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Reincarnated as the stepson of a mafia mob [BL]

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Author: minniepens

3.98 (13 ratings)

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Lee Gongyun is a successful bachelor and a confident man. He is also rich and pampered by his family. He loves himself to the point that people call him a Narcissistic Prince. He has many achievements, and people respect him for being athletic and having a sexy brain. Gongyun has it all. 

The only thing that he lacks in his life is romance. That's right; Lee Gongyun is naive and less experienced in love or romantic feelings towards anybody. He is also oblivious to the admiration of other people. No one taught him about romantic love. Gongyun only possesses the idea of platonic and family kind of love. Everything is fine; he lives with it and accepts this kind of life. No whining since he's convinced that he lives well enough. Not bother at all. 

One night changes everything. He died at the hands of an obsessive stalker. A stranger proposed love and took his life as payment. 

He woke up as a stepson of a mafia mob. A man who is the total opposite. The world that is close to earth but very different. Gongyun became the inferior, idiot son of the most powerful man in the country. 

Chaos ensues.

(The book cover isn't mine credits to the rightful owner.)

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    To be honest what really caught my eye was the book cover... it's a really cute picture of V from BTS and Fyi I'm a proud Army💜👌 Well for starters the book was a bit confusing at first because I felt MC's whole get up was mostly over exaggerated a bit which later at some point reduced the overall impact he was to project....like really too much of everything is bad. I don't like when MC was being pushed around and beat up,I thought he went to the military,infact his death was a bit...staged and sorry(overrated),🙀 You were basically hinting really high standard MC but he definitely didn't make the cut(unfortunately...), overall I think the synopsis is really well written and the book has a very unique and original concept,and even despite the hics About the grammar I really enjoyed it... I'm giving you five stars because I'm totally being biased right now 😉🤫

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    love the story very much. I like the MC and his character and this story does feel good and its increase my curiosity. hope it will get updated soon❤️🔜☺️

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    it's a must read!!! I'm loving this book. thankyou Author -san!! 🤍 looking forward to the progress of the story. Thankyou for your hard work, Author-san!!

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    author is a bit misogynistic, and the writing has a lot of self inserts . the mc is powerful strong but infront ml he is as meek, weak and fragile a person could get. Mc at one moment is the most hottest person alive but jokes on you he is a virgin and will only sleep with ml ever. even he is old and hot get confessed to everytime but he will be dumb to every confession on the other hand the moment he will see the playboy ml he will spread his legs . lol.I hate when the world works together to keep mc virgin for no reason and the ml is playboy for no apparent reason.it's basically saying mc is an equivalent of a women in a backward society where she can be powerful but not infront of a man . also will be forever virgin .sometime mc act smart but other time he is as dumb as someone can be . pls girls stop writing lgbtq novels if you want to bring yourself j to the story about your virginity kink.. stop writing gay guys as typical 2000s novel girls . virgin pure , if powerful not infront of ml .

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    The story has potential in my opinion, but the protagonist seems to overpowered (He is a person, who has a very high position in the military, is a well-known artist and a highly successful game designer etc.). Furthermore the text switches between tenses, which does not work out. The idea itself and the storyline- from what I have read- are rather charming, therefore a few plus points are given.

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    The plot is really interesting and I think the story has a lot of potential. Also, I really like the MC. Sometimes the grammar gets a bit confusing and things jump around a bit but overall it's not too bad. I'm excited to read more.

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    I like the story so far, it has a decent beginning. The wordage and tense use could be improved. Overall, it has the potential to grow. [img=recommend]

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    good novel 👍 nice story 😉 thanks for your hard work ❤️😘 i'm still didn't read whole novel, but i like it so fat and the cover is 5/5 love BTS, good choice [img=recommend]

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    I really enjoyed reading this book. I can’t for the next volumes to come out!!![img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

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    thank you for this beautiful story that you created... i will support you always... i wish to read more of your stories that you will create in the present or future[img=recommend]...

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    I LOVE this book and how smoothly it’s progressing, I am not someone who writes reviews, comments etc but I can’t help but want to express the excitement when reading I would 100% recommended but it is indeed a slow burn ngl

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    First I noticed the book cover 😍💜V!! from 💜ᗷTS⟭⟬💜 man I love the cover then read the sypnosis it seems Interesting.. I've really big expectations for this one just ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for the cover and I've just read chapter 1 and i loved it 😍 I like the mc

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    Couldnt read past c 33. I liked the story or the idea behind it but the mc is just to much. Like he is everything possible ....to op and unrealistic

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    Author minniepens