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Reincarnation Sim Game Reincarnation Sim Game original

Reincarnation Sim Game

Author: Gaasuja

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Chapter 1: 1 - God's place


I only saw that text with a solid black background. Some minute ago, I put on my VR helmet and chose a game I had just downloaded.

After a few seconds, the text disappeared, the black faded, and a different scenery welcomed my eyes.

A soothing ambient sound fills my ears. I noticed a thick white fog in the distance, surrounding the area. Then, I observed the dull marble floor, the massive pillars that supported nothing, and the orange sky without sun and clouds.

Levidna: A Reincarnation Sim Game.

The game's title was floating above a pond containing a liquid with a mirror-like surface. I approached the title and immediately selected the play button below it.

Choose your role:

[The Reincarnated]

[You will become a protagonist that reincarnated in another world]

[The God]

[You will become a god and choose your protagonist]

Maybe being the Reincarnated would be similar to the Visual Reality RPGs I used to play. Better choose a new challenge. So, I decided to become a god.

Choose the initial state of the protagonist:


[When they died]

I chose the second one. If the game starts with a baby character, it's likely to take long before the action begins.

Next, above the pond, came the options for customizing my character. I randomly selected all the features of my avatar. I wanted to play this game right away to see if it lived up to the hype. One of my friends said this game will provide a different playing experience, even if you choose to be the Reincarnated.

I don't believe him. It's basically the same thing, right? As the Reincarnated, I will become a hero, choose a job, go on adventures, and save the world. I'm tired of things like that. Therefore, the role as a god somewhat piqued my curiosity. I've never played a simulation game like this.

In less than a minute, I was done with my avatar. On the pond's mirror-like surface, I see a tall, slender man with blond hair and red eyes, wearing a white robe with gold stripes. Just wear the crown, and I will look like a king.

I decided my name was Raymund and pressed the next button. There's no particular reason I chose that name. I've used it many times in other games.

"Hey, I've brought some candidates as you asked, Raymund."

I looked around and couldn't find anyone else. "Who's talking?"

"What? Are you kidding me, Raymund? It's me, the god of death from Earth. Gaia assigned me to deliver some candidates from Earth for you." He sighed.

"Oh, sorry. Yeah, I was just kidding." Looks like the gameplay has already started. "But can you tell me why I need candidates from Earth?"

The god of death was silent for a moment. "Really? Are you kidding again, or have you completely forgotten about your deal with Gaia?"

"Well, you know, I'm busy with…. Well, I have a lot of work to do, so sometimes I can't focus." I shrugged, trying to make excuses to dig up more information about this world.

There was a sigh again from the god of death. "As a god of hope, you want to help your people directly, but that's almost impossible. Your realm and the world of your followers in the land of Levidna are different."

So, Levidna is where the protagonist will go on an adventure. Maybe it's equivalent to the Earth in my world.

"That's why I am forced to use dead humans instead of living beings? They had been in two different realms. The world like Earth or Levidna, and the afterlife. Afterlife is basically in the realms of gods, right?" I came to a conclusion. "So, the souls of the dead can go from Earth or Levidna to the realm of gods and vice versa?"

"Yeah, basically."

"But, they can't do it alone. It has to be with the help of a god like me, right?"

"You're really asking all of that?" The god of death answered lazily.

"Then why am I asked you to get souls from the dead? Why don't I ask the god of death from Levidna instead?"

"That's because your goddess of death is a b*tch. She doesn't want to give the souls of the people who died in Levidna for you. The reason is that it violates the established life cycle." The god of death continued with a slightly angry tone. "It just so happened that Gaia offered you to use the souls of the earthlings…. Hey, are you done asking? I want this to be over soon."

"Gaia…. I still don't know why she helped me." I keep asking. I still need more information.

"That's what Gaia is. She likes to keep secrets. But, the important thing is that the interests of you two align, right?" The god of death sounds even angrier. "Please, don't ask again. Choose your damn hero. I still have a lot to do."

It turns out that there is also intrigue in the world of gods. Interesting. "Ah, thank you, god of death. Now, can you bring me the candidates?"

"If the candidate I gave doesn't suit your taste, you can ask for a replacement. However, I hope you can choose the right one immediately."

"Okay, Bro."

The god of death fell silent. "Today, you are really weird, Raymund. You never called me bro before."

I chuckled. "Really?"

Some of the thick fog that was on edge approached me. Then, from that fog, a boy emerged, dazed, and looked confused. Judging from his appearance, maybe he was only 14 or 15 years old.

"Errrr, where am I, Sir?" The boy scratched his messy hair. "The last thing I remember is running down the street."

I didn't answer right away and checked the boy's status instead.

[Zhou Yijun]

Strength: B-

Dexterity: D

Agility: C+

Vitality: C+

Magic: E-

Skill: -

Cause of death:

[Yujin died when he was hit by a truck while trying to help a cat on the road]

[The stats displayed are unrelated to the physical state of the previous life. What affects those stats is the character's desire]

Desire, huh? So, if someone aspires to become a soldier, his dexterity and vitality will be high. A soldier must practice shooting and have a strong physique, after all.

"I can't use him," I spoke to the god of death, not looking at the boy. I don't need a cliché protagonist.

"Huh, are you talking to me, Sir?" Yujin asked, sounding even more confused.

"Okay." The god of death answered me and made Yujin startled.

"W-who is that?" After asking that question, Yujin was swallowed by the fog and disappeared.

Then, another person emerged from the fog. This time he was a man with a chubby body and thick glasses.

"I-is this an afterlife? Am I dead?" The man, probably around 25 years old, adjusted his glasses, then looked at me. I felt uncomfortable as soon as he gave a creepy smile. "Are you a god? Will I be reincarnated into another world?"


The man's smile grew wider. His eyes bulged, making him even more creepy. "This is great! I will become a hero and get my harem…."

"Take him, Bro." I snorted. This man irritated me.

"Wait!" The man stretched out his hand, but the fog quickly swallowed up his body.

"Hey, may I have a request, Bro?" I asked the god of death again.

"A request?"

"I want an attractive female candidate."

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