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Ruler of The Universe

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Author: Niuxize

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After ruling his mighty country for 24 years, The aged Ralph Bonaparte decides to step down from his position as the ruler of Invicta.
But not before trying to take over the world again.
He ultimately fails as he got backstabbed by his 20-year loyal right hand man, Nilats.
He reincarnates to another world, this time with the determination to get the world bow down to him.
Will he rise to the top?

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Perfect book in my eyes, but honestly, in which authors eyes is their first book not a masterpiece? Seriously now, this book is about a middleaged man named Ralph reincarnating into a parrallel world after being betrayed by his brothers-in-arms. Ralph gets to meet god and take 1 thing from his previous world with him, he brings a precious book, which is a collection of things he wrote while being an “Emperor”. He starts from scratch in a babies body and starts building his own army. Divising schemes and making plans to conquer the world, Will he rise to the top?

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Author Niuxize