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[Mature Content]

After Ragnarok, the gods and demons died, the heroes perished and all the beasts who fought them toe to toe ceased to exist as well. The world evolved, after the death of all superiors (Gods), the inferiors (Mortals) started to learn the ways to gain those celestial powers, some even surpassed the gods. They were gifted with the spirits of deceased powerful beings.

Spirit stolen at birth, the prince of once a doughty werewolf kingdom, Ezra Zephyr is plagued by the curse of god until the fate draws him to a mysterious domain. Where he meets a beast, who became Ezra's spirit. That beast was no ordinary beast at all, he was the evil monsterous wolf of Norse, who killed Odin and devoured the Sun. He was Fenrir, son of Loki and Angraboda. Fenrir trained Ezra Zephyr before becoming his spirit; from that moment the Ezra Zephyr changed his innocence with atrocity.

Join Ezra Zephyr as he'll wreck havoc in the world with Fenrir as his spirit. Get ready for rollercoaster of Adventure, War, Dark Schemes, Light Comedy and Seggs.

A world where both Cultivators and Sorcerors fight for supremacy, a new fantasy world where Qi and Mana co-exist.


First 32 chapters consist of MC's training, don't judge before reading atleast 40 chaps.

This is a novel where MC will trample the so called Gods and Heroes in myriad of mythologies without disisting his sexual urges that he inherited as werewolf. However, there won't be harem and MC will not stick to one girl.

[ Hello dear readers add me on discord to be in touch with novel man's fan community.

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/AcZ72pRbAZ]

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    I'm giving my novel 5 stars because I know the future of this story. Those who are hasty judges should ignore my novel because the real story will start from 30th chapter. MC is an innocent lad who will evolve into a ruthless villain, the first 30 chapters are about background story, reasons and training. This novel contains seggs/smut, cunning strategies and atrocities. it will be a unique novel, I will work hard on it. Join the journey with MC and see how The Atrocious Werewolf Prince terrorize the worlds. I am open to ideas and constructive criticsm as well, feel free to contact me on discord. link is given in synopsis.

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    As we follow the young Ezra develop as a character through his adventures in the vast world of this story and gains the ability to survive the harsh, cruel, evil, full of sin, corrupted god-forsaken world, this is a story about a werewolf Prince, condemned by the world as evil and vile, while those in power take what they want from the weak and pitiful, this is a story of revenge and adventure as Ezra makes allies and enemies, he will become strong in the face of adversity and hardship, this is not a story for everyone but it is a good one.

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    yes good.....seal of approval xD (ima sheep tho) ...........................................................................................

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    This is a good novel. I already read worst one and better one but it’s demarcation his made even if he Inspired from a m han….. the only bad side his that it was said that we would get an atrocious prince but I am to the 110 chapter I think and he is nowhere to be found maybe it will be later so don’t be too fast

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    Anyone know where I can read this for free because I have no coins

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    Awesome! Another great book, way to go, dear author! I highly recommend.... This book is gonna blow your minds, believe me, you are all gonna love it!

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    when I Found this novel i was on life support with stage 4 cancer and after reading this amazing book It Had my cancer cured it was really something, thanks the novel man

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    [This review adheres to the five different rating categories Webnovel provides. In order, Writing quality, stability of updates, story development, character design, and world background. I will separate these into different paragraphs for your convenience.] I rate the writing quality four stars. There isn't an egregious amount of spelling mistakes throughout the currently released chapters, and the flow of reading is pretty good with the exception of the first chapter. Hopefully, you can call me a doofus for saying that once my fellow author polishes it to represent his peak performance. Stability of updates is five stars. With an initial five chapters to start everyone off, I'm sure we can expect more at a steady pace going forward. Story Development is five stars. The foundation of the story was laid out both in the synopsis and the initial chapters. We can clearly see the suffering the protagonist must endure, making me want to root for him and hope that he'll come out of this terrible ordeal. Character design is three stars. No one in the story has a memorable appearance thus far in my mind, though they are quite animated despite that. They aren't cardboard cutouts wearing clothes, which is good, but they could certainly use some more descriptors. World Background is five stars. While laying down the foundation of the story, we learn a great deal of the world's history. It's a point of interest in the synopsis, and a cause of conflict in the story. The overall rating I give this novel is 4.4 stars. It's pretty good!

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    One of the best stories I've ever read that involves a actual werewolf. I hope you make more books with werewolfs

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    Are we getting more chapters because it’s been 19 days what do you have a schedule because if I took the advance chapters is to be able to read, but having only two chapters from 388 to 390 and not be able to read them. It’s kind of frustrating, I don’t know the circumstances or the reason why did the delay but as a reader, I would appreciate a heads up or some information telling us readers this information. [information being there will be a delay of certain chapters for a certain amount of time] which we as funds will be happy to give and support.

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    The start is a little bit rough but the pace is great and after the first few ten chapters the author starts to find his own story.

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    Vou dar 5 estrelas pq vc prometeu sexo sem compromisso, então nada de harém!!!! Mc livre..................... Obs,: preenchimento de letras........................

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    Brutal novels are always my cup of tea. Having a ruthless MC is truly 👨‍🍳😘. Anyway, 10/10 would definitely recommend if you are not a little biiiiiirch tree.

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    The synopsis looked interesting but I can't be sure how the book really would be.. so I started reading it and yep.. this is a good story alright... just go for it.. keep up the good work author..

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    Writing Quality: It seems to be quite well written with some grammatical errors, however, they are within the acceptable range and they do not make you want to stop reading. Stability of Updates: Can't say much about that one as I have just begun reading this novel. Story Development: I feel like the pace isn't fast nor slow, as we can the story progressing quite well. Character Design: It's really good (in my opinion) as it seems that the Mc will go under a multitude of changes in the upcoming chapters. World Background: Information is slowly starting to come out as I read the chapters and it seems interesting for the most part. Overall, I'd say that this a novel worth reading.

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    Waiting for updates due to the reason of being addicted in reading this story of Ezra's journey to the peak!

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    Read 12 chapter of the story, and i can say I really found something interesting. No hi-fi vocabulary, simplified and easy to understand writing style...which is kind of weird. As an author myself, you changed quite a lot of my view about writing...I really mean it. Negatives- Pacing of story, and first chapter is kinda not that catchy... compared to the chapters you wrote ahead. Story... I won't say much about it since I only read upto ch 12. But so far, so good. Keep up the work

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    first of all im a big fan of the mythology genre ( greek, norse, indian, egyptian mythology etc...) first of all the mc ezra zephyr was naive innocent and ignorant in the beginning, but after his years of training with the wolf of norse fenrir he became cunning, ruthless etc.. and it was beautifully done. the characters developed is clearly to see. not only ezra but also those around him. when you start reading it it's hard to stop there no dumb mc no stupid young manster and all those cliché stuff. little of the world is beaing revealed right cause it's still the beginning of the novel. i did escpect ezra to be a bit more overpowering than how is now. there's a few spelling mistakes here and there but nothing major. im not really good at writing reviews but guys this is a hidden gem give it a try and you won't be disappointed.

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    Does anyone know hot to get a free pass to read this

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    Your story is phenomenal. Like seriously I am not a fan of system aur story with romance. but yours is exceptional. The Mythologies used in this story like wow. Really looking forward to how this stories unfold I will read it to the end and also added in my library. Keep it up author!

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    Author The_Novel_Man