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Talent Awakening: I, the Weakest Awakened, Start with Dragonfire Spell Original

Talent Awakening: I, the Weakest Awakened, Start with Dragonfire Spell

Fantasy 544 Chapters 2.4M Views
Author: Red_Skin_Duck

4 (44 ratings)

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In the age of Universal Awakening on the Azure Sphere, a myriad of races and gods coexist.
Devils, dark gods, and monsters descend upon the mortal realm, only to be met by the Awakened.
Howard, during his Awakening Ritual, discovers dual talents— F-rank Mana Recovery, and the supreme talent: Supreme Synthesis.
He keeps a low profile, hiding as a 'common magus.'
Through countless acts of synthesis, he forges supreme artifacts, supreme skills, and supreme classes!
Fireball synthesis... Ding! Synthesis successful, attaining D-rank skill— Fire Serpent!
Fire Serpent synthesis... Ding! Synthesis successful, attaining B-rank skill— Fire Python!
Fire Python synthesis... Ding! Synthesis successful, attaining S-rank skill— Dragonfire!
When devils invade and dark gods descend, they are left slack-jawed by the Azure Sphere before them.
"No, this is a trap... a trap disguised as a mere cupcake!"
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    Hello guys, author here. After 14 days of updating, my book is finally going to be premium. First off, I want to extend my gratitude to all of you who have been supportive and have read up to the latest chapter. The original intention of my writing is to bring joy to all of you. If my novel has brought you some happiness, then all my efforts are worthwhile. Your appreciation of my stories brings me an enormous sense of accomplishment. Now that the book is entering the publication phase, I hope you will continue to support me and subscribe to my upcoming chapters. Your subscriptions are the most important motivation for me to strive to write better stories! Moreover, I hope all readers can feel free to comment. I will try my best to interact with you, helping you understand more about the background and setting of this book. If you have any good suggestions, please write them in the comment section, I will definitely take a look. In conclusion, I hope you will continue subscribing and supporting. Also, you can vote for me with Power Stones, for which I would be immensely grateful! I will work even harder to bring you more interesting stories!

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    Thanks for this book, here's my review after reading 109 chapters. The premise of the story is really good, I like your system panel. The attributes are simple and easy to understand, while aslo being straight forward; HP Mana Strength Constitution Agility Spirit The book as a whole is improving with every chapters. The tier system is good (F to SSS, then supreme is above all, then similar settings gs for weapon grade from Medicore to Mythical, and Supreme is above all). Honestly, you have a good settings for this book. The only 2 challenges I see that needs major Improvements is the maths and the explanation of System Stats. ************************************* 1) Lets stars the the maths, 10% mana recovery per sec is an OP talent. Meaning the more powerful the person, the more powerful this talent will proof to be. At high level, the person with this talent will have pretty much infinite mana even without magic gears. Imagine one with 20k mana, regenerating 2000 mana every secs. All spells below SSS will be a peace of cake to spam as long as the skill mastery is high enough to negate the cooldown. 2) Many of the effects of items are ignored, for example, 50% resource and consumption, 50% skill cool down are literally forgotten. If a person skill cooldown is 300 mins (5 hrs) and it cost 2000 mana to cast. After that effect, it is supposed to cost half the mana (1000 mana) and cooldown should be cut down to 2.5hrs. Meaning all low tier skill should be instat cast, like Howard's F rank skills. We have seen it takes like one sec to cast. With that, he should be able to cast at least 2 to 3 per secs. There is a lot to say about the maths, like the buff passive in his equipment, and so on. **************************************** For the Stat system; It's si.ple and easy to understand but what we don't know is the guage LG the stats. From Howard stats as a level 1, we know human stats is between 1 and 10. But how do the stats correlates to the physical world? What would someone with a 300 point in constitution be like? Can he survive a gun shot? A bomb explosion? How fast is someone with a 20 point in agility is? How strong is a person with 30 strength is? All we see is equipment dishing out stats like + 300 agility, + 500 strength....but yet there is no Improvement in speed or physical power. All we see is that they do more damage, well summarized, but we don't see it for ourselves. The damage output remains the same regardless how high the stats is. We know Howard gets stronger but if you have noticed from his F tier skill, his damage remains around 1700 points per hit. He constantly gets increase in his spirit Stata from equipments and his soul theft/nurture skill but we don't see it. *************************************** To be honest, there is a bit of Improvement in the recent chapters, but then again everything falls to the maths. In summary, here is my input; We are still in the early phase of the book, so these things can still be reworked. The maths specifically, needs massive improvement. The stats system needs better improvement, let us see how effective: - someone with a 300 point in constitution tanks - how fast someone with a 300 agility can move. Will they move as fast as sound, cause sonic boom? - will 300 point in strength shatter large structures? Things like these makes growth show. If you consider the stats given by Howard equipments, you find out he has more stats in his physique than even physical combatants. His spirit sense now should be over a 1000 or somewhere in the 900s. Last we saw was at 800s, but that was before his later equipments and level ups. But what effect do high stats in spirit brings? I love what you did in the recent chapters in this regard, by giving more control to mage's skill when there is a increase in spirit stats. But I expected their perception should be insanely high also. To be honest, if a regular human or a lvl 1 awakened stats is between 1 and 10, stats from 300+ should already be able to crush mountains or at least small structures, like making large craters on ground from share physical hits or massive damageto structures with spells. That's a large increase. Thanks for the novel, I'm hoping to see more improvement. It's just an advice, you're doing good recently though.

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    It‘s a System novel with lots of numbers and buffs… but the author failed math. Also, the leveling system is BS. You need 100 exp to lvl up from 1 to 2 and it doubles each level… a lvl 27 silver boss gives 2500 exp, lvl 50 gold boss gives 50000 exp and lvl 60 mob gives 2000 exp. The effects from his equipment are often forgotten and his skill level ups are a bit weird (mana wise). In addition to that information is sometimes missing (like his ice skill). Aside from that, it‘s a decent story with a rather smart Mc.

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    Author bad at math, make a lot of mistake in early chapter, and ignoring details. don't take this novel seriously, only read when you have nothing to read anymore!

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    Hello. Is there any kind of yuri here? I hate that stuff and would like to know before reading. And one more question tho, is there any hope for winc est? Thanks 😁

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    kind of a spoiler but not really so I caught up to chapter 300 and starting from chapter 210 all the way to past 300 it's just boring useless chapters like has no point on the novel whatsoever it went from being a leveling RPG with a great story and setting and everything really fast paced then Arthur made a huge mistake and completely rushed I power up for no reason in 6 months he more than doubled the characters level and other side characters which is impossible it's already stated multiple times that it's not something that can be done by normal people leveling that fast but that's where the novel started going downhill it then changed at chapter 2:10 from a leveling RPG novel into a kingdom builder sideark with no levels no progression just Kingdom building dumb stuff went from a great novel into one of the worst novels I've ever read in my life I didn't sign up for Kingdom builder army management and finance Management

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    First of all I would like to say that the story has a lot of potential. It is very interesting. However, the leveling system and the mc talent has far too many holes. Multiple mistakes when combining either skills or equipment. The experience is also extremely flawed and has no logic whatsoever behind it. I would suggest that the author find someone to edit their writings before posting.

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    I dont know if this is a first-time author, but I will say that grammar wise, it is better than other novels I've read. the beginning of the story was ok, but it feels like it was rushed and the characters have no substance. it is a struggle to understand how rank and level affect each other. Also, the story would be easier to understand if the leveling was fully explained and if it was maybe I have to reread. The world is nonexistent outside of mc's current surroundings. I wish there was more background for the mc he just seems generic and hollow, and his ability supreme synthesis is sort of bland in the way it is written as well. it feels like the author was going for an rpg type setting with how you get incalculable levels of damage in battle and loot spawns. There was very little world building in the beginning, and it sort of hampers the story, especially when you get an introduction where you're instantly beside the mc getting his awakening. In regards to improvement I feel like the pace needs to be slowed and the world and characters need to be more hashed out while maintaining the creativity because the novel has very good potential and the right ingredients but it is missing key aspects that will make avid readers like myself drop the novel.

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    The only problem with this novel is it's inconsistent levels and experience points. It's frustrating Sometimes he gets to much point in killing a high level monster sometimes very less I really don't get it man Is your maths really that bad author san Author please correct it

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    Honestly it has plot holes many of them too, but I would say it has potential. BUT pls stop forgetting to write some infos

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    at first ,I was looking forward to release of the chapters, and started hoarding them so that I can read them without any problem.I thought this novel was of talent and magic system and despite being problematic with system maths and items effects, I still read them but after mc goes to another plane of existence,it started to fill like author has lost his enthusiasm about this novel and started to write complete different story so as to increase chapter count. I got bored and I am leaving this.quite a lot of expectations were gone in drain with this novel like mc use of system and his spells.i thought this kingdom building arc would be of only hundreads of chapter and it will get completed, but it seems that it will not,so I'm going to leave it at that and start reading different novel.bye bye....

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    Im on chapter 286 and this is right in the middle where the MC is in the other world and then gets separated feom the little girl and then starts a Mercenary group then someone attacks him and he wakes up in a different body and hes about to get married to a girl that the original body owner likes.... Y the hell did this book end up like this?? its completely stupid!! when is the MC going to get his own body back?? and when Is he going to look for the little girl and when is he going to go back to hos world!!??? Honestly I need to know because if the book is going to stay like this... where the MC is not in his own body then Im definitely not going to keep reading!!! So if anyone sees this and has read past this chapter and knows when the MC will actually be back in his own body please let me know otherwise Im dont reading this stupid book!!

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    Honestly I would give it 5 stars. But after reading like 250 and sonething chapters. he gets transported to another world. And you never heard about that world again it's like you reading to different stories. Very frustrating so I stop reading. its crazy because I know all the characters Abby,Howard,margrette,whales,Daniels,Aiesha,old ghost,I can name then all but all these Character disappeared smdh never to be seen again 🤬

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    in chapter 202/203 MC is Sent to new world dose he ever return to his orignal world ? it's disappointing if writer is going to use new world for next hundreds if not thousands of chapter , i liled the orignal world

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    really really good story great prmece, havent found as good a story on wn in 2 months, decent pace decent prmece. not bad on romance and tention and development. just lots of potntial left on the table, mcs a little dumb. and the authors power scaling lvling, and over all attntion to detail is a but laking. mc is lvl 15 then 2 chapters later ge is lvl 13, that sort of thing happens alot, some mistakes with exp. things that can be fixed eadly can take a goid story to an amazing story with a bit of effort.

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    I love the system pannel, best of the novels i've ever seen! Additionally, I encountered some issues while writing. Could you take a look at my novel?

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    A very intriguing plot. I've often fantasized about traveling to a game world with my classmates! ------------------------------

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    wa222nt are the anyone read past chapters 286??? all wa2nt to know is if the MC gets his 2 bo2e33dy the the thedy back because honestly I think is pretty stupid whith whats going on!!! Y would he have to lose his body and everything!!!???? Its actually really stupid!!! so alls I want to know is if and when he gets his body back and at what chapter so if anyone can tell me that would be great!!!!! Thanks

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    Author Red_Skin_Duck