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36.42% The Devil of Yuragi-sou / Chapter 54: Chapter 24: Updated

Chapter 24: Updated - The Devil of Yuragi-sou - Chapter 54 by PridefulRoyalty full book limited free

Chapter 54: Chapter 24: Updated

AN: This is the updated version, I decided to extend this chapter. Thank God my modules aren't that hard, thank you as well you cute little onee-san girlfriend for helping me. Sigh, I'm just so lucky. Yeah I'm just bragging at this point, sorry.....




With a roar, Sariel cut down the demon who approached him, then another, and another, and another.

He cut down Demons who are trying to surround him. He flew up in the sky, but even so his strength did not increase, because this world is "not real" and was just created by Satan.

Even the moon on the sky is not real, so he also couldn't receive a boost in power.

He looked at his brothers and sisters, and saw them getting killed one by one. Even though the demons were not that strong, their numbers more than made up for it.

The worst part is, the demon generals haven't even made a move yet!

"Grrahhgh!" A demon flew towards him, but he easily cut the guy in half.

"SARIEL! HELP!" An angel cried for help as demons surrounded him and stabbed him on the shoulders and legs and pierced his chest with a claw, ripping his heart out.

"Tsk," Sariel cliked his tongue as he couldn't move fast to save him but quickly moved towards another angel who seems to need help.

"Guh?!" Only to stop as a purple spear passed through his stomach. He coughed up mouthful of blood as he slowly turned his head, ""

Lucifer just gave him a cold stare, "Only death awaits for those who anger the Ruler of Demons. Look around, your brothers and sisters are rapidly dying."

Sariel did, and he gritted his teeth seeing them getting slaughtered.

Lucifer shook his head, "Angels. They are just so full of themselves thinking they are at the top of the world because humans worshipped them."

His eyes turned cold as he glared at Sariel, "Pathetic."


Alex stood at the head of the bone dragon, watching the battle between the angels and his army.

Though the normal demons were indeed weaker than the second generation Angels, their numbers are endless.

This pseudo-reality marble is just his memories projected through Regeneration Magic after all, if they die, they will just regenerate back again. Thus the name Undying.

If Alex include Evolution Magic in casting this magic, then every seconds the demons will only get stronger and stronger.

Even if its someone like the landlady....never mind, the woman would probably destroy this realm with brute force—that is if the magic he used to make this world is lower than the landlady.

And even if its a Sephira who literally has a nigh-infinite magic, they wouldn't be able to escape here and could only die.

If Alex were to seriously plan on killing the landlady then he need to master his Age of Gods magic, if not then he could only rely on Concept Magic.

(AN; I wrote the power ranking on Hataraku at the end of the chap if you're curious)

Alex looked back, and saw Emi comforting Rika with Suzuno just standing there motionlessly.

He slowly approached the inquisitor, as she flinched when she felt him approaching her.

He raised his hand and pointed a finger on her heart, as Suzuno could only close her eyes, waiting for death. She knew she was no match for the Demon King, and talking is pointless.

No matter what she said, it won't change the fact that she hurt someone close to the Demon King.

'Aah~ at least I won't have to sacrifice someone again....I wonder, if I die will my sins be forgiven? Haha, I doubt it....someone like me who killed innocent people probably won't have salvation.'


Alex turned towards Rika, who seems to want to say something but too afraid to speak up.

But, she bit her lips and continue, "...Suzuno-chan...she's...please give her a chance."

Suzuno turned towards her with wide eyes, "Ri...ka-dono?"

"I...I may not look like it, but I'm quite good at reading people. Suzuno-chan, she doesn't want to do any of this, she's just confused, and conflicted, s-she may not be innocent, but I can tell she's not a bad person! So please, just one last chance, please...."

Alex turned towards Emi, who just stared back at him. Her intentions were clear, she'd leave the decision to him.

Emi thought to herself that she doesn't really have the right to judge Suzuno for killing people, because she too has killed a lot of people.

Alex sighed, he wasn't really planning on killing Suzuno. Killing innocents? As Satan, he has no right to condemn her for something like that.

But for hurting Emi and Rika, someone whom he considers as a friend, now that's a different story.

But still, looking at Emi, she also seems to not want to kill Suzuno as well.

He sighed, and was about to speak when a shout interrupted him.


Turning around, he saw a bloody Sariel along with dozens or so angels flying towards him, probably planning a kamikaze attack.

The demon generals and the demons were following behind them.

Alex just raised his hand and said only one sentence, "I command thee, under the name of the Demon King Satan—, 'Cease'."

The angels stopped moving. Their eyes were wide open in shock, but that's all. They couldn't speak, or even tremble at all, they completely stop moving.

Divine Statement, a skill that forcefully send a set of command to the target on a soul level which they have to absolutely obey.

But as expected, associating the word "Divine" with the the words "Demon King" is just not right. So Alex has renamed this skill, calling it "Demon's Whisper" yeah, not the best but certainly not the worst either.

"What do you think we should do about Sariel Emi?" Alex asked. "He plotted on killing us right?"

Emi thought for a bit before shrugging, "Let's kill what I wanted to say but, his unique magic is just too useful for us if we were to fight other Angels. But as expected, his loyalty to the heaven certainly won't allow him to cooperate with us."

Alex hummed, "...I want to study his magic. I wanted to know how can he nullify Celestial Force, if we could use this magic for ourselves it would certainly be helpful. I'll examine him thoroughly, just what is so special about this man."

Rika took a step back from Emi and Alex, "Y-You two, as expected, you two really are a match made from heave—no, made from hell! Talking about killing and examining a body like you're just drinking water!"

Emi's eyes widened as she finally realized that her friend is still here, ".....Want me to erase your memories of this conversation?"

Rika smiled and shook her head, "No need. I may not look like it, but I'm not really stranger to death."


Rika blinked before she realized her words and quickly shook her head, "No! No! Its not what you think! Its incident happen in my home time when I was still young, killing off a lot of my classmates. That incident probably messed up my head."

Emi shot her friend a worried look, but Rika just smiled at her and shook her head, telling her not worry.

Alex looked at them at the corner of his eyes before pulling out a ball from his storage space.

Rika's eyes widened in recognition seeing the ball, "Hey, hey, hey, Alexander-san? Correct me if I'm wrong but....isn't that, a Pokeball?"

Emi tilted her head in confusion, "Pokeball?'

Alex smirked and threw the ball to Sariel, as the angel was sucked inside the moment the ball made contact with him.

The ball fell down and wiggled for a few times as red light was blinking on the center of the ball. After a few moments, the ball stopped moving as it released a sparkling light with a "ping" sound.

"Yosh! I just got an angel." Alex smirked as he used telekinesis to move the ball to his hand.

"Eh?" Emi relesed a confused sound as she stared at Alex.

While Rika was just giving Alex a blank look, as she muttered, "Chuuni-Demon king."

Alex froze as he slowly turned his head towards Rika, ".....What did you just call me?"

Rika scoffed, "You think I don't know? That chant, it came from the anime series; Destiny: Infinite Weapon Crafts isn't it? You just changed it some parts of it. And Reality marble? You to~tally copied it. Now a Pokeball? What's next huh? You going to summon a servant?"

Alex has no reply to that, so he kept quiet. He didn't know that this world also have a counterpart of Fate series as well, and they called it Destiny! How original.

As for the summoning, maybe he'll try that later(AN: Nah, don't get your hopes up)

"And how did you know that?" he raised a questioning brow as he looked at her.

Rika blushed and looked away, not intending to answer the question. Is it wrong for her to like watching Anime? Its like she's as worst as Hisui you know.

Alex scoffed and ignored her and looked towards Suzuno, who was staring at them blankly.

He then shifted his gaze at the angels and just moved them with telekinesis towards his demon army.

He then once again turned his attention back to Suzuno, who averted her gaze, causing Alex to frown, "Look me in the eye Suzuno."

She dared not to.

"Have you gone deaf? I said look me in the eye, Suzuno. I don't want to repeat myself again."

She did, her eyes were teary and red as she stared at Alex.

Alex approached her and pressed his forefinger on her throat, the girl did not even dare to gulp, "Tell me shrimp. That time I saw you hanging out with Yuuna, when I saw you playing with Alice, the times I saw you helping Chitose, the I times I saw you reprimanding Nonko, that time when we went out to go buy your things. Were all of those just a lie to get close to us?"

Suzuno remained silent as her body wouldn't stop trembling as she stared at Alex with eyes as if she was holding back her tears.

"Tell me, Suzuno. Look at me in the eyes and answer me." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"...There's no way its a lie." she stared straight at Alex with teary eyes, "Every moment of my time, I enjoyed it. Hanging out with Yuuna-dono, bonding with everyone in Yuragi....I enjoyed, it is a memory I will never forget for the rest of my life."

Alex stared at her with his glowing red eyes for a full minute before he smiled. ".....Well then, what are you going to do now I wonder?"

Suzuno blinked, "Huh?"

The Demon King gave her a smirk, "The Great Demon King Satan, is living comfortably in Japan with his daughter, his magic power is not lost and he might just wipe Japan out of the face of the Earth just for the heck of it. Now whatever shall we do?"


"Maou?! What are you talking about?!" Emi glared at him.

"E-Emi! You're lover just said something scary just now!"

Alex resist the urge to glare at the best friend of the Hero and just gave all of his attention to Suzuno, "The Demon King is a dangerous person, we need someone who'll look after him to make sure he doesn't go on a rampage."

"Alexander-dono...." Suzuno's eyes widened as she understood what Alex was trying to say.

Alex smiled and looked towards Emi, "What do you say Emi?"

Emi stared at Alex before releasing a sigh as she smiled at Suzuno, "Oh well, might as well have someone to keep an eye for the Demon King when I'm at work."

Rika smiled as she stood beside Emi, glad that Suzuno won't have to die.

Alex turned towards Suzuno, "So what do you say? As someone who desired peace, isn't it your job to make sure that the Demon King won't cause any more chaos?"

Suzuno bit her lips as she stared at Alex for a bit before looking down as her shoulders trembled. After awhile, she look back to Alex with teary eyes but with a smile on her face.

"...Yeah. Yes it is, and I will make sure to do my job properly."

Alex smiled before looking behind him, his demon army were unmoving as enemies were already dead. He nodded, and with a snap of his fingers, the world began to vanish into particles.

After a few moments, Alex and the others now find themselves back at the top of the building.

"Well, I say everything went well eh?" Alex smiled as did the others.

"Let's go back, Alice might start to worry." Emi stated as her wings appeared on her back as she grab Rika.

Rika just smiles, thinking that she's finally going to experience what it feels like to fly, and she's being carried by an Angel no less!

Alex watched as Emi and Rika flew off, heading towards the Inn. He then shifted his gaze at Suzuno and his eyes released a glint as he gave a grin.

Suzuno gulped as she took a step back.

Alex followed and took a step forward as a dark aura leak out from his body.

"Now then, I think I owe your ass a spank or hundred for this mess."

Suzuno could only close her eyes and accept her fate.


AN: I'm not sure if you guys like how I delivered the last part, but oh well. Some will like it, some won't. I'm not planning on killing Suzuno, she's my fav girl after Emi. I'm even considering on changing Yoru with Suzuno in the Harem.


Now for those who are curious about the power ranking(Note that this is only limited to Hataraku anime) here it is:

1st, we have the landlady.

2nd, we have the other COMPLETE Sephirah and not the fragment like Alice or Alas=Ramus.

3rd, we have Lucifer's mother, I won't say more bcuz that's probably spoilers, i already gave enough as is.

4th, we have Lucifer's father. Also the Niece of the Landlady might be 4th or 3rd as well.

5th, should be the ten guardian angels who guards the ten Sephirah in Ente Isla, like Gabriel, also Lailah would probably be at this level as well.

6th would be the Sadao Maou, he would probably be higher because he has two of "that" in him. This ranking does not include his power when he use "that". And I just wanted to say this spoiler, Maou wreck the angels from Ente Isla including Gabriel and other 1st Generation angels while only using one of "that" and he did it alone!

7th would be Emi, no need to say more about her but she's stronger than even Maou, probably just below a Sephira because she has 4 of "that". This ranking does not include her power when she use "that".

8th would be Lucifer, no need to say more about him, this Hiki-NEET could probably fight with Maou if he use his Celestial and Demonic force at the same, of course that is if Maou did not use "that".

9th would probably be Alsiel, this dude has the strongest defense in the entire demon world, tougher than Maou himself, he also went toe-to-toe against Maou during Maou's quest to conquer the Demon World.

10th would probably be Sariel, or Chiho aftee Lailah gave her "that", probably Emerada as well considering she could keep up with Asliel temporarily.

That is all, if you disagree then what can I do?

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