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After getting killed on the hands of the mighty nine-tailed fox monster, William found himself twenty years back in time.
At this time, he was an eleven years old worthless kid, without spirit and weak spirit power. He worked as a porter in a famous academy, serving other disciples for living.
But the one who returned back in time knew this wasn't the end of the world. William had ways unknown to many. So he'll train and get stronger, turning himself into the strongest spirit master in the world.
Starting from such low point, he started his long journey towards being a real powerhouse. Despite using all his past life knowledge, he would be still faced with many challenges in the academy and in the world.
Yet William will conquer them all. His main goal will be to not just be something in this world, but to grow beyond the limits he reached before in his past life.
He wanted to get better prepared for the hideous and deadly enemy that killed him; the nine-tailed fox monster.
In such world and time, he got many years to train and scheme for his revenge. He would never allow the past failure to be repeated once again.
Join William's journey towards pinnacle and see how he crushes everyone else.
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It's written in UK English. It means words like 'Realized - Recognize - Meter' will turn into, [Realised - Recognise - Metre] And it's right English words not a misspelling or a mistake or something.
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    Just started reading last night. Good book enjoy the premise. Looking forward to it going forward. I know a big part of why it’s harder to get popular on here is because so many people have been burned with novels being abandoned before they even reach 500 chapters so once I read what is currently available I plan on waiting till it reaches that point.

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    this book is amazing!! I picked it up about 2 weeks ago, and I'm already caught up. I love the mc, and every chapter has something interesting or action-packed. I wouldn't consider any chapter a filler one they all are amazing and relative. the only downside is that it's painful waiting on edge during the day for the chapters to come out. I am just too excited to see what happens next! Granted, the author releases more chapters daily than most authors, but this book just has me on the edge of my seat too much. I hope for a mass release sometime soon. Overall 10/10 recommendation.

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    Reincarnation Of The Strongest Spirit Master by Ranmaro is a delightful and engaging novel that skillfully weaves an interesting story, capturing readers' attention from beginning to end. The author's ability to maintain a consistent and stable update schedule is commendable, which keeps the reader anticipating the next chapter with excitement. The book is written with great attention to detail, resulting in minimal grammatical errors. This level of polish adds to the reader's enjoyment as it allows for a smooth and uninterrupted reading experience. Additionally, the inclusion of privileged chapters as a reward for dedicated readers is a thoughtful touch and demonstrates the author's appreciation for their loyal fanbase. As a reader, I am eager to explore other works by this talented author, given the high-quality storytelling displayed in this novel. However, it is important to note that the pacing of the story may not be suitable for everyone. The narrative unfolds at a relatively slow pace, with minimal time skips, and provides a complete and thorough account of the events. Personally, I appreciate this approach, as it allows for a more immersive experience. Nonetheless, this may be a matter of personal preference, and some readers might prefer a faster-paced story. In conclusion, Reincarnation Of The Strongest Spirit Master is an enthralling novel that showcases Ranmaro's storytelling prowess. With its captivating plot, polished writing, and unique pacing, this book is a must-read for those who enjoy a well-crafted and immersive story. Despite the relatively slow pace, it is a testament to the author's skill in creating a novel that can cater to a diverse audience. I highly recommend giving this book a read and exploring the other works by Ranmaro.

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    MC is great but I hate all the nosy characters, his life would be quite different if he just ignored those two girls

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    The book started really good at first. The ideas were interesting and engaging at first. However, as the story progresses, I feel the author is becoming too long winded in explaining simple things that won't really matter in the long run. Author also likes to overexplain learning of skills that won't really be useful or meaningful in the future as well. Sadly I have to drop this story after 72 chapters.

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    The Nerfing just made me drop the novel at chapter 32. I really dont get authors doing stunt like this in their novels. If you dont want OP mcs (or on the brink of getting OP or feels like OP) then dont give them plot armors then tune it down in the next chapter. My opinion only take it or not, its fine.

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    Very interesting work so far. I believe that if the author keeps the updates as promised, this work will be very successful. However, I hope the author doesn't put common things like harem or romance (despite being with the target) , seeing the abundance in other works, making it a bit cloying to read.

    View 13 Replies

    This is a promising novel 👏🏻👏🏻 so far so good, add some strong romance and don’t random girls to the harem which a lot novels dose which end up killing it. Thanks for chapters can’t wait for more

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    when the mc returned to the past did he also forgot his brain?? I've only read up to ch.134 but i see him as an idiot and naive person..- instead of staying low and raking up achievements little by little he just jump into action right away- it's not bad saving a beauty but i hope he could also ensure that his secrets won't spill at any moments. he's from the future and it's impossible for him to not know some sort of contracts or oaths for safety measures- without proper preparation he exposed his knowledge to others that gets the attentions of some greedy old fox .instead of having positive results it backfires on him and now he's being encircled at all sides- lastly because of this, he's having a hard time when it comes to negotiations because he doesn't have any cards available to use when pressured by others.he just can't hide behind his imaginary master all the time because not everyone is an idiot like himi know he's short of time but if he could take one step at a time some of this could be avoided.. being an idiot and naive even though he is a regressor will just accelerate his death🥱🥱of course if there's no cringe plot armor to save his ass😒😒sorry for my bad English it's just that I'm frustrated by his character😖😖.. hoping that the author will give him some character development because he badly needs it

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    the story started off very good but at some point the author started to deviate in many points before concluding them. it's interesting to add a plot so that it's not all easy and follow a straight line of development, however adding too many detours can get a little tiring. I also think that at times it is not necessary to have such a long description of some things at that moment, you can approach them little by little in a natural way and fluid so that it doesn't become a dictionary. even so, I thank you for the book, I write this review so that in future moments you can have an inspiration or something as you follow the course of the book. I don't want to discourage you, offend you or anything like that, I just wanted to give you constructive criticism and my personal opinion on some points. hope you keep taking this novel forward. good job, author. 😁

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    Only read the frist 20 chapters but so far it’s kinda the same as tale of demons and gods it’s so similar that I thought it was the original so im going to keep reading in hopes that it will differ later on if not ill drop it

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    Hi, and welcome to my novel :) I didn't intend to write a review before hitting chapter 1000, however I noticed many comments regarding a certain point. So, I got to edit the novel and write this review to notify you all about what changed :D The age of the mc and other characters changed from being 8 into 11. I took into consideration all your comments and found them quite logical. I just ran a fast edit and check on all the +200 chapters of the novel, edited everything I could, and I plan to start a thorough edit later on this weekend. If you found anything that didn't add up, just write a comment and I'll edit that part ASAP. Thx for reading my novel, and thx for all the support and love you gave to it. I truly appreciate it. Have a nice reading and day everyone... See you later at 1k chapter review. P.S.: If you got any comment or opinion about my novel, just write it down. I take every single comment of yours seriously and may even change the setting of the entire novel based on your words :))

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    I initially thought it would be a female protagonist because of the cover. I was disappointed to find out I was wrong... and it's also harem. I gave it a try... it's ok. But considering the direction, I stopped.

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    i love the new kind of novels in this seems amazing so far.

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    The mc is really stupid for a regressor and so are most of the characters. The world has potential but it's held back a ton. Even on chapter 200 the mc cares more about boring basic skills than any of the cool elemental attacks that are hinted at. the single most terrible part is the author is stretching out chapters to get paid more. I just read a 3 chapter arc about selecting a mission and most of what was said was repetition. if you want to read this skip every 3 characters

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    are you sure mc was a top spirit master of the world?or maybe he was but just got there because of his master as i cant imagine a person with such a brain becoming an expert without dying 10 times just because he underestimated everything,i am at chap 63 right now and in just 2 weeks mc has at least underestimated 5 things which all end up being biting him in the back but he is just so arrogant that he does not even want to acknowledge his wrong but insist that everything he did was right and just kept underestimating everything again and again,i think it would be better if you started the story with a different style like mc coming from earth and getting ONLY knowledge about manuals and future or something else which would atleast make sense that why mc just want to underestimate everyone and everything,i does not used to like the mcs of other chinese novels because they are arrogant but atleast they never underestimate there opponent or the intelligence of others as the mc of this story is doing,he took my understanding of peerless expert to a whole new level.please change the plot device as it is a great novel and i see a lot of potential in it just by reading 60 chapters but sorry but i cant imagine mc ever being a top expert with his current mindset he is more like a little kid that got knowledge of manuals and future events and thats all,this should never equate to mc having more wisdom as he seems to have a lot of battle experience not life experience and does not know how to handle people without looking down on them

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    I love this b[img=fp][img=fp]k... [img=coins][img=coins][img=coins]

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    It should be called reincarnation of simp. 1st his master called him or prepared him for suicide with the nine tails then he helps out some girl for good reason only to become a simp later Total pushover, thrown like a ragdoll between headmaster and by whole family of the girl he saved. Even the 2 girls he saved the elder girl just hide her face even though they just willingly became slave/subordinate to mc. She just refused him to show here face. Even after knowing mc's skills forging and otherworld skills. What did they do beat him up for no reason. Pressure him everywhere from father grandfather elders and even youngsters. And mc happily gets beaten around. Chanting they are good people inside. From the repetative illogical stupid encounters i have been bored and irritated. Also he has a unique hybrid fox spirit but guess what its nerfed. and he goes around in his porter uniform even after he became a student. that didnt give him better treatment tho. Waste of time

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    Goes privileged at chapter 32.........................................................................................................................................................................

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    Good start... waiting for more chapters [img=coins]

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    Author ranmaro