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88.59% The Devil’s Fallen Angel / Chapter 101: Lucifer “Hotter Than Hell.”

Chapter 101: Lucifer “Hotter Than Hell.”

Lucifer leaned against the headboard of his bed while his Baby Girl was busy in the bathroom preparing his bath. He had let his eyes close, but the threat of sleep was far from him as the anticipation of what was about to happen filled his mind with many scenarios. Most of which was extremely unlikely, but he was enjoying the fantasy. Probably a bit too much since just the thought of her hands running over his bare skin caused him to harden, and the thin sheet wasn't hiding much.

Shaking his head and pushing himself into a sitting position, Lucifer cleared his mind, trying to control himself before it reached the point of no return, at which point he would, indeed, have to handle it on his own.

It took a few minutes, but he had finally calmed his over-eager body and stood up, leaving the sheet on the bed. With a mischievous smirk, he crossed the room and walked into the bathroom, where he found his wife crouched over the steaming tub humming. Her long, reddish blonde hair was secured into a messy bun with a few loose pieces around her face. She had the sleeves of her shirt rolled up, and one of her arms was elbow-deep in the water, stirring while she carefully poured a milky liquid out of a bottle with her injured wrist. A rich floral scent wafted through the room, causing Lucifer's brow to crease, and he frowned,

"Really?" he sighed as she stood but did not turn towards him.

"What?" she replied, capping the bottle. "It makes your skin soft."

"And it smells," he added as she grabbed a towel from the cabinet and dried her arm before tossing it at him.

"This is what I use!" she fussed, turning towards him as he wrapped the towel around his waist. "You don't like the way I smell?"

"Of course, I like how you smell, but that doesn't mean I want to smell that way," he defended, walking towards the tub. "How are any of the damned souls I tend to expected to be threatened and scared of me if I have soft skin and smell sweet like flowers?"

She cracked a smile, "Sorry, I'll see if I can find blood, brimstone, and ash scent for next time."

"Oh?" Lucifer questioned as his smirk returned. Taking a few long steps, he now stood next to the tub, and only about a foot separated him from his Baby Girl. "Next time? Planning on making a habit of bathing me?" he asked, looking down and meeting her gaze as he stepped closer. "You know if you want to touch me that badly—"

"In the tub, Jr.," she ordered, placing a hand on his bare chest to keep him from taking another step.

Lucifer chuckled and dropped the towel before stepping over the side of the tub. His mischievous grin quickly vanished, "Ahh, haa— Shit, that's hot!" he exclaimed, looking back at his wife, wondering if this was a joke.

"Just get in and give it a minute," she instructed with a dismissive wrist flick before turning around to the counter where a wide variety of bottles sat while Lucifer held tightly to the sides of the tub, supporting himself while slowly lowering his body into the scolding water.

"Give it a minute until what? I'm cooked to a perfect medium well," he hissed, "You don't seriously bathe in water this hot, do you?"

Of course not," she answered, reading the label of one bottle. "I cooled it down a bit for you."

He paused his movement and glared at his wife as her emotions floated around the room. His reactions to the bath clearly entertained her.

"If this is how you relax, I may have severely misjudged you," he admitted through gritted teeth as his lower body gradually submerged in the opaque water.

"And how is that?" she chuckled, setting down the bottle she'd been reading before looking over her shoulder at her struggling devil.

"I thought for sure you couldn't and wouldn't know how to torture anything, but now I'm not so convinced," Lucifer explained, settling himself on the bottom of the tub.

"It's not that bad, you big baby," she rolled her eyes.

"Funny you should bring up babies. It's a good thing I can't have any since I'm pretty sure this water is hard boiling my testicles."

His Baby Girl burst into laughter, and he couldn't help but smile at her natural laugh.

"For a man who once claimed he hated drama, you are so dramatic," she said, wiping a loose tear caused by her laughing fit.

"And you love it," he accused, leaning back against the tub, his arms stretched out along the edges. "You can't deny that, Baby Girl."

After a minute, Lucifer's body began to adapt to the heat, and his muscles began to relax. He let his eyes close and leaned his head back,

"Well?" she asked after a couple more minutes.

"Now that this lava pool you call a bath has burned away all my nerve endings, it's sort of soothing," he admitted, opening one eye to look at her.

"Good. Just relax and soak for a bit," she smiled and walked toward the bathroom door.

"And where are you going?" he questioned. "I hope you're not intending to run out on your promise."

"Don't worry about me. I'll be right back," she reassured, "Try not to fall asleep. I'd hate to tell all your loyal subjects you drowned in a bathtub."

"At least I'll smell good for my funeral," he retorted before hearing her chuckle again as she closed the bathroom door.

As Lucifer soaked in the tub, his mind relaxed along with his body, and he quickly drifted into a meditative state. Unsurprisingly, his Baby Girl had the right idea again. All the frustrations of the last few days faded into the background, and he felt himself slipping into unconsciousness when the door opened, bringing him back to the present.

It wasn't a loud bang jarring him awake but a cautious click from the door shutting that roused him. His Baby Girl was quiet, but the soft scuffle of her movements caught his attention. Lucifer lazily opened his eyes and turned his head towards her. She was carrying a pair of sleep pants and underwear under her arm and a glass of whiskey in hand. Placing the garments on the counter, she turned around. Suddenly, she stopped as her nose twitched, and she took a string of quick breaths. Her free hand shot up to cover her mouth before a muffled sneeze was released. Though she tried to contain it, a little snort escaped, and Lucifer couldn't help but laugh softly.

"Oh, did I wake you?" she asked apologetically.

Lucifer shrugged, "Maybe, not sure if I was truly sleeping. However, that adorable sneeze was not the cause. It's for the best, anyway. After all, you have a promise to keep."

"I haven't forgotten, Luce," she reassured with an eye roll as she approached the tub and offered him the glass. Lucifer pushed himself up a bit so he was in more of a sitting position. He grabbed the glass and sniffed its contents, "Worried?" she asked cocking her head slightly.

"Can you blame me, though it's not an accusation directed at you," Lucifer reassured.

"Good, good. He still suspects nothing," she mumbled under her breath as she evilly strummed her fingers together while turning toward the assortment of bottles.

"Now, that would be a plot twist," he chuckled, sipping the drink.

"It's always the quiet ones you must watch out for," she warned.

"If that's the case, I have nothing to fear. You, my openly opinionated doll, are anything but quiet."

"I noticed you took off the bandage," she said, sifting through the bottles.

"I did. It was soaked and useless at this point. All that's left is a scar."

"It's a big scar." She pointed out, not looking at him.

"Thanks to the hasty and careless actions of my other half, I will have to live with this one," he explained, running his finger over the pink and puckered line that ran from his wrist almost to his elbow. "The stitches Belial had placed would need to be removed sooner rather than later, but they could wait a little longer. It will fade over time, but I doubt it'll completely vanish."

"Why did he do it?" she asked.

"Relief," Lucifer sighed. You don't need the details, Baby Girl," he reassured, not wanting to relive the previous evening, which truly felt like months ago at this point. "How's your wrist?"

"Unfortunately, I'm not built like a sexy archangel demon hybrid, so it still hurts, but not too bad."

"Sexy, huh?" he smirked, waggling his brows.

"Back to your bath!" she blushed. "So, for your hair, rosemary and peppermint or vanilla?"

He turned his head slowly towards his wife with narrowed eyes to see her biting her lips to keep herself from laughing, "I am unfamiliar with rosemary and vaguely remember peppermint, but I do know what vanilla smells like, and I swear to all things my Grandpapa considers holy if you drench me in vanilla—"

"Okay, okay, I'll use your regular shampoo," she relented, throwing her hands up. "Where is it? I checked the shower,"

"I use the same thing on my hair as my body."

"What!" she gasped as if Lucifer had revealed some outlandish and horrifying secret.

"It's fine, I've always done that," he dismissed, "It's the grey bottle in the shower to the—"

"Absolutely not," she stated firmly, handing him a small bottle, "Smell this." His nose wrinkled as he sniffed it. Pulling the bottle away, he shook his head, "Okay, this one?" she asked, offering another bottle. This time, after smelling the contents, Lucifer shrugged but still had an unpleased look on his face. After a few more options, Lucifer found one he didn't mind. It wasn't perfumey and sweet like the others. It had more of an earthy smell that reminded him of the woods and rain.

"This one?" she asked, pleased he didn't make a face.

"Yes, this one will do, even though I still don't get the fuss. Also, where did you get all these?" he questioned.

"Wedding gifts from Azazel and Vassal," she answered, returning to the counter. "During planning, I mentioned that I didn't have much when it came to personal care. Caring for my body was something I enjoyed and took pride in when I was alive. My hair and skin were a top priority for me, and when I ended up here, I didn't even have proper underwear, much less cosmetics," she explained, lightly touching Lucifer's back so he would sit up.

"You could have told me you needed things," he huffed, a familiar guilty feeling sparking in his chest.

"Really?" she laughed, grabbing a pitcher and sinking into the water, "I still can't even get a single pair of pajamas. The ones I did have from camping have mysteriously vanished."

"No mystery there. I got rid of them. Besides, you don't need pajamas. Look at it more like a testament to how well you care for yourself. It would be ashamed to hide such beauty."

"Yeah, yeah. Anyway, if I had asked, I would have ended up with a matching grey bottle of all-in-one. Give me your drink and lean your head back, "she demanded with a snort while shaking her head.

Lucifer took one more large sip and handed the glass back to his Baby Girl before doing as she instructed. The change in position allowed him to see her face. "I know I was a bit inconsiderate, but I wouldn't have deprived you of things you needed."

"Umhum," she replied, pouring the water over his hair, careful not to get it in his face. "You can lay back again. Just make sure all your hair is over the tub's edge."

Lucifer again complied, sinking back into the water. It was only a moment before her hands slipped into his hair. Softly, she began scrubbing his hair and humming again. Her nails gently scratched his scalp as the smell of the shampoo he chose filled the air. A soft moan slipped from his lips as his eyes closed. Maybe there was something to this whole bath thing.

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