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4.51% Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy / Chapter 15: Yuan Sen, the Dean of the Magic Academy

Yuan Sen, the Dean of the Magic Academy - Sign In: Becoming A Great Spell Deity Starting From The Magic Academy - Chapter 15 by Dr.Boom full book limited free

Chapter 15: Yuan Sen, the Dean of the Magic Academy

Translator: editor3

In the palace.

The two little fellows had just returned from the library when they started to set up the chessboard again.

Queen Lina walked in and was very curious when she saw the two children sitting quietly. Usually, when they came back, they would look for her immediately and recount the story they had heard to her.

Why was it different today?

She walked over and found that they were playing a game. After looking at it for a while, she realized that she didn't understand it.

"You lost!"

At this time, Wei picked up a chess piece and removed Ling's chess piece in one go.

"Wait a minute, I want to replace the chess piece!" Ling said hurriedly.

"No, senior Lei Luo said that you can't replace the chess piece casually. Once the chess piece leaves your hand, replacing it will be invalid!" Wei said proudly.

"One more game, I don't believe I can't win against you."

Ling looked unconvinced.

"Ling, Wei, what are you playing?" Queen Lina finally couldn't help but ask.

"Mother, we are playing chess. It's great!" Wei said.

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When Ling heard his mother, he proudly explained the rules of chess.

Only they and senior Yuan Sen, the Dean of the Magic Academy would play this game.

The queen was very smart. She immediately realized that this chess game was not ordinary. The seemingly simple chess move was filled with military tactics and strategies. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was a profound game.

When she found out that this chess game had actually been invented by that elementary student who swept the floor in the Library of the Hiro Magic Academy, she was a little stunned.

She naturally knew that her two children were there to play with that elementary student. Initially, she was a little unwilling. After all, he was just a lowly student who swept the floor. What right did he have to be close to her prince and princess?

However, the king valued the little student very much. So, she allowed the prince and princess to go and look for him every few days.

Later, when she heard the fairy tales that Lei Luo had told, she also approved of him. After all, the stories that Lei Luo had told were very interesting. Even when she listened to the children recounting them, she was engrossed.

But now, she had not expected that this little student could not only tell stories, but he could even make such a profound chess piece that was filled with wisdom.

As far as she knew, there were no such profound chess pieces in the world.

It is not unreasonable for the king to value that little student.

For the first time, the queen had a trace of curiosity towards this little student.

"Come, Mother will play with you," she said with a smile.

"Okay, okay." Ling and Wei clapped their hands happily.


Lei Luo did not expect that after he had given the chess pieces to the two little ones, that it would actually cause the game to spread in the palace.

Even the king would come over to play a few games with him.

Time flew by quickly.

In the blink of an eye, the king had been visiting the library for ten years.

During these years, his cultivation had improved a lot, reaching the level of a fourth-level ultimate mage.

It had to be said that the later it was, the more difficult it was to raise one's cultivation.

Fortunately, he was very patient.

The two little fellows were already fourteen years old. Because they had to learn magic, the number of times they came to the library gradually decreased.

Lei Luo heaved a sigh of relief, but at the same time, he felt a little sad. After all, people had to grow up.

In the past few years, Lei Luo had occasionally taught them some methods of meditation. He had even used magic to help them purify their bodies. This could lay the foundation for practicing magic.

After seven years of being together, there were still some feelings. Because of this, the two of them improved very quickly in magic. Although they were only fourteen years old, they had already become fourth-level mages.

With such a cultivation speed, they were absolutely outstanding.

Before the age of twenty-five, they should have no problems breaking through to become elemental mages.

After all, they were the prince and princess. There would definitely be no shortage of potions to increase their magic power.


Late at night.

The palace was still brightly lit.

This was where the king dealt with official affairs and met his subjects.

At this moment, the king was sitting on the throne. Below him stood a mage who looked old and wore a purple robe. His aura was very powerful.

He was the Dean of the Hiro Magic Academy, Yuan Sen. He was also the king's most trusted minister.

Yuan Sen's life was legendary. Before he was seventeen, he had been a child from a poor family. He had no money and had not had the opportunity to enter the Magic Academy. Later, he met an ordinary combat aura warrior. Yuan Sen joined the army with the warrior and began to learn combat aura.

But he did not have the ability to learn combat aura. After three years of learning, he was only a fourth-level combat aura warrior.

Compared to other warriors, this was simply too ordinary.

Later, when the wolf tribe of the northern plains invaded, Yuan Sen followed the army to the front line to resist the wolf tribe. The warrior who had taught him combat chi died on the battlefield, and Yuan Sen became a captive.

After being enslaved by the wolf tribe for two years, he coincidentally came into contact with magic. Unexpectedly, it activated his magic talent.

Logically speaking, it was already too late for him to practice magic after the age of eighteen. However, not only was his talent outstanding, but he was also diligent and hardworking. He often practiced thousands of times in order to learn a spell. Even if his throat was hoarse from chanting and the hand that was waving the staff was badly mutilated, he would not stop.

After the Faroe Kingdom defeated the wolf clan, Yuan Sen was released and successfully joined the Hiro Magic Academy. Finally, he became an elemental mage at the age of thirty-two.

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