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Chapter 88: Nora and Asna

Felix spent the next 12 hours continuously running laps around the track. The first lap was warm-up, but after that, he added 50 AI to race with him, just like the number of the players.

He wanted to set the AI at the extreme difficulty to make the race hell, but sadly only the upper floors had those kinds of advanced AI dummies.

So he had to settle for hard difficulty. However, they still made the race neigh impossible to win for Felix, since all of them ganged up on him the moment the race began.

Felix, after taking a beating for the first couple hours without any way to resist the salvo of abilities and vehicles ramming into him, folded and returned the race to a normal setting, which was free for all.

His arrogance was quickly curbed and decided to race obediently like expected.

Thus, the following hours were spent on finding unique ways to take advantage of the 4 launchers he added to his car by using his abilities. Some worked just fine, while some outright failed and caused him to lose some races.

That's how the first day of practicing went, some wins, some losses. But Felix was never worried about this instability since he still had four more days to work things out.


Felix left the Training Center and walked towards his parked car while spinning the key around his finger with a lax attitude.

Yet, he soon sighed helplessly after seeing Nora leaning on his car door, blocking him from entering the driver seat.

If only abilities were allowed to be used in public he would have paralyzed her and drove away. Sadly, he could only stare at her indifferently waiting for her to understand the situation and leave.

Nora flinched slightly from his cold stare and tightened her thighs closely to each other.

Felix gazed at her weird behavior and instantly understood her type. He then grinned slightly and thought. 'I might as well tame her when I'm free, but for now, she can only curb her desire until I deal with my priorities.'

Felix walked forward step by step until he was face to face with Nora. He stared right in her eyes, yet, she kept avoiding making eye contact with him.

"Are you going to let me enter my car, or should I call the enforcers to take you away?" Felix threatened her coldly.

Nora breathed ruggedly from her parted lips after hearing his cold voice. She wanted to replay but she couldn't say anything as her thoughts were in a complete mess.

'What's happening to me?! Why do I get aroused each time he treats me badly? Is it just because of him or was I always like this?'

Unfortunately for her, Felix didn't have the time to wait until she figured out her true self. He squeezed her cheeks until her red plump lips resembled a blowfish mouth and ordered her frigidly, "Be a good girl and enjoy yourself in the side. Don't block my way."

Speechless, He immediately released Nora's cheeks as he saw that her eyes were about to roll back in her head.


An unexpected soft moan escaped from Nora parted lips, as she slid into the floor and sat with her legs twitching from time to time.

'Already? The hell, I barely did anything.'

Felix glanced at her quivering legs, intrigued over her sensitivity. In his previous life, he dealt with quite a few girls such as her type, but all of them needed more than what he just did to even get off.

'Whatever, I will deal with her after the game.' He thought one last time while princess carrying her to the training center. After putting her near the door of the center, he instructed the Queen to log her out.

The Queen AI checked on her condition and found out she would be endangered to assaults if stayed in the UVR in such a condition. So she activated the emergency log out protocol.

After seeing her disintegrate into light particles, Felix cleaned his sticky wet hand that accidentally touched her thigh and walked back to his car.

The moment he sat on the driver seat, those distracting thoughts were completely uprooted from his head.

The only thing he should be thinking now was how to win the game. Nothing more, nothing less.

Unfortunately, that seemed too big of a wish today, as he remembered that another vixen was waiting for his visit today.

A vixen, far more dangerous than the obedient Nora. Felix had to have full control of his emotions and body reaction after he sees Asna's otherworldly beauty. Otherwise, he would never hear the end of it.


Inside the consciousness lake...

Felix stood up while massaging his temples to ease up the dizziness that follows always after entering this place.

A couple of seconds later, he began moving towards the mist mansion. He did not wait for Asna to force him to enter, instead, he preferred to do so while she was still asleep. So he could build his immunity one last time before the fateful meeting.

After entering through the gate, he saw that the bed was still in the same position. However, Asna was not sleeping on it!

Before he could exclaim at his ruined plan, a sudden hug greeted him from behind.

"Ah, people's touch. I never felt it since the moment I was sealed." Asna murmured softly while hugging Felix with her eyes closed in contentment.

Felix's heartbeats accelerated a notch, but he quickly suppressed his emotions to the limit to stop them from increasing any further. He then relaxed his stiff muscles and enjoyed her hug as well.

For a breathtaking beauty such as Asna to hug him by her will, it was truly a chance not to be passed on.

And so, both of them kept in the same position for a couple of minutes not saying a single word to break this atmosphere.

Suddenly, Asna opened her closed eyes, exposing a crafty glint. 'Initial step has gone smoothly. Now I just need to turn his head slowly and stare at his eyes, and he will be mine!'

Asna did exactly as she planned. She first broke off from the hug and held Felix's neck between her long pale fingers. Then, she turned his head gently to face her while having the most charming smile she could muster.

However, that was as far as her plan took her. As, immediately after Felix faced her, he crushed her heart and arrogance with merely one sentence that he practiced thousands of times just for this moment.

"Meh, I have seen better."

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