials and old officials who surrendered and submitted to him.

"King Ling is an evil ruler. Therefore, I have no choice but to get rid of that tyrant ruler!" King Zi'ao said.

"Your Majesty is wise. Now that you have deposed the evil king, it's our duty to serve Your Majesty to the utmost and serve the people," one of the officials said.

Other officials agreed and supported his words. And many of the officials started to praise and bootlick the new king, fearing that they might lose their lands and position if they did something that displeased the new ruler.

"For eleven years, many of us were pressed by King Ling. Many capable, loyal officials were demoted and had to flee from our country. Now, it's time for us to reunite and work hard for our people!" King Zi'ao said.

"Your Majesty is wise! Long live the king!" Prince Qiji said. He rose from his seat and started to kneel in front of the king and made a kowtow* and said, "Long live, long live the king!"

*Kowtow: kneel and prostrate until the forehead touched the ground

The other officials started to follow him, and they all shouted, "Long live, long live the king!"


That night, King Zi'ao, Fourth Prince Ejun Zixi, and Fifth Prince Qiji had an internal meeting.

"Brother, what are you going to do to King Ling's children and wives?" Fourth Prince – Lord Ejun Zixi asked.

"You are the new Lingyin*. You tell me what to do to them!" King Zi'ao laughed. In his heart, he knew what he wanted to do to them. Yet he didn't want to dirt his hand and responsible for the killing of his own brother's families. Therefore he preferred to let others do this dirty job.

*Lingyin: a title in ancient Chu State. It's almost like a prime minister.

"Depose them as commoners!" Lord Ejun said. "I will make a decree, and you, my brother king, just have to seal the decree!"

"Depose them?" Prince Qiji asked. "Fourth Brother, are you…are you…" he paused a moment and continued, "You're too soft! We just caught tiger cubs, and now you want to release them! When they grow up, they will take revenge on us! We have to finish them once for all!"

"They are our nephews!" Price Zixi said. He closed his eyes, sighed, and said, "Alright, I know it's a big risk if we let the crown prince live. He's an adult anyway. The women and boys under twelve years old should be spared and let live! Boys above twelve years old, have to be killed!"

"Now, that just makes sense!" King Zi'ao patted his younger's brother shoulder. He said, "Lord Ejun Zixi, for eleven years, you had to live in a foreign land because of that wretched King Ling. I had never expected that you could forgive him and willing to spare his families for all that he did to your family!"

The fourth prince, Lord Ejun Zixi, sighed and said, "And should we recompensate evil with evil? I'm sure we're much a better person than him!"

"Eleven years ago, when he made a coup, he wanted to kill you and kill me! And forced us to flee," King Zi'ao said. "I'm lucky that my men could save my wife and children. But your family…." He paused for a moment.

"That immoral King Ling took your wife and enslaved your children. You are too kind that you still could forgive his families!"

Lord Ejun Zixi sighed and said, "It's not fair if children have to bear the sin of their parents!"

"Alright, alright!" King Zi'ao laughed. "People have always said, among our father's five sons, you are the kindest, and the most handsome one! Apparently, they are right!"

Lord Ejun Zixi was a calm man. Indeed, among the five sons of the late King Gong, he's the most peaceful and pacified one. Among the five sons, he's the only one who didn't possess any similarity with his brothers.

Even his looks were different from his siblings. He had a handsome, calm face, while his brothers owned strong bones and not too flattering look. His brothers tend to be a bit short and muscular, while he's lean and tall. His brothers loved martial arts and military while he enjoyed arts and poetry.

Lord Ejun Zixi was a kind man, and he's the only one who was willing to spare King Ling's families who were already under arrest and imprisoned.

He personally went to the palace where the women and children, families of King Ling were house-imprisoned.

"Let the women and children under twelve released!" Lord Ejun instructed his adjutant. "Boys above twelve years old," he paused a moment and sighed. "They have to be killed!"

"Yes, my lord!" the adjutant complied.

Meanwhile, a soldier entered the room and reported, "My lord, I have brought people you want to see!"

Lord Ejun said, "Quick! Bring them in!"

The soldier shouted, "Bring those three inside!"

Two soldiers entered the room with a woman and two boys who were tied in a rope.

Lord Ejun rose from his seat and walked, approached the woman and two teenage boys. The big boy was around twelve or thirteen years old; the smaller boy was seven or eight years old. He carefully looked at them one by one with a mixed feeling.

The woman looked at Lord Ejun, and she lowered her head with teary eyes. The two boys looked confused and also lowered their heads.

"Untie them!" Lord Ejun ordered the soldiers to untie the boys while he undid the rope in the woman's hands.

"Wu-ji, are you alright?" Lord Ejun said in a low voice. "These boys, they are my sons, Ji-er and Lin-er, right?" He clutched the woman's hand—the woman who was once his wife.

"Lord Ejun," the woman said in a low voice. "The big one is your son, Lin-er. The younger one is King Ling's son!"

Lord Ejun turned his head and observed the boys. "Where is my Ji-er?" he asked with a trembling voice.

"He was killed during the coup that year," the woman sobbed.

Lord Ejun nodded, and his eyes became teary. He approached the big boy and raised the boy's chin with his hands. He looked at the boy who was trembling and said, "Lin-er, it's me, your father! Do you still remember me?"

The boy shook his head. He only knew that his father was King Ling of Chu.

Lord Ejun caressed the boy's head, and with a trembling voice, said, "I fled and left this palace eleven years ago when you're only two years old! I am your father, my son!"

The woman sobbed and said, "Lord Ejun, I don't expect you to spare my life. But these two boys are innocent!"

Lord Ejun looked at the younger boy – King Ling's son, from his former wife. The boy was only seven or eight years old. He recalled his childhood memories, and he saw a resemblance between the boy and King Ling when he's just a boy.

Lord Ejun nodded and said, "Wu-ji, you were my wife. And now, you're my sister in law. Of course, I will spare your life!" He sighed and continued, "Although in the beginning, Zigan wants to kill all of King Ling's families, in the end, he's agreed with my proposal. All women and children under twelve will be deposed and let live outside Ying City."

The woman kneeled and made a kowtow in front of Lord Ejun and wept, "Lord Ejun, how hard it is to live in this royal house! Take the boys, and you better let me die!"

"I will have someone to arrange and help your these boys to live outside of Ying City," Lord Ejun said in a soft voice. "You don't have to worry too much!"

The woman nodded and wiped her tears.

"I need to go now. I still have things to do!" Lord Ejun said. "Lang Tan, please help me to arrange for these three people to live outside Ying City! Also, for my son Lin-er. He's above twelve years old. Just keep him safe first while I'm asking exemption from the king!"

Lang Tan complied.

Lord Ejun rubbed the big boy's head and said, "Later, we will meet often. I'm your father, don't be afraid of me!" He smiled at the boy and also to the younger boy and left the room.


Meanwhile, the new king, Zi'ao and Prince Qiji knew that King Ling was a ruthless but a capable ruler. Therefore they had to be careful in dealing with him. They also knew that Lord Ejun was too soft and too kind. Consequently, they deliberately decided to carry out some actions without Lord Ejun's knowledge. All of the families of King Ling were killed. Old, young, male, female, and even babies were not spared.

Wu-ji, the former wife of Lord Ejun Zixi and her two sons were safe as they had already moved outside of Ying City.

When Lord Ejun heard the news, he was furious at King Zi'ao and said, "Brother, I thought that you agreed to let the women and children under twelve years to live!"

"Only..for your former wife and her children!" King Zi'ao said. "I'm sorry, my brother. I know that you are a very kind person. I know that you don't have the heart to make such a decision. Therefore, Qiji decided to act on your behalf! If we want to cut the grass, we also have to remove its roots."

Lord Ejun was very disappointed. Yet, he had no power. And perhaps his brothers were right.


Wulin_Jianghu Wulin_Jianghu

My first story that I publish in webnovel. First published in May 2020. And this is my first revision - October 2020

I just hope my story will entertain some people who are interested in the history of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period in China. It's one of the most awesome periods in history, but very few novels are written about this period.

Add it and put it in your library if you like it :)

I tagged this book, come and support me with a thumbs up!

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