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The Prophecy

As the prophecy became known to the entire Supernatural World, it created anticipation for the birth of the she-wolf where the moon would bleed and transform into a bloody moon. It incited panic for other Supernaturals since most of the Supernatural population wanted peace and harmony where they could live without fear.

During this time, King Viktor cooperated with the Council of Supernaturals in search of the Chosen One and promised to present this destined one to rule over the Supernaturals.

The most powerful Alpha King pledged to introduce the foretold she-wolf to avoid any conflict and mass killing of his own kind. King Viktor was responsible for many werewolves under his protection and care as their chosen Alpha king.

He expressed to the council his desire to protect his kind and find the new Chosen One for the throne of the Overall Ruler of Supernaturals.

King Viktor, along with other members of the Council of Supernaturals, agreed to come into peaceful consensus to find the Chosen One that will lead the Supernaturals to greatness, peace, and unity.

"I will make sure that I will find the Chosen One in one piece before our enemies do so." The Alpha King promised the Council of Supernaturals.

"We must not allow the Vampire King to succeed in taking the life of the one who will bring peace and unity amongst us." The King of elves warned the others.

It was also foretold that darkness and chaos would rule once the Chosen One will be at the hands of the darkness.

"We have won the war against the hordes of darkness! I have trust in the Alpha King to succeed in this matter." The Grand White Witch reassured the council.

"Well, then! We better convene again as soon as the Alpha King succeeds in this, and I only expect good results. No matter how long this takes us. I am sure it's not easy to find the Chosen One.

"I know for sure, once the Blood Moon occurs, there will be Hell on Earth in search of the Chosen One. Especially if it is known now to the other Supernaturals regarding the prophecy." Said the Dwarven King.

"I just wish that the Great Oracle kept the prophecy within the council instead of disclosing it to the entire Supernatural Populace. This information will only cause panic and give the worshipers of the darkness an advantage."

"It is too difficult when there are forces who are also aware of the situation. It's never a good thing to reveal what was supposed to be kept secret, especially if it entails the next ruler of the Supernaturals." The queen of sirens worriedly expressed her concern to the other members of the council.

The queen of the fairies stared at the empty ancient throne, remembering how much she devoted her life to the previous ruler of the Supernaturals.

The former Chosen One [-Emperor Odin-], named after a great deity, was close to the queen of fairies. As the oldest member of the council, she had the opportunity to serve the former Chosen One with devotion and faith.

While the other council members aired their opinions and the urgency of getting ahead on the possession of the Chosen One, the Alpha King observed the queen as she continued to stare at the throne.

"I know, it has been centuries since the last reign of a Chosen One over all the Supernaturals. I know there are many who want to finally witness the arrival and return of another Chosen One to bring peace and unity to all Supernaturals." said by King Viktor, he continued further ...

"That is why, as the king of all Alpha werewolves, I will make sure that we find the new Chosen One to lead us all and make sure for her safety.

Since the prophecy dictates that it will be from the werewolves species, I have gathered very reliable information about the details of all registered Alpha packs and monitored rogues throughout the world.

This allows me to have even more hope in finding our Chosen one and anticipate the birth of any she-wolf when the Blood Moon occurs. So I ask this noble council to be more patient and have faith" The Alpha King reassured the Council.

The members of the Council replied with nods, showing their support and agreement with the Alpha King's declaration. Still, some members looked at each other, silently voicing their remaining concern despite their agreement with the Alpha King.

As everyone started to leave one by one from the Great Ancient Hall, the queen of fairies sauntered over to the large windows of the Hallway to wish and pray for the safety and protection of the next Chosen One.

The Alpha King stood behind the queen of fairies as she silently prayed. The Alpha King knew how worried the queen of fairies was because he knew that she was the only member of the Council that was able to serve the previous ruler of all Supernatural.

So he knows how important it is for the queen of fairies to find and help the next Chosen One finally claim the long besotted Ancient Throne as the ruler of all Supernatural.

"I really do hope whatever you are praying for, Queen Titania, may come true!" said Alpha King as he approached the Queen of Fairies.

"Oh, King Viktor! Thank you for such generous words. Though I hope you are right - that you will be able to find her in one piece and safe. Especially if we are talking about the king of vampires, who is extremely powerful and cunning; he has many ways to find the truth and possess something which he truly desires." Queen Titania tells the Alpha King.

"Do not worry! I know your concerns, which is why I already sent my Elite Team of werewolves to make sure that our Chosen One will be born safely during the Blood Moon." King Viktor reassured Queen Titania.

"You know already where to find the next Chosen One? How is it possible? She has not yet been born!" Queen Titania was surprised to know this new information and wondered why the Alpha King did not mention this during the Council Meeting.

"I need this information to be kept confidential. We do not know who can be trusted, especially when there have been rumors that the king of vampires has a spy in the Council.

I consulted with the Grand Seer and Grand White Witch, both of which I am closely allied with. They helped me identify which Wolf Pack the Chosen One will most likely belong to. I gave them a map and a list of the Wolf Packs that I thought were most likely to have the next Chosen One.

I must tell you - it was not easy. They needed a large amount of magic and strength to locate the possible location of our next Chosen One and where she will be born. I know you think that it is a risky move because it might risk the safety of the next Chosen One, but only a few know what I did. By now, the Elite Warriors that I sent will be protecting the pack of our next Chosen One.

We should find her first before Lionel, that King of Vampires will surely do no good if he gets to her first." King Viktor showed his worry for the first time by mentioning the King of Vampires, King Lionel. Everyone knows how vicious and evil the King of Vampires is.

"You are truly wise and brilliant as a King, Viktor. There's no doubt that the Werewolves are flourishing and growing as we speak because of your leadership. Let us hope that you are right, that we will be the first ones to find the next Chosen One, or else…

The world we live in will be clouded by chaos and death." Queen Titania tells the Alpha King as she stares at the sky, clasping her hands to hide her shivering, for she can sense the coming darkness that awaits the birth of the next Chosen One.


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