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4.41% Talent Awakening: I, the Weakest Awakened, Start with Dragonfire Spell / Chapter 24: Chapter24-The Young Lady, An S-level awakened?

Chapter 24: Chapter24-The Young Lady, An S-level awakened?

Nodding slightly, Howard was extremely pleased with the Gift of the Elements robe. 

He would wait until he advanced in levels to procure even more superior equipment.

With a composed mind, Howard placed the Gravity spell into the Synthesis Interface, involuntarily anticipating the kind of surprise the upgraded Gravity spell would bring.

[Ding dong! Congratulations, awakened Howard, synthesis successful. You have obtained a D-level skill book — Gravity Aura!]

Suddenly, an image materialized in Howard's mind.

A brown-yellow aura descended, immediately engulfing two monsters, subsequently slowing their movements to a crawl. 

The enhanced Gravity Aura had transitioned from a single-target spell to a multi-target one, albeit with a slightly reduced range, encompassing an area of about 5 yards.

With improvements noted, it was time to keep upgrading!

[Ding dong! Congratulations, awakened Howard, synthesis successful. You have acquired a C-level skill — Ray of Gravity!]

[Ding dong! Congratulations, awakened Howard, synthesis successful. You have acquired...]


[Ding dong! Congratulations, awakened Howard, synthesis successful. You have acquired an SS-level skill — Wrath of the Earth!]

In his mind, a scenario unfolded.

The earth trembled violently as a terrifying force surged. 

A brown-yellow light condensed, resembling a mountain, fiercely descending onto the ground, exerting a pressure within a 30x30 yard area.

The specific skill attributes then surfaced before Howard.

[Wrath of the Earth (SS-level skill)]

Level: 1

Effect: Unleashes the strength of the earth, causing severe ground tremors and launching all targets within range into the air, inflicting damage equal to 300% of your magic attack power. Subsequently, it harnesses the power of the earth element to form a mountain range, inflicting damage equal to 180% of your magic attack power on targets within a 30x30 yard area, rendering them immobilized under oppressive force for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 300 minutes

Consumption: 4200 MP

Proficiency: 0/100


It had to be said, the effects of an SS-level skill were indeed against the heavens.

Both Icy Touch of Winter Goddess and Wrath of the Earth had exceedingly outrageous effects. 

One embodied the pinnacle of output, capable of instant kill under the right conditions, while the other combined damage with mass control!

A full five seconds of mass control, covering a staggering area of 30x30 yards, would have a monumental impact on the battlefield.

Even a level 100 awakened trapped for five seconds could potentially fall at the hands of level 70, or even level 80 awakened individuals!

Unfortunately, this skill had the same limitation as the Icy Touch of Winter Goddess; the MP consumption was too high. 

After using it once, he would be left almost drained of MP.

At this point, Howard remembered that he hadn't checked his attribute panel since his last awakening. 

He wondered how much his attributes had grown.

Equipped with several pieces of legendary and epic gear, he figured he wouldn't be inferior to a level 30 awakened.

With a flicker of thought, Howard's personal attributes materialized into a panel before him.

Name: Howard Hughes

Level: 11

Class: Magus

HP: 4400

MP: 6380

Strength: 29

Constitution: 27

Agility: 18

Spirit: 830

Talent: Supreme Synthesis (supreme talent, granting you the ability to synthesize anything, merging two items into one to obtain a higher-tier item)

Mana Recovery (F-level talent, allowing for the restoration of 10% MP per second)

Skills: Dragonfire spell (S-level skill), Blink (S-level skill), Soul Theft (SS-level passive skill), Icy Touch of Winter Goddess (SS-level skill), Wrath of the Earth (SS-level skill)

Equipment: Mana Drainer, Prayer of Bard, Kiss of the Moon Goddess, Gift of the Elements, cloth boots, cotton bracers, fine cotton trousers

Upon viewing his attributes, Howard was stunned. 

He had anticipated that with his high-tier equipment, he could overshadow other awakened, but he never expected his spirit to be dozens of times higher than his other attributes!

If he could secure high-tier equipment for his entire body, Howard suspected that his attributes could potentially rival those of an awakened over 50 levels higher than himself.

That would be, unless that awakened also boasted a set of luxurious equipment.

"The Kiss of the Moon Goddess restores 100 MP per second, and my talent allows for a recovery of 638 MP per second. Combined with the effect of the Mana Drainer, as long as my damage output is high enough, I should be able to use the SS-level skills," Howard mused.

Previously, when Howard was leveling up outdoors, he didn't dare to use the Icy Touch of the Winter Goddess, fearing that exhausting his MP would leave him vulnerable to ambushes during a period of recovery. 

It might seem like a game merged with the alternate world, but people had only one life here.

There were no second chances in death.

Closing the attribute panel, Howard felt a surge of grand aspirations in his heart. 

With such attributes, even without anyone guiding him, he could thrive in the Silent Forest!

Glancing at the time, it was only one in the afternoon. 

Howard immediately harbored the thought of heading to the Silent Forest once more.

At this time, it was unlikely that his peers who had been escorted by their teachers for leveling up would return. 

Even if he went to the Silent Forest, he might not bump into them.

As long as he could return to school before evening, everything would be fine!

Howard wasn't a man of hesitation. 

Once he made up his mind, he promptly packed his equipment and left the house.

On the road out of the city, Howard also bought some tools for a barbecue, planning to use them later in the evening.

"LV30 hunter looking for a team, skilled in setting up all kinds of traps!"

"LV25 priestess seeking a team, I not only have substantial healing abilities but also provide ample support."

"LV27 Illusionist here, any guy willing to team up with me? I can transform into anyone you desire!"

Before even leaving the city gates, a cacophony of voices resounded in Howard's ears.

"Ah, esteemed customer!"

"My God, I finally found you!"

Just as Howard was about to leave the city, an exclamation sounded, causing him to pause momentarily. 

Looking in the direction of the voice, he could distinctly see the attendant from the magic shop earlier rushing toward him with an anxious expression.

Following him were a dozen figures, led by a young girl with a doll-like face, delicate as porcelain, boasting an impressive figure.

How impressive?

The scenery at her chest could be likened to a majestic peak, standing tall and vibrant, swaying with every step she took.

Even having seen the graceful figures of Margaret and Abby, Howard found his gaze involuntarily drawn towards the girl.

Of course, there wasn't much fluctuation in Howard's inner world; he wasn't the type to be easily swayed by appearances.

"Esteemed guest, I finally found you!"

The attendant rushed up to Howard, panting heavily.

"What is it?"

Howard's voice was cold, his gaze fixed firmly on the young lady and the group behind her, his eyes filled with wariness.

"Well, my young mistress learned that you were the one who killed the Dual Blades Mantis and specially came to find you, hoping to ask for your help."

"Oh, my young mistress is a level 35 Windchaser Swordsman, an S-level awakened!"

Upon hearing this, Howard couldn't help but slightly raise his eyebrows. 

An S-level class... 

within Saint City, that was an exceedingly terrifying talent already. 

It was apparent from Headmaster Jay's attitude towards Abby.

Meanwhile, the generously endowed young lady had already approached Howard, scrutinizing him briefly before her brow furrowed slightly. "Carolina, are you sure you haven't mistaken the person?"

Howard's face was simply too young, and the most inferior extraplanar creatures possessed the strength surpassing a level 40 monster. 

She found it hard to believe that Howard had the capacity to single-handedly defeat an extraplanar creature.

"If the esteemed young mistress does not trust me, then I shall take my leave."

Howard had no desire to entangle himself with others; he just wanted to level up on his own. He turned, intending to walk away.


"When did I say I don't trust you?"

At this moment, Howard's heavenly countenance, coupled with the robe of the Gift of the Elements, once again worked its charm.

The young lady was reluctant to miss out on such a handsome guy. 

Even if Howard lacked the strength, she still wished to invite him to join them. 

At the very least, having him around would be pleasing to the eyes while they were grinding.

"Caitlin Bass, LV35 Windchaser Swordsman, you can call me Caitlin."

Before Howard could respond, Caitlin continued on her own, "Our exploration team found a ruins with a spatial gateway inside, which might be related to extraplanar creatures. Given that you have experience in killing such beings, why not explore it with us?"

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