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Surrounded By Main Characters, I Was the Real Main Character All Along Original

Surrounded By Main Characters, I Was the Real Main Character All Along

Urban 309 Chapters 853.2K Views
Author: DXHaseoXD

4.09 (15 ratings)

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The Qilin's Descendant that stops the destruction of the world at the hands of the Four Evil Omens with the Four Sacred Beast Guardians.

The Vampire Princess that prevents the Blood Lord from a war with the humans.

The Onmyoji Genius who stops the evil demons from invading the world.

I am none of these people. I am the friend character of these three protagonists and this is my story.

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    ( Warning ) This is A (BETA MC ) yes you heard it right . the Mc doesn't have a Power He just wanted to be best friends for all the heroine . yes that's right he even wanted all the heroine to find another Love interest or boyfriend .. .. i wasted my coin on this !!

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    My take on this, same as all other novels under him. Worthless Beta MC, who can never grow no matter what happens. Bad developments, boring plots, repetitve action, cliche situations, cuck, Yuri, and other unsavoury things. This is a type of novel that slowly becomes more and more unbearable, and more and more unlikeable. Generally trash, without much thought put into, with worthless characters, and an even more worthless MC who will never change.

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    Shameless author here, so of course, I'll give it 5 stars! New book, new story, please give it a try and I hope you enjoy it! If you don't...

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    A guy who just want to be the main characters best friend and not a lover, giga chad. Interesting premise, look forward to more chapters

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    BETA MC .... Just wants to be friend of MC. Always living in someone else's shadow that too not because you actually like them but because since you are weak you have no other option. Pathetic. What kind of MC is this.

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    few questions before starting, please answer Is there any romance?? is there Yuri or ntr??

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    im just curious how many girls did he have in his harem? or this is not harem

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    please keep going Author, I'm loving it. On that note, you guys should check out my book 'Just like a dream'. You will definitely find it appealing.

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    Great book from a great author! This will be another exciting trip with an extraordinary character. The plot is exciting! Full of adventure and not to mention, a thought from a side character. WAY TO GO AUTHOR!

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    It it tough being a friend webnovel addiction

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    The writing is ok. I don't really enjoy the character development but at least its not terrible. I will read a few more chapters and see how it goes. But I don't know how much more I can take.

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    Haven't read the book but I'mma give it 5 stars cuz I'm as shameless as d author. I really hope it's a nice read

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    though the protag is pretty dumb all things considered, that's probably part of the point. It's a hilarious read, and few things can get me to spontaneously giggle frequently like this. I do feel however that his final goal is awfully selfish and inconsiderate of the people around him. If this novel is to continue to its end, he should have to go through some serious character development.

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    idk what to write sooooooooooo .........c:

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    it looks promising, hope for more chapers

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    Author DXHaseoXD