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This game has two choices: become a reincarnated hero in another world or receive a duty as a god who guides such people. A man chooses the latter and becomes Raymund, the god of hope. He was tasked to send heroes to grant people's prayers in the mortal world.

After his heroes complete various missions, Raymund can choose a new one from the afterlife. That means he can make a harem of badass women!

A gorgeous formidable warrior? A cute loli wizard? A sexy ninja, maybe? Or perhaps a lovely woman with a unique job class? The possibilities are endless.

However, getting his heroines to complete missions is no easy feat. Raymund still had to think hard and make the right decisions.

So, will Raymund and his women be able to answer those prayers?

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    This is my entry for WSA 2022. Contains some comedies and actions, but there are also serious scenes. And there are also parts that... Well... Anyways! I hope you enjoy it. You can also vote, review, and add this work to the library if you don't mind. Any support will be appreciated.

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    The initial chapters are crafted with expertise showing MC's ability to think carefully and smart, as he choses the other option instead of usual baby phase to be reborn. The pace is moderate and grammar is decent, talking about the theme/genre I seriously think author knows what they are doing with it! Good luck with WSA! [~aysel]

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    Been reading up to 8 chaps now. Quite a cool plot you got here. I like how you stick to your character designs. Raymund only think of this as entertainment and nothing more. He's pretty laidback, not strictly driven to win the entire thing, definitely more concern about his chosen hero's 'performance', if you catch my drift. I don't particularly like him for the demeaning actions he dished to Elise, but it match with his background and current state of mind, I'll give you that. And what I like about Elise is her believable, logical reaction to the happenings around. She wasn't an avid WN reader or RPG lovers who expect a reincarnation and casual 'you are the chosen one' situation. Hence why the need to scream and run as her initial instinct. Kudos to you. Hopefully, you don't rush things and keep th character developments to happen slow. Keep up the good works, author :D

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    I admittedly didn't get far. Mc just sort made me sick. Like people can enjoy villains but despise jerks. in the first ten chapters I just wanted him to lose. Only he'd not be the one to suffer for it. Mc pick up and draft young woman who's family burnt to death alive as his play peice and proceeds to be the most unthoughtful, sexist guilt tripping obnoxious condemnation of religion I can scarce imagine. He is on every level and idiot and terrible as a person and player about Elise and deeply unfunny. Team Rocket treats Pokemon better than he does Elise.

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    who doesn't love sim based novels๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ so many awesome twists and turns take place in the most interesting ways possible๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคค

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    The book does a good job of intriguing the reader (Not choosing to be the protag? Interesting) The world is solid, and is described rather well. The character interactions are fun and witty, making this a fun read.

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    As expected of Gaasuja, always knows how to deliver! Another great start to another potentially amazing book! Let's hope the execution is just as good!

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    4 chapter in, and I see sign of ntr Author intentionally create a lucky pervert moment between a potential harem member with a random guy, and the MC just treat everyone as an NPC, so he doesn't even bother about it. The guy while trying to save the girl, somehow undress her pant, and panties, got to see it all in full glory, and the MC who act like a system of the girl just laugh. This plot is completely unnecessary and to me, it a sign of the girl not gonna be in the mc harem. It feel wrong, since in the synopsis give the impression that, the mc will build a harem, base on the girl that he reincarnated. This is just 4 chapter in, so I won't consider it as much of a spoiler, just want to ask, if my gut is correct on this one?

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    Un comienzo dulce con un final agrio, osea que mamada termino como el principe de Persia y las arenas del tiempo y otras pelis, o angel beats literal se devuelve al apartamento despuรฉs de esa casualidad y ve a alguien parecido a su primer servant y dice soy tu nueva vecina y fin. Yo esperando que fuera como algunos Protas chinos que se quedan en el poder de controlar su destino. Pero solo eso, jamรกs vuelvo a leer algo de realidad virtual al fin al cabo siempre serรก falso u.u

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    Hi I just want to ask before I start reading this will there be ntr? I've read from other reviews that mc's women gets grope

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    really a good story excellent characters and overall just a great world background and design you can actually feel as if these heroes are actually a lot also author where can I get this game I will find you and you will give me that game immediately

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    Lorem Ipsum errr, I don't remember the rest so let's move on. The story paints a vivid picture of the world where the action takes place. Through the usage of the tiny elements of the world, the author instantly immerses the reader into the rich in flavour world of his creation. I really hate speaking about the plot as I believe everyone should try it themselves. Despite that, solidly written cliches and relatively standard openings allows me to peer into what possibly this novel have in store. Execution of the further plot is what I'm actually curious about, as I have a feeling that it will exceed my expectations on this one. In the end, I cannot really say much about the story. It's a solid piece of the literature that promises a tasty piece of webnovel down the line. Now it's up to author to live up to the promises his chapters give.

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    An interesting spin on the whole reincarnation shtick. I am definitely tuning in to find out how the plot unfolds with such a unique MC. Good job!

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    Good job author, you improved chap after another, great story with amazing writing style, i loved the mc and your descriptions. The plot was well written and your knowledge made great touch to the chapters keep up the good work also guys u must read it because this author is very disciplined and always delivers

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    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS NOVEL TO YOU ALL. I just read one chapter and it's good . Better than mine .. This novel is fresh with a new concept if the author didn't mess up than it can also come in top 25. No kidding. Everyone should read it. Keep going author. You can do it. I believe in you. Don't Give up. You can do it...

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    Finally, new works from my favorite writer! the previous works was great. I'm eager to know where the story goes. it looks very promising ๐Ÿคฉ

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    if we exclude main character,this trash is somhow readable.MC character is worst.up until i have read,he is a scum and no dignity.ASSAULTING woman like its his right.as for story,up untill now there is no plot or anything.just let heroine go,do mission and assault.

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    This story is fun to read. The interactions between the characters are also interesting. However, perhaps what should be improved is the writing. Sometimes paragraphs end awkwardly. I also feel the variety of words is limited. But, it's still a good read.

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    Author Gaasuja