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Chapter 104: Lucifer "An Odd Proposal."

Lucifer sighed as his Baby Girl closed the bathroom door behind her. He walked over to the shower and stepped in, allowing the hot water to flow over his body. He scrubbed his hair clean of the conditioner and couldn't help but admit that he had never felt it so silky. However, he wouldn't be confessing that to her. He heard muffled voices outside the bathroom but couldn't make out what they were saying, so he did his best to ignore them.

'We weren't done talk—'

"Son of a!" Lucifer jumped, "Seriously?"

"That's all you, Louie. I wasn't even trying to hide my presence." His demon laughed out loud.

"Whatever, and yes, we were. I have nothing more to say." He grumbled, trying to push his nagging other half back.

"I'm not going to stop!" He growled, "I will keep pushing forward,"

"And do what?" Lucifer challenged, "We both know you aren't going to hurt her."

"No, I won't, so why do you insist on keeping me locked away?"

"Because she's not the one I'm worried about,"

There was a long pause, and Lucifer thought the conversation was over despite still feeling his demon's presence.

'She keeps me calm.' He said softly inside Lucifer's head, 'Even around Milril,'

"I noticed." Lucifer admitted, "But what if she's not around?"


Another pause. Lucifer turned off the shower and stepped out. He let out a long, exasperated sigh as he yanked the towel off its hook, "I need to think about it, and I want peace while I think." he negotiated.

'Fine.' And at that, he was left alone in his mind.

Drying off, Lucifer realized this was the first time since his demon had reappeared that he had faded back completely. Since their trip to the hot spring, his other half had at least been a tickle in the background, but now, for the first time since that morning, he felt truly alone. It was something he believed he wanted, but now that he had it, it felt strange.

Once again cursing this day, the last, and the next for good measure, Lucifer tossed the towel onto the floor and grabbed his underwear, but before he put them on, a sly smile crept across his face as he dropped the garment on top of the discarded towel. He then walked to the bathroom door, opened it, and stepped out into his room, completely naked.

Both his Baby Girl and Micheal sat at the table, and when they saw him, a mix of feelings filled the air. Micheal wasn't one to show emotions, but Lucifer had caught him off guard, and he gave off a quick flash of shock, anger, and annoyance while his Baby Girl's amusement and minor embarrassment floated through the room unrestrained.

"Problem, Uncle?" He asked, walking to his dresser, "Not very often I get the pleasure of sensing your true feelings."

"I have no time for your childish antics. Put on some clothes so we can get this over with."

"Says the one barging into another's room and whining till he gets what he wants."

"The quicker we handle this, the quicker we both get what we want." Micheal countered.

"And what is the 'this' that needs to be handled?" he asked, pulling out a pair of pajama pants that matched the ones his Baby Girl wore.

"There has been a recurring request by a few souls over the years, and my father is considering it."

"Unless they're requesting to be damned, I don't know what that would have to do with me," Lucifer mumbled, pulling on his sleep pants.

Michael responded, "Well, not damned," which left Lucifer confused as he stood and stared at him.

"They wish to be in Hell?" He asked, walking over to the table, "Who are these souls?"

"In their former lives, some were residents of Hell and a few halflings living on other planets." Micheal informed, "Look, there is a lot to explain, and if we can come to an agreement, a lot more to discuss, so just hear me out, Louie." 

"I will, but why have you brought this to me and not my father?" Lucifer asked curiously as he sat and grabbed the glass in front of his plate, sniffed it, and took a large sip.

"Whether I like it or not, you are the future ruler of Hell, and this has to do with the future."

Lucifer raised an eyebrow and pressed his lips together, "Is that so?" he asked, extending a hand out to his Baby Girl, who gave him a questioning look but placed her hand in his nonetheless. "Is that why you refused to tell him the reason you are here? Because I am the future?" he scoffed, pulling her onto his lap. She was slightly startled and squirmed a little, but once their eyes met, his sweet doll realized he needed her there and settled. "Get on with it then."

As Micheal began explaining, Lucifer picked up his fork and ate. The food was cold, but he was so hungry it didn't matter. Though he kept his face neutral and rarely glanced at his uncle, he had to admit the more the angel talked, the more curious he became. However, he was suddenly distracted by the low rumble of his Baby Girl's stomach. She must not have eaten, and this annoyed him. Cutting a piece of meat, he offered it to his Baby Girl from his fork,

"I'll eat later, Luce. You eat your fill," she protested in a whisper.

"There is more than enough for both of us. Now eat," he demanded, and with a sigh, she took the meat from his fork, "Why didn't you eat while I was in the bath?"

"I didn't want the water to get too cold," She answered, holding her hand over her mouth as she chewed and replied.

Micheal cleared his throat loudly, obviously annoyed by the interruption.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Uncle. It's become a natural habit to tune you out after a while. Please continue." Lucifer instructed, flicking the fork at him.

Micheal scowled at his nephew but continued explaining as Lucifer alternated between feeding himself and his Baby Girl. He found himself thinking back to what his demon had said about her calming him and realizing that she had the same effect on this part of him. Holding her on his lap had made the situation bearable,

"That's it," Micheal sighed, "What do you think?"

Lucifer looked up at the angel, "I'm sorry, Uncle. You lost me about halfway." He admitted.

Micheal just stared at Lucifer for a moment before sighing, "You are hopeless,"

"Oh, come on." Lucifer laughed, tapping his Baby Girls butt to signal her to get up, "It's a joke, Micheal! I swear none of you archangels have a sense of humor." He complained, getting up and grabbing his glass off the table. "I can see why so many souls want to leave Heaven. Must be a terrible bore." He added, taking the last sip and crossing the room to get himself another pour.

"Your thoughts, Jr," Micheal demanded, rolling his eyes.

Lucifer hummed, thinking over everything Micheal had just told him as he refilled his glass, "I don't know. I'm truly quite flattered that there are souls that wish to return to Hell and live out their afterlife," He paused, capping the decanter and turning to face the room. He noticed his Baby Girl had situated herself on her side of their bed, and like his uncle, her eyes were on him.

"But?" Micheal asked as Lucifer leaned his back against the cabinet.

"But, there is no place for souls here." Lucifer shrugged, "I mean, there is, but I doubt they want those accommodations." He hummed as he swirled the glass of whiskey, "Heaven is made for the dead, while Hell is a world of the living. Where are they supposed to live?"

"Amongst the living, I would assume," Micheal answered.

"But they are not living. I assume they will be formless unless God wishes to give them all their bodies back," Lucifer's brows knitted, "No, that won't work. There don't seem to be that many who wish to return. Nevertheless, Hell is not a large place, and we do not have the space nor resources."

"I see no reason why they can't live amongst your people as they are. All Hellians are aware of the afterlife, so the presence of souls shouldn't shock them." Micheal reminded, and Lucifer caught a hint of annoyance, causing him to glance over to his wife to see the end of an eye roll.

"Sure, but that doesn't mean they will be okay with it." Lucifer countered, "Shapeless souls whisping about, going and doing as they please." Lucifer replied, sipping his drink, "Regular walls don't bind souls, and I know that I don't like the idea of them just floating in and out of my space."

"Fair point, but those are issues, I believe, that can be resolved. Possibly building a specific area for them or just restricting them to one location, such as the castle. Or, what about making Hell City's homes and buildings of the same stone in the chambers that confine the damned?" Micheal suggested.

"And where do you propose we get the funds and materials for such renovations? The stone you speak of is unique and not easily mined. Besides, most deposits were exhausted during the chambers' construction."

"Fine, but let's also remember that these are souls that wish to be here. They will follow any rules given, or they will not be allowed to stay. Also, this could be beneficial for Hell's relations with other worlds."

"I didn't consider that. Yes, to have the blessed among us would improve Hell's image," Lucifer agreed with a nod, "I'll need time to think about this and discuss it with not only my father but also my people. If they do not wish to share their world with the dead, my answer will be no."

"That is fair. But remember, this is your decision, not you're father's." Micheal replied.

"I am aware. I also see why you brought this to me and not him. I don't think he will be pleased with the thought of the souls he despised living alongside him. However, my father's opinion is as important to me as your father's is to you." Lucifer explained, "Speaking of opinions. Baby Girl, what do you think of all this?"

Both men turned their gaze towards the woman who was sitting quietly on the bed with her legs crossed. Her arms were folded, her brows were knitted, and she was strumming the fingers of her unbandaged hand on her empty glass while she stared blankly at the sheets, lost in thought.

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