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The Crown's Fire

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Author: Eustoma_Reyna

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[Warning: r18+/strong mature content]
Amidst the clash of desire and betrayal, who will dare to sacrifice everything for the sake of love?

With the ability to foresee the future, Tarah could propel kings to unprecedented heights of success or plunge them into the depths of irreversible failure. But when her kingdom fell, Tarah was forced to offer herself into servitude to her captor in exchange for her brother’s life, becoming a spy in a dangerous game against Ezekiel, the future Dragon King of Ebodia.

Haunted by a prophecy of his doom by a woman’s hand, Prince Ezekiel has meticulously avoided female company throughout his life. However, everything changed when he met Tarah, the new fated Seer of Ebodia. Initially only caring about ruling the world, Ezekiel now finds himself strongly enamored by Tarah, at the risk of losing sight of his own goals.

Caught between safeguarding her brother's life and the growing affection for the domineering ruler, Tarah faces a dilemma. Will she navigate this dangerous path, risking everything for her heart's desires?


"You can't escape me. There's nowhere in this world where you can hide from my reach," Ezekiel whispered, his breath warm against her neck.

Her throat tightened as his lips grazed her skin.

With a firm yet gentle grip on her chin, he tilted her head, urging her to meet his intense gaze, causing her heart to pound in her chest.

"I'm here to make you remember every detail of the agony you've caused me," he declared.

"Agony?!" she protested.

"Yes, your cruel betrayal. Leaving me, breaking your promise..."

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    The most anticipated book is finally out 💃💃💃 I’m so excited 🥰

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    LV 15 Badge

    I was fooling myself into thinking I wouldn't be interested in the third story. I figured I had enough from the previous ones to know where this one would lead to. I thought, how would it be possible to engage me once again into reading it. That's what I thought. Then, the story dropped on IG, with a reel. I was utterly shocked! Tons of views, years later 😅🤣, I was proven wrong! I was naive! I've been schooled by a master storyteller. I won't doubt you again, and can we please have more!!! It's not enough, never enough! 🧡🤍🧡🤍🧡

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    its about. to gooo down I have being waiting like my life depends on it[img=update][img=update][img=update]

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    Oh mai gosh!!! I did not see it coming!!!!! Omggg I need to prepare my heart and soul to read this Novel😭😭😭😭 WE CAN NOW HAVE PRINCE EZEKIEL AND TARAH’S LOVE STORY 🥳🥳🥳🥳 A BIG BIG LOVE TO YOU AUTHOR 💖💖💖

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    LV 13 Badge

    I love The Crown's trilogy, I was waiting for Ezekiel and Tarah's story because their emotions to each other are 'Forbidden' and I want to know how will they get through everything together as King and Seer and as lovers.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    What can we expect from our dear author Eustoma Reyna? Nothing but the best! I was delighted and had lots of fun with Xenia, Darius and the werewolves! Mineah, Nicolai, and the vampires was a delicious slow-burning romance with a beautiful outcome. Now have Ezequiel and Tarah telling is the last part of this amazing journey. Crown’s fire has been all what I expected: strong and hot! Eustoma books makes us yearn for more and more chapters and she corresponds to our expectations with regular releases and a very well written story! Her books does not present bedtime stories: prepare yourself to get hot and losing sleep! 😻😻😻

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    I have been reading The Crown Series for a while, and the author never ceases to impress with a very intricate development of the stories. This book brings a lot of answers we have been looking forward to know. I am eagerly waiting for each day to get the notification about a new chapter release. It has been an amazing, magical, thrilling journey!

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    I was waiting for this one! Best of luck author, love your stories 😍😍😍

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    Great job dear author, I'm loving everything about this novel, can't wait to see what's going to happen next 💯🤩😍

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    auther your the best in my novelnovelistic heart ,good job

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    Well written story with a thick plot. I had no idea that I had read a previous book by this author until the kingdoms & names sounded familiar. Everything clicked into place. I did not realize the other book was part of a trilogy. A pleasant surprise.

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    Omg 😍 😩 ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍😱The characters are to die for I'm still reading the other book have just started this one and Omg I looooooooove it😢❤️❤️😭😍

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    At chapter 58. Story is picking up. I've read the previous 2 stories in The Crown Trilogy. I love all the characters. The bad are.,..BAD and the good ones are..... interesting 😅 I'm enjoying this so far. Excited for our MLs love story progress

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    Great read so far! Looking forward to future chapter releases.

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    Author Eustoma_Reyna