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Ruler of The Universe Ruler of The Universe original

Ruler of The Universe

Author: Niuxize

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Chapter 1: Prologue

In quite a big nation of parallel earth, there existed a man, a man so wealthy and powerful the people of the nation crowned him "The Emperor", however this was all going to change within the timeframe of a month.

Sitting in a war room, Ralph looked at his generals, the minds that helped form his country. But most importantly, his trusted comrades in-arms.

Ralph looked around the room and asked: How is the situation?

A general with gray short hair stood up from his chair and answered:

We have been able to stealthily wiretap the enemy sir, they haven't even begun to think we would be able to attack so soon after our previous defeat.

He continued on with a downhearted expression: Alas, the war we lost 5 years ago boosted their ego to the skies.

Changing his face to a savage grin the general continued: Fortunately for us, that will become their downfall.

Ralph stared deeply at his right-hand man, Nilats, and tapped the table.

Contemplating a bit more, after a few seconds he declared:

Alright commence with the plan!

The whole room exclaimed with an excited yet determined voice:

Yes Sir!

Ralph nodded with approval and prepared himself for the busy time period that would decide his life in the future.

Truthfully, he wanted to retire already, but he just couldn't take it lying down that their enemy had imposed such harsh penalties on the nation after winning the last war.

He had to do it for the people of his nation, as they were all fighting for a strong and invincible nation.

He had bided his time in the shadows, built up an amazing army with new technology and now, it was time to take revenge.

5 days later

The surprise invasion was going great for Ralph, using the newly developed weapon which used a new technology called the breech loader, he breezed through the alliance that was made to defend against him. He had already taken a sizable piece of the enemy, however he wanted more.

He let his men March straight to the enemies capital, the troops broke through enemy troops easily as the enemy country got complacent after the war that they had won 5 years back, they hadn't upgraded their weapons and hadn't improved their formations much.

10 days after the surprise invasion

Ralph was sweating thinking about how to get out of the deadlock, the enemy had fortified themselves in the capital and the cites next to it, making a big line of fortified fortresses.

He hadn't been able to get a good nights sleep since the 7th day of the invasion, and so he was extremely clouded in his judgement, he wasn't taking any advise of his generals as he was paranoid they would turn their back on him.

After all, basically the entire world was against him now. He was condemned by almost every nation on the planet and was under immense stress.

Here it was where he made a big fatal mistake that spelled the end of his legacy.

He decided to force the men to the frontline to breakthrough the last line of defense of the enemy, after all, the winner writes the history books right?

However he had forgotten that even though the enemy was on its last legs, they hadn't given up, they fought crazily until they were shot dead or if they didn't have any bullets left.

Even though his army outnumbered them, he was just sending his soldiers to their meaningless death.

15 days after the surprise invasion

One of his generals finally couldn't take it, he stood up and hit Ralph, who just looked stupefied at the general.

Sir! Please listen to us! We are trying to help you! Please go rest while we try to deal with this for now!

Ralph looking weak got his pride hurt and was ready to berate the general, however he saw all the other generals crowding around the war table, with no one looking at him.

Ralph just left the scene and went to his room, he knew this wouldn't be good for his reputation however he couldn't care less right now.

The guilt of killing hundreds of thousands of soldiers surged through him, however he didn't feel extremely bad. He just felt that this was needed to reach his goals.

The stress was finally hitting him with full force now that he had nothing to do, extremely tired he opened a book that he was writing in.

His diary, his strategies and his past were all written in here. For now he went to the strategies section and looked through them for the 100th time.

Just like all the other times he couldn't find anything, so he just began writing at his table about whatever strategies he was thinking about.

Slowly but surely he drifted off to sleep.

The next morning Ralph stood up energized, however with a bit of pain from his neck as he slept on the chair at the table.

He walked as quickly as he could to the war room, but when he arrived, he saw a weird sight. All the generals were talking and laughing as if there wasn't a war going on, what had happened?

While looking around the room, he faked a cough and knocked the door twice. "Ahem, Can anyone inform me about the situation?"

The generals looked at him with a questioning expression for a second, then immediately changing it to an extremely excited one.

A general stood up and exclaimed: "Sir!" "Nilats has found out a way to win the war!"

Ralph instantly looked around and found Nilats on the chair next to his.

Ralph looked him in the eye and asked with a surprised expression: "How did you do it?"

Nilats gave Ralph a smile and explained carefully, "We used the airplanes that got invented a few years ago to drop bottles of toxic gases on the enemy lines. We are fighting a slow battle of attrition!"

Ralph looked through some documents on airplanes and almost face-palmed himself, why hadn't he thought of that?

With a big smile he went to gave Nilats a big hug, Ralph was truly happy for they would easily win the war now.

Getting out of the embrace after a second he said to Nilats, "Good job!, now let me have the reins and we can finally finish off that hateful country."

Looking at Nilats he saw a smiling face slowly transforming into a savage grin, which didn't fit the situation. Ralph got extremely uncomfortable seeing this.

Ralph looked around at the generals, he saw neutral expressions, uneasy ones and ones with a savage smile like Nilats had right then.

He felt something cold touch his stomach, as he looked down, his eyes contracted in fear as his instincts kicked in while he tried to put the barrel out of the way.

However it was too late.


"Hey "Emperor", you have ruled this country for too long you old fogey, it's time for something new, a... Revolution." Nilats said with a crazed look in his eyes.

Ralph looked up in shock and hate, he had thought about what would happen if someone planned a coup, however he hadn't expected for one to actually happen.

Removing his bloodied hand from his stomach he stood up straight and started looking at the ceiling.

For 5 seconds the room was in total silence, with tears in his eyes he looked straight at all the generals, he gave a deep look to every single one of them, finally stopping at Nilats.

Looking at what he had once called his best brothers, his whole being was filled with rage and bloodlust, his eyes turned red and he began to exude a majestic aura.


Ralph shouted, he then grabbed a small device from his pocket and as quick as lightning opened the hatch, which showed a small lever. As everyone looked at him in fear he shouted with all his might:


He flicked the lever, and immediately a big explosion occurred behind him, scattering his now mashed body everywhere in the room, the whole room was dyed in red.

All the generals waited for a few seconds before breathing a big sigh of relief. They didn't die.

Some began to stand up and calm down, some were still sitting on the floor scared beyond relief.

However just as the calming thoughts were done manifesting in their heads, their heart dropped. Another explosion, then another as it continued until the whole room was blown up and exposed to the air aboveground.

No one survived to tell the tale.

Niuxize Niuxize

A lot of inspiration From the events of WW1 and WW2 in this story.

Thanks for reading and I would appreciate it if you would give me some shiny stones.

If you find some grammatical mistakes please comment down below!

English is my third language and I'm trying my best to get better at it!

Once again thank you and I'll see you in the next one!

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