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Arv Dungeon (2) - The Adventure Addict - Chapter 22 by Kakashi_PCB full book limited free

Chapter 22: Arv Dungeon (2)

They opened the dungeon doors and it slowly crept open with a creak. The air that exploded from the inside of the dungeon was stuffy and airy, it felt unnatural compared to the air found outside normally.

The party slowly walked through the doors, their steps echoing within the large chamber found within.

Their steps could be heard within the dungeon until it came to an abrupt halt. The party had stopped and found itself with two pathways, one going right and one going left.

Leon saw some footprints that had been created recently going right.

"Seems like someone else is here besides us, they went right. Perhaps we go left to kill more monsters and level up more?"

All of Leon's party members agreed after thinking about the situation. They reasoned that since the Arv Dungeon at the upper parts only had high E level beings. The sounds of steps permeated through the left side of the pathway and it slowly stopped to a painful walk as the group explored further.

Although the party had no leader, Leon put his finger up to his lips and pointed at the five earth wolves that were sleeping just in front of them.

Earth wolves at their peak could be a high D Tier rank or even low C Tier. They usually could bend the earth to their will, although small it can be used as an attack and a way to shield themselves. Hence their name, however, they were the weakest of elemental wolves with slight power-ups in other types of wolves. The ones in front of them were all cubs and only at either high E Tier or low D Tier.

Although Leon and his party were only E Tier adventurers officially, their weird power levels did not reflect their ranks and were comparable to D Tier's. Knowing this Leon did not hesitate to advance on their enemies, he slowly crept over by using his stealth skill as his party mates readied their own spells and attacks.

-10 Mana for Skill Lvl. 2 Stealth

An almost invisible aura surrounded Leon like water filling an empty cup, his steps became soundless and his figure almost blended in with the shadow as he moved using the shadow on the edges of the room.

Just as Leon reached an arms distance between himself and the pup sleeping soundly on the outside of the pack, the pup's instincts and senses picked up something peculiar and it looked around to try to confirm what its senses were conveying.

However, his eyes did not find anything around him, just as he started to close his eyes. Leon shot out like a cannon and all the wolf saw was the semi-transparent and translucent blade appearing before its head.

Even though Leon had taken the weak pup by surprise, it was still a high E Tier monster and it managed to summon a dirt shield on its neck.

Leon's blade sliced through the earth barrier however the barrier provided enough cushioning that the slash itself was not lethal enough to be fatal.

The pup gave a startling howl that echoed throughout the dungeon.

Seeing Leon's cover blown, the three Adventurer's unleashed their own attacks. Arwin used the arrows he used at the exam, but instead of slowing down then speeding up.

He decided to abandon the surprise factor of the spell, while facing the beasts and accelerated the arrow the fastest the leaves could carry it as they were left scattered in its trail.

The arrows pierced the hides of various earth wolves as they got to their feet, although no arrows were lethal the wolves were bleeding a steady stream out of their sides.

However before they could try to react, a woman had appeared before the pack and her fist made the wolves squint their eyes with the intense light it gave off.

Tecia powered her fist at one of the earth wolves on the outside and yelled out the name of her spell with a Pugilist's fervor.

"Iron Blow!"

The punch itself was not lethal enough to kill the pack of pups, however, the force launched the first wolf into the rest of the standing pack.

The effect was like a bowling ball knocking over a bunch of pins, however in this case the pins were 1.8-meter tall wolves with a distinct brown fur.

All the wolves slammed into the wall directly across from Tecia and the dungeon shook, however, no visible damage could be seen on the dungeon itself.

Sounds of whimpers and howls echoed throughout the entire dungeon, as if to answer that Tomoe herself started to whisper something.

"Wisp of Thunder." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

With that, a small steady stream of thunder shot out at the tip of one of her jet black spears, the thunder was not the greatest match up against the wolves of the earth element.

However, in the weakened states of the pups, they barely managed to put up any earth to protect themselves and the thunder penetrated through the pack traveling to each wolf like a lightning rod.

By the time the thunder disappeared, the pups had collapsed from the beating, stream of blood, and burnt patches that recorded itself on their brown bodies.

None of them could stand up, which made it easier for the smiling Leon who walked towards the pack and killed each one of them with a slash from Ensis.

+121 Exp.

The experience Leon gained from participating in killing the earth wolves successfully was quite little considering they were all high E Tier monsters.

However since he was now hunting with a party, they split the experience among themselves and unless specified otherwise, the normal split among parties was set at the default amount of 50/50.

Normally the ambition in other people would take over their thoughts, even Leon wanted to become stronger to have more interesting adventures.

However, Leon could only smile at the fact that he was now hunting monsters with a party and didn't mind the smaller experience gain from his kills. He also reckoned that he most likely could have killed the pups themselves, but it would be a long and time-consuming battle.

Just as the echoes of the whimpers the wolves made slowly disappeared, a pair of red eyes appeared from the dark pathway in front of the party and room. When the eyes finally stepped out, a full-grown adult earth wolf emerged from the pathway in front of the group.

Leon's eyes opened in excitement as he realized he would get to fight the beast.

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