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100% Systems Collides / Chapter 7: Chapter 6

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Chapter 7: Chapter 6

Ting! You have killed a monster.

You are now qualified to be a player.

*Transferring stats and skills*

*items cannot be transferred*

*you have received high goddess blessing (lv30 req)*

*high goddess system passive activated*

Due Status ailment immunity, you will no longer be petrified.

".... ugh, so I got petrified....."

Frey now looks around his surroundings and realized that he's in the middle of a road in residential area, but somehow a lot of the houses around him are destroyed.

"And.... just what the hell happened here"

Frey, now wearing his oversized T-shirt and shorts starts to walk around to see if he can find anyone in the area.

While walking around the area, he realized that the area was very similar to the area where he lived before.

'If this is the same place, just how long did I get petrified for'

'Wait... I still have the system right'

"System ? Are you here ?"

"Yes host"

"Do you know what happened here" Frey asked the only thing he can talk to.

"I'm not sure host"

'Aiyaa what a useless system'

When all of a sudden several growling can be heard around him.

'What was that' he then turned his head to the source of the sound, where he found 3 scary looking wolves with horn.


Of course the only thing that he think of in this situation is to... run.

And if those wolves were to see a person run away from them, the obvious results will of course also be for them to chase that fleeing target.

"Ahhhh just why are there wolves inside the city"

"ANYONE NEARBY ? PLEASE HELP THERE ARE WOLVES CHASING MEEE !!!" Frey is now trying his best to ask for help while running away from the wolves. Normally, there was no way for him to outrun the wolves. However, ever since he became a player the stats and skills that he got from in game has actually been transferred to his actual body without him realizing it.

After running and shouting for about 2 minutes, instead of getting away from the wolves he actually ended up attracting more monsters. Right now, there are about 8 wolves chasing him to the convenience store that he just entered.

With him entering the store, the 8 wolves also follow him inside and proceed to block the entrance to prevent him from escaping the convenience store.

"okay... now what do I do" he immediately regret his decision.

With him cornered, 3 wolves immediately leap forward attempting to bite him.

*you took 5 damage*

*you took 6 damage*

*you took 5 damage*

"Huh, Damage ?"

Although he can still feel a burning sensation in his arms that got bitten by the wolves, he wants to try something after hearing that damage notification. 'I hope this works'

"Mana blast" Frey tried to cast his spell , and following it comes a blueish light that blows away all of the wolves at the same time. The blast also blew away most of the racks and stuff in front of Frey. It's a bit stronger than what he expected.

Reacting to the blast that hits them, 6 of the wolves decided to run away leaving only 2 wolves that took the hit directly and is now too injured to move.

Not wasting his chance, Frey immediately casts more spells to the remaining 2 wolves.

"Lightning bolt"

"Lightning bolt"

With that, there's now 2 charred monster corpse on the ground.

"So I can also use my in-game skills what's happening"

"System ! Do you know why I can use my in game skills here" he tried to ask the system a bit more specifically now.

"You now have a system similar to what you have in the game before, host"

"Oh does that mean I have all my stats, skills, and items from the game now"

"No host, only stats, skills and blessings are transferred. Items are not transferred."

"Hmm okay, then is it possible for me to check my stats ?"

"Yes host, just like in the game"

Frey then realize that right in front of him there's a small menu panel that he always has in the game. He then use it to try and check his status.

Name: Frey

Age: 20

Level: 25

Gender: male?

Race: human

Title: Chosen one

Job: Mage

HP: 1145/1150

MP: 850/865

STR: 115 (115)

AGI: 143 (143)

INT: 173 (173)

DEF: 113 (115)

LUK: 130 (130)

Unique skills:

High goddess physique lv2

High goddess system lv2


Mana manipulation (passive)

Mana Blast (rank 1)

Lightning Bolt (rank 1)

Magic barrier (rank 4)

'I guess my basic stat is still pretty high even without equipments'

'But it's such a shame that I can't make use of the 100% equipment bonus op effect'

'But wait... I now gets +2 DEF instead of +1 DEF from my clothes'

"Wow very very useful"

'More importantly, why aren't there anyone here. Even If they are all dead, there should be a lot of corpses lying on top of the roads. This also doesn't seems like something that happened in just a day. Just how long was I petrified for.' Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'Or maybe they were all evacuated somewhere, hopefully not too much time has passed'

"But I guess I should try to find a place to sleep and some food to eat first"

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