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Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God

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Author: Lucky Old Cat


4.2 (8,348 ratings)

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Starting over once more, he has entered this “living game” again in order to control his own fate.

This time, he will not be controlled by others.

Previously the Level 200 Sword King, he will rise to a higher peak in this life.

Methods to earn money! Dungeon conquering strategies! Legendary Quests! Equipment drop locations! Undiscovered battle techniques!

Even the secrets Beta Testers were unknowledgeable of, he knows of them all.

Massive wars, life advancement, entering Godhood, sword reaching to the peak; a legend of a man becoming a Sword God has begun.

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    This is really bad. 1. He returned back 10 years in time. He decided to make everything in his life better. How you say? By playing a game ofc xDD. 2. A game that just came out somehow overthrows multitudes of other VR games just by existing. 3. The only game I know to let users run for 8 hours to travel instead of adding a feature that transports players from town to town instantly, city to city or however the developer wants it. If that's not a sh8y game I don't know what is. 4. What game would require 3 times the size of earth? It's not like every single one of us would play that game right? Did we people somehow remove poverty by 2129 so even people considered poor there have VR machines? That's a nice world to live in, tell me about it. 5. Level 0 monsters give out 3 exp. Leveling from 0-1 requires 1000 exp. Quests exist but for some reason there are so few of them in the game when it's supposed to be expected that quest demand is astronomical upon launch. Now if you'll excuse me, I still have to kill 334 lvl 0 monsters to lvl up. (or more if I'm in a party) 6. He's very lucky that it made him get an item with higher stats than it was supposed to before in his previous life. His luck is really heaven defying that author had to use his Trump card "lucky friend Blackie" so it won't look unnatural. 7. Zhao Yueru. 8. Several companies invested their resources in a game that just started. I don't know why they did, don't ask me. 9. There are several wars stated that had been initiated with thousands of players which coincides with point number 3 and 4. If there is no way to travel fast and the world is so big, then how??? There is the mentioned scrolls of teleportation but it's also said to be very important, everyone has it then? Idk man. 10. The time inside the game flow slower than reality, it's also possible to play while sleeping. So this game must be called Lucid Dreaming Online! Jokes aside, it's really detrimental for the brain to not rest, sleeping is not only for the body. So this game is only possible in theory, the author should have mentioned something to let me suspend my disbelief smh. 11. In addition to point 10, if it really is possible for the brain to work tirelessly even hypothetically, then surely the dedicated who play for the whole and only stop for a piss or eat will surely have an edge right? No they don't, this is so sad Alexa play despacito 2. Ok I'll stop.

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    Trash novel with stupid repetitive content and dumb massive information with no personality whatever so beside MC, the other character just one dimensional character, MC follower always worship MC, the antagonist always been portraid as Smart, Badass, but when they met MC they just suddenly became a stupid idiot who only always promises to get revenge later on then been crushed by MC many times till they never showed up again, and then the same antagonist with no personality showed up but with more awesome background than previous enemy. The dumb thing author pull is how can 300 massive global corporation suddenly invest to the game and try to compete each other, that's basically most idiot attempt i've ever see in most Webnovel I read. The good thing about this novel is the Translator and the update, the TL and editor is really done good job. My advice to TL please if you want to pick novel again don't pick novel like this, I know you need money and how easily popular this novel, but please don't make reader brain numb. I think my guess QI try to take over this novel is you can see that in TL patreon with profit 15K $/month of course QI want to take this project. With so many money involved per month I don't see QI why not take this project, you already guess. Conclusion: this novel isn't different from MGA, ATG, ED it's just trash novel

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    Website : qidian china Views : 9.55million Rating : 8.9(377) Chapters : 2237 Status : ongoing Word count : 5.23million author level : lv5 No of works : 1 Comments : 8305 Year started : 2015

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    Hello! It's me! A reincarnated sword god! Wait.. I thought i was just an average player in a world of supah experts back then? Well who cares! I'm a (author proclaimed) sword god! Follow me on me on my adventures as i offend people, which also offends their guilds! And watch me, the sword god, slay those guilds with my "just an upstart" guild! As i offend more people, which also offends their guilds! And watch me, the sword god, slay those guilds with my "just an upstart" guild! As i offend more people, which also offends their guilds! And watch me, the sword god, slay those guilds with my "just an upstart" guild! Wait.. What do you mean i am just repeating my self? Well that's how my story goes! Uhh.. No.. It's not.. NO! It's not just that.. Let's see.. Umm.. Yeah! Cultivation! Damn straight.. Cultivation on an online game! How did that happen? Uhh.. Well.. Real life cultivators on a game? Author! Help me! Oh.. Now you ask about my glorious real life? Hehehehehe.. Who cares about real life? Right? Sword God is here dude.. F**k you real life! I don't even know if im still logging out of the game! Follow me as i offend people, which also offends their guilds! And watch me, the sword god, slay those guilds with my "just an upstart" guild! Huh? I said that already? Oh f**k this sh*t! Im out! I'm Awesome! - Sword God

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    Hey guys, Hellscythe here. From now RSSG will now be hosted on both GT and Webnovel simultaneously. Both websites will receive daily updates at the same time, so you can just continue reading at either sites, whichever you prefer. http://gravitytales.com/post/reincarnation-of-the-strongest-sword-god/rssg-dual-hosting-with-webnovel I hope this will help clear out some of the misunderstandings. Thanks for your continuous support of RSSG.

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    Please don't read this stupid novel. The author is too stupid. Too much plot holes in the story. All players' skill beside the MC has high dmg and no Cooldown. No matter how fast the MC leveled up, no matter how epic the MC equipments are, how powerful his skills are, some random character newly introduced will always give the MC a hard time and almost kill him multiple times even though the character (absolute heaven) did nothing that suggests he was leveling up.i.e you can always find him in a bar or stalking the mc with his permanent undetectable stealth that can even fools legendary monsters.

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    Haaah anyone remember those good ole days where reading novels was free? I mean it's more convenient for the novels to all be on this website but it just disgust me how they are blatantly using our addiction to make profits.....haah might as well go back to my heroin addiction. As for the novel review it's pretty much the anime big three of the novel world. Good story, but has got a lot of fillers.

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    Why is this here? ............................................................. Why is this here?................ ............................ Why is this here?..........................................

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    I came here to say a royal **** you to the translator for being a liar, as well as if you want to read a repetitive book that constantly reaches a peak but myseteriously has a higher peak each fucking time

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    One of my favourite novel. But why is this here!!!!???! Although it is worthy of being a premium but I don't want it to be!!! This novel being on webnovel makes it convenient for reading daily though but please don't stop it's release on gravity tales.

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    Don't read. please don't. I normally don't hate on novels like this because I personally love to read just about anything, but this novel is trash. Its facts don't match up and I get that the MC is supposed to be OP because he knows things but the author really doesn't get that changing the past affects how the future works out. From where I was up to (about chapter 350), nothing played out of the MC's expectations except freaking UPDATES to the damn game. Really? That's it? And the author also messes up with ****** MATH that they can use a CALCULATOR for. Seriously? I dropped this. I'm warning, don't read or you'll just end up with a bunch of gray hair. Okay, so let's start off with the star. Actually, I really liked the novel; in the beginning, I thought that it was interesting and creative; but the author really makes him too OP, he has amazing gear, amazing weapons, amazing cheats, amazing friends, amazing helpers, amazing quests, etc. He literally has to do nothing to get the BEST things. But then it really became repetitive how things worked out. Setbacks were just helping him to get more stuff. I get it because that is how things in reincarnation novels normally go, but to get everything out of nothing is something I cannot comprehend. He has no challenges, no development, there is no change, everyone stays the same, etc. He's portrayed as OP but his level is soooooo low because he wastes exp. Then there is the game. Let's begin this rant with the ability of the people to play games when they sleep. Sorry? That doesn't follow logic, in the first place, and that also does not really make it SLEEP, right? In addition, his body is perfectly fine, actually, BETTER than fine, after sitting in a damn chair for like three days straight on a normal basis. The novel says that playing the game improved the reaction time and physical condition of the body of the players. Okay, I went along at first, but then (and I think this is true) I found out that you play sleeping, in bed. How exactly do you battle, run, fight, etc in BED? And then the cabin. Ok that it is better than the helmet but you apparently show more strength in a chair rather than laying in a bed. What? But I mean, I've long dropped this novel, so I don't remember details, but still...Logic man... And the last thing I'll say is that the author just loves to equip the MC with all this amazing gear, just to CONVENIENTLY forget about all this gear when he needs it to create "challenge" and then when it's not necessary for the gear to show up, BOOM and it's remembered again. ............................. T-T I'm really sorry, but I really can't stand this. I loved this novel in like the first 100 chapters but then it became almost repetitive but I forced myself to keep going because it's not like me to drop a novel, but really, I couldn't deal with the crap anymore. I didn't get the mean comments at first, but now, here I am writing my own terrible review...I really want to see a review that says that it gets better. And I just got really pissed off when I found this at #6 in the power ranking when an actually well written video game fiction like The King's Avatar is only #3. That's why I came here to rant. People, don't waste power stones on this, I can guarantee that there are hundreds of novels better than this to waste them on. Maybe I'll pick it up again sometime in the future...when I run out of novels to read.

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    I have read up to Chapter 100 at this point of this review. This review is about the negatives of the story til Chapter 100. 1. MC is Lvl 6 as of then. However, the issue is that MC has past knowledge of game-changing events and takes advantage of this. Making him really OP. He has way way above average attibutes. He also obtains the Silvermoon Set Equipment - said to be the best for players below Lvl 10. He has a Magic Weapon and a Secret Silver Weapon. He also has a Forging Exp Bonus too. With his current stats, he is able to defeat Monsters with at least 5 Lvls above him, when other Veteran Elites cannot due to the stat/equipment difference. He also completes Uniques Quests, obtaining him huge amounts of Exp, thus others can nvr get these Quests again. This would lead you to think that MC is the only player to hit Lvl 6. However, it is not the fact. So how then, did the other Lvl 6 players, who neither have the knowledge of the game as MC, nor do they have the Stats or Equipment as MC, even obtain enough Exp to hit Lvl 6? MC can deal 100+ Damage to high-levelled Monsters as compared to an Elite Party who can only deal single digit damage to such Monsters. MC farming rate is obvs way higher than the others....but somehow they still manage to catch up with the MC. Ridiculous! 2. Blackie and co has 8 Lvl 2-3 Bronze Equipment on each of them after grinding at an undisclosed and uncompeted high-levelled area as advised by MC. After meeting up with him for the Team Dungeon, they swap into Lvl 5 Bronze Equipment which the MC obtained during his various Unique Quests alone. At the Team Dungeon, somehow Gentle Snow and her Party have already obtained Myst-Iron aset Equipment and she has a Secret Silver Weapon. This was just after they only had Bronze Equipment approximately a few hours before they left MC during one of his harder Unique Quests - To obtain the Titan's Heart. How then, did they obtain Myst-Iron Set Equipment, if they did not have such a premium location as Blackie and co? They do not have a Forger who can forge Myst-Iron Equipment nor can they complete Quests of MC's lvl due to their lack of game knowldge and skill stats. It is like the Set Equipment miraculously appeared in their Inventory. Plus it was her whole Party not her alone! Flabbergasted! 3. The average Elite has Bronze Equipment of Lvl 2-3, since they can neither obtain Lvl 5 Bronze Equipment due to not having MC's prowess in defeating high-lvl Monsters. Yet they say that Blackie and co's Lvl 5 Bronze Equipment is low-lvled....Umm what?! Do they have Lvl 10 Bronze Equipment? Outrageous! 4. Females in this novel is mostly portrayed as wanting to go and warm the beds with anyonr who is deemed stronger than them, apart from Gentle Snow and Violet Storm. The author has some serious issues regarding females. If this puts you off, but want to read, you better brace yourself as in the past 100 chapters there have been 4-5 occassions... and I bet there will be more in the later chapters. Disgusting! 5. Equipment Rarity ranges from Trash, Common, Bronze, Myst-Iron, Secret-Silver, Fine-Gold, Dark-Gold, and Epic. At least Magic Weapons are introduced with a backstory. However, suddenly there is a Legendary tier which is not even introduced before. And it is mentioned quite often without any backstory. Puzzling! Overall, what I cant stand about this novel so far is the lack of consistency in some areas. The author probably did not want the MC and his Party to be so OP, but forgot about the difference in MC and the others - His expertise of the game due to his reincarnation. And this led to plot holes in the story.

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    attributes? nah it’s useless..cultivation is the deal for you to conquering the game. consistency? nah I’m the author!! I can change things the way I want to be, I changed aqua rose profession from elementalist to cursemancer then I change it back to elementalist for changiing it back to cursemancer. I’m improved shi feng’s demon mask from hiding & change someone lvl & face as the effects to create additional IGN & chat address with no explanation at all because I’m the fucking author

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    Good damit. The start was good, but after a few chapters the the Autor fucks evrything up. Sry how hard was that Autor bullyed in Reallife? The MC is a hard ****er in VR. OK that's comen in that kind of story. in Reallife he is a loser but still he needs only to glare at ppl and they faint? He can Beat the **** Out real martialartist? Wtf is wrong with the Autor?. Droped, buried and cursing for not geting my time back.

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    Story has a lot of plot holes, a character might have one specialisation somewhere then itll be changed on the authors whims, some of the chapters are literal infodumps which can be tiring to read, especially now that its premium. gonna drop this one (: it was an okay read whilst it lasted.

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    Warning before you start reading This story will probably take over 4000 chapters because most of the chapters are recycled old info which constantly change and fillers where the MC fights weak characters for 3 or more chapters when he could've finished them off in two lines Plus the author has a habit of forgetting abilities he gave the MC intentionally just to describe a battle as hard then he reremembers them after another 200 chapters So if you aren't absolutely bored and have no other story to read don't read this

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    Shame. It had a great start. So much potential yet author ruined it with his bs martial shenanigans. The mc basically has op stats and equipments and the author repeatedly mentions how important it is. But suddenly all of this martial experts come out od nowhere and basically trashes the mc's guild throwing all of his efforts in the trash. The author also often times forgets the mc's buffs and makes him have a hard time fighting against fodder opponents, but strangely he can solo a dungeon boss just fine? We're here to read a novel about an mc kicking ass and being awesome, please stick to that.

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    From the beginning up to the middle part of the story, it was ok but after that, it becomes a little bit annoying because of continuously using the same details over and over again just to fill in a chapter, not to mention, creating new characters and forgetting the other previously created characters. I also noticed that the author suddenly changing the side characters specialty while not even giving an explanation on how the said character changed its specialty. I was really disappointed when I reached the middle part of this novel up to the last chapter updates, it just contains unnecessary information and keeps repeating details that was already placed over and over again in other previous chapters, making the whole novel boring. I rated it this low because of the disappointment. I for one don't see this novel deserving to be premium.

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    Not a bad story but profoundly stupid. Writing/translation/editing are good and its easy and enjoyable to read but the author has crammed every cliche in the story. MC is a scrawny nobody hat even flies wouldnt **** on but his 1337 gaming skills make him the terminator in real life. Men LITERALLY faint in fear when they see how awesome he is and women are so wet they need a diaper to go in public. On top of that I doubt the author played a single MMO in his life. MC is a melee fighter with no healing ability yet he constantly soloes high level elites. How? He never gets hit during battles since he put a few points in agility. He is a reincarnator who developed a major guild and knew a lot of great players. Does he develop a great team and do dungeons with them? No, only invites his old friend to join him and then we dont hear from that old friend in the next 80 chapters. Then we have the game economy. Its retarded. Guilds are giving millions irl to recruit players but their ingame worth is only a gold coin or two. Yet when MC sells a bunch of gold coins for real money he can only afford to buy some food before running out of money. MC knows where a bunch of valuable chests and locations are but does he go around collecting amazing stuff? No, he spends his gametime in the city zone leveling his crafting. Don't get me wrong. The story is enjoyable to read. But its so, so, SO damn stupid at times that couldn't help noticing and had to write a few words about it. Look at "The thief who roamed the world" for how to do this properly. Or Zhan Long is also quite good.

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    ............................ : Dafaq again? : ***************** ************************************ : What is wrong with you people? : ...........................................................

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    Author Lucky Old Cat