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Chapter 26: 4 Years Later

Soon the Hobgoblin came to perform his job and Ezra woke up, he touched his forehead and gazed at the puppet wielding the wooden spear.


"Want to ask something now, boy?" Fenrir said as he smiled.


The werewolf prince quietly nodded his head, his cockiness vanished after such an utter defeat. It has been a while since he felt helpless, he gritted his teeth and stood up.


"These puppets are made after real persons, now you have been wondering who those people are, right? Well... I can give you a hint.


These people have the highest grade of spirit present and a single one of them has enough power to destroy this lower realm. The martial spirit of the one who battered you is my arch-enemy, Odin The All-Father." Fenrir growled, his huge canines were revealed.


The timber started to quake, Ezra sensed needles piercing his soul. He fell to his knees, and squeezed his chest as he yelled "FENRIR!!"


"Huh!" The Monstrous Wolf of Norse came back to his senses.


"Forgive me, boy, the memories of the past always torment in present and terrorise the future. I am no exception in this." Said Fenrir as he sighed.


"Listen carefully Ezra, these 6 are ones of many people you have to kill in future. Focus on your training and understand them. The techniques these puppets are using are centuries old, the originals must have upgraded them by a large margin but still, it's way beyond the mastery the lower realm martial masters have over weapons."


Ezra's eyes widened, he gulped as he looked at each of those puppets. "Each one can destroy the whole lower realm..." he murmured, the prince was bewildered.


"Let's make your training a little bit more interesting" Fenrir said as the light engulfed Ezra.


"Ah shit, here we go" said the prince.




The moment he opened his eyes, he found himself on an icy mountain. Cold gales blew with ferocity. "Where am I" the prince pondered.


A thought came to his mind "Is this place an artificial space, like that of the forest"


"It's not like that forest, it's the same place. But I have changed the location and climate, this artificial space has a variety of places to train in. That forest and this icy mountain is one of the many, now you have to face these puppets under such dire circumstances boy" The voice of Fenrir resounded


"Suits me right" The prince replied.


His hands started to get frost, he squinted his eyes to look and found a shadow coming out of the squall of wind.


Soon after the prince was able to clearly see that in front of him was the same spear wielder puppet, giggling at him.


Ezra took a deep breath and exhaled the warm air on his hands before clenching his duo weapons.


"Beat him up, O chosen one" Hobgoblin's voice resonated, he was near but was hidden inside the snowy gusts.


Ezra chuckled in response "Haha I was wondering where the hell are you"


The puppet and Ezra looked at each other before bolting towards each other.


<4 years later>


Hobgoblin was panting "Ahh, this heat" he said as he wiped his forehead, dropping droplets of sweat.


His eyes were locked on a youth, a 6'2 heighten man. His figure was less filled to be called bulky, his body and muscles were made as if a sculpture has carved those designs on him.


The way he was stretching showed as if he was made of rubber and those muscles and body were fake, he had braided long hair with no beard or moustache.


He had a hook in his left hand and a blunt short sword in his right, with a 100 meters long chain connecting the duo.


The youth stopped stretching and looked at his surrounding.


"Ah fuck, I hate this ground. That wannabe god knows I dislike being soaked in sweat but still..." that youth was none other than the crown prince of Bloodfang Kingdom, the young werewolf Ezra Zephyr.


"So we have finally reached the climax" said Ezra as he looked in all directions.


He was surrounded by six puppets, the same 6 puppets that were made after some monstrous martial masters.


All of them were on a volcanic field, a gigantic space of flamed ground with oozing lava sprays.


"I have to go meet my parents, hurry up you cunts" Ezra said as he smiled wickedly at the spear-wielding puppet.


The mocking spear wielder was now angry and darted in, along with him came the short puppet with daggers.


From another side, the swordsman marched, beside him was the puppet of gauntlets. Big, bulky and barbarian.


A figure was in the sky, right above Ezra. Its axe-hammer descent down on Ezra together with his chubby body.


At a distance, the female looking puppet released 10 arrows at once, all coming to take Ezra's life.


After years of fighting with them on different weathers and grounds, Ezra understood the puppets' techniques and they couldn't defeat him alone anymore. So, Fenrir decided to allow all 6 puppets to fight Ezra. If he wins with all his bracers on, his physical training will end.


Ezra looked at the aggressive incoming guests, he jerked his arm and spun it in nanoseconds. The long and heavy chain made a wave and that wave made an irregular rotation. All the 10 incoming arrows struck the chain and stopped. This was the mastery he learned from Hobgoblin's whipping and years of bringing that chain along.


Ezra saw the spear man coming, he dashed towards him and jerked his arm again. The same rotating wave of chain occurred, it was large. The puppets looked at it for a tiny moment and continued to charge.


The spear puppet stomped the ground, his foot thumb dug inside as he spun at god speed and threw the spear at Ezra.


The prince moved his waist and leaned backwards, with the help of hook he managed to parry the spear in meantime. As the spear was dodged, the dagger puppet closed the distance, Ezra looked at it with a side eye and pulled the chain of his sword.




With a strange sound, the rotating wave of the chain was stretched and entangled the arms of dagger puppets. Previously, when puppets saw the chain they understood the risk as well, but they believed that they will easily escape from an entanglement of such a wide trap. But to their misfortune, they were wrong.


The wave of the chain was like a knot, waiting for a single pull to tighten itself up.


The swordsman slashed but was stopped by Ezra's hook.




Ezra sent him flying after a swift kick on the belly.


The gauntlet puppet sent a calculated straight punch, Ezra dodged it by hair's breadth and answered with a hook




The giant puppet fell to its knees. At that time another giant was a few inches away from Ezra, the prince spun as if he was dancing and jumped. At the perfect timing, he swung his leg.




With a cracking sound, the spin jump kick successfully hit the chubby puppet.


The prince looked at the bow puppet, who threw away its weapon and surrendered.


"3... 3 seconds... He defeated them all in 3 seconds" Hobgoblin mumbled in astonishment

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