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73.68% The Devil of Yuragi-sou / Chapter 111: Chapter 5: Ascended Form!

Chapter 5: Ascended Form! - The Devil of Yuragi-sou - Chapter 111 by PridefulRoyalty full book limited free

Chapter 111: Chapter 5: Ascended Form!

Cerberus was watching Alice who was sitting on the head of a large blue scaled dragon—there were three of them, their size varies but she was sitting on top of the largest one, behind her is an army of a meter tall reptilian like monsters—about a hundred of them.

They were playing "hunt-tag" with her tribe as they run around the forest of dead trees behind the castle of the king while Alice and her army are chasing them.

She couldn't help but smile fondly seeing how much destruction the young princess has caused, it was like she was looking at the young Satan who was still on his journey to unite the demon world.

She also expressed her admiration at the strength of the dragon, though they couldn't be compared to the Devil Dragon Clan, they are still strong, especially for a dragon as young as them.

"I actually thought that you don't care about anyone else but King Satan." Sung-sun said as she stood a bit behind Cerberus.

Mila Rose and Appaci were standing beside Sun-sun, while Lilynette was playing with Alice and the Hellhounds, she seems to be having a blast.

Cerberus looked behind her before looking back to Alice, but she still said, "....Don't be ridiculous. The moment King Satan "tamed" us we already decided to serve him until the end of our lives. That includes those he treats as family. We abandoned our "Hellhound" tribe and just became a guard dog to his castle."

Sung-sun hummed, "What made you and your tribe serve him though? I've talk to other Hellhounds and knew what you guys work before his majesty came and recruited you."

Cerberus smile as her face flushed and she began to breath heavily, "Haa~ Haa~, well it was because—!?"

She suddenly turned serious as she looked at the castle's courtyard where the Tree of Nihility can be seen.

"This feeling...."

The other Hellhounds also stopped and looked towards the castle's direction. Then, one by one, every demon who were traveling towards the castle, suddenly turned serious and looked at the direction of the castle as well.

Even the army of Godzillas and the three dragons that had evolved from the goldfish that Alice owned all turned to look at the castle.

Even Alice lost her smile as she looked at the castle of her papa with furrowed brows.

It was then....


An explosive rush of Demonic Force suddenly flooded the demon world, surprising every demons in the world.

Even during the warring states era, the demon world has never been this "full" of demonic force ever!

They felt refreshed, like a thirsty and straving and almost dying men traversing the desert for countless days and suddenly find an oasis.

Its an intoxicating feeling! Like a magical drug, they felt stronger, as if they had just been reborn into something even greater!

"W-What's this?!" Appaci exclaimed in shock as she felt this terrifying energy entering her, and her Spirit Energy also seems to be submitting to this energy and is slowly changing.

Its an uncomfortable feeling. Like her clothes are being change by a terrifying stranger while she could only grit her teeth because she couldn't do anything.

Granted, she haven't been in that kind of situation before, but she can use that as a reference right!?

"Fuck?!" Mila Rose cursed as she was experiencing the same as Apacci. It was a very uncomfortable feeling.

Sung-sun frowned, but remained silent. Though it is really uncomfortable feeling, but still she already felt this energy before so she could keep her composure.

"Fuck! I feel violated!" Lilynette cursed as she desperately used her spirit energy to fight back the "strange" energy entering and changing her own energy.

"Haha..." Cerberus chuckled as she stared at the direction of the castle, "HAHAHA!"

She was excited, her cheeks flushed as she breathe quite heavily. What a fantastic feeling. She feels stronger than even in her peak, if it was the current her, she was confident on beating the old Four Demon Generals with a little trouble.

At that moment, seven imposing aura suddenly flickered for a moment before completely disappearing. It was only for an instant, but that instant was enough for everyone in the demon world to tremble in fear.

Even Cerberus who feared only being forgotten by her lord showed a trace of fear in her eyes, for a briefest moment.

She grinned, she was damn sure that the cause of that aura is none other than the seven new Demon Generals.

"Well, well, it sucks to actually be this weak, I won't be able to bully the others anymore."


Alex was smiling as he looked at his generals, while Judecca was just standing beside him, giving the generals a bored look.

Though the generals couldn't come close to beating a Sephira, fighting someone like a Half-Sephira like the landlady's niece is no problem at all.

They have a completely new form and their energy is completely undetectable for someone who isn't an Ascended being or higher.

Ashiya now has his hair turned ash-gray and became longer, his face was covered by a faceless pitch black mask with a red line that separates left and right.

His whole body was covered by a pitch black draconic looking scales with a claws and feet similar to a dragon. He also gained three more tails, making it four, each having their own stinger, which Alex was sure is deadly poisonous.

Lucifer didn't change much, his hair just turned silver, eyes were now red, and his pair of pitch black wings became twelve and dark gold in color.

Nonko grew another black horn, her pale colored hair stood up and seem to defy gravity, her eyes were glowing white, her skin being a darker shade of red. Her armor turned into black gold, covering only her forearms, legs, and breast and her "garden". Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_51971216432489762">!_51971216432489762</a> for visiting.

Starrk now wore a black pants blazing in blue flames and a black boots. His upper body was naked, showing two holes, one on his chest and the other on his stomach, their colors are blue and green respectively.

His hair turned light blue and became longer, he wore a black gauntlets and is holding a black guns also blazing in blue flame. His left eyes were also burning in blue flame.

Genshiro's hair turned dark blue and became spikier, his eyes were now gold, his skin became darker and he was covered in blue tribal marks all over his body. He quite resemble a certain Dragon King of the Apocalypse.

Harribel's hair also became longer, turning from blonde to ash-blonde. Her right arm was covered in black and gray armor and is holding a large sword made out of yellow energy.

Her left arm was only covered by a black and gray gauntlets. And her breasts were covered by a yellow energy connected to her neck. She has a pair of upright horns and tail resembling a shark, with the tip covered in blazing yellow energy.

And last is Emi, who probably changed the most. She grew taller, reaching up to 5'10, her body gained curves that wouldn't lose out to Sagiri, her hair is silver similar to her angel form, her sclera were black, and her pupils were now red, two dark gold upright horns now appeared just above her ear.

She also wore something like a crown with a red gem on the center. Her arms were covered in black demonic looking carapace, with her hands ending in horrifyingly sharp and long claws.

She completed her look with a black open shoulder top, a tight black pants and a pair of bat-like wings.

She is far from angel-looking anymore. She now looks like a queen, a Demonic Queen.

Alex grinned, "Well? How does it feel to be an Ascended being?"

Genshiro clenched his fist in excitement. He felt like he could take on the whole world! Though that's probably just his Dragon Pride speaking to him.

He looked at Alex and observed him carefully. He still couldn't even feel a drop of energy coming from Alex at all! Does this mean that he's still so much stronger?! Genshiro wondered.

"I feel like I could flatten a mountain with a slap." Was Genshiro's answer. He felt like if he said that he could take on the world, Alex would probably smack him till he lose his arrogance.

"Hn." Ashiya nodded as he observed his new body. He was much stronger and tougher than before. He felt like he could sunbathe right in front of the sun!

So this is what it feels to Ascend huh? Ashiya thought. No wonder that Aizen seems to have been drunk with his own power. Its incredible!

"Damn, I'm so thirsty. I feel like I could dry an ocean worth of alcohol in minutes!" Nonko said as she took out a bottle of wine.

She doesn't really know why Alex decided to strengthen them. But meh, its okay with her. It means she can have less worries about something destroying her peaceful daily life.

If someone came to disturb her, she'll smack them till they flew to the sun and reduce to nothing.

But first, she need a drink!

'So much power.' Harribel stared at her own sword in amazement. She haven't felt so much power in her life! Except for the time when Alex fought Aizen of course.

With this power, she won't have to worry about the safety of her Fraccion ever again!

"It feels weird having guns without Lilynette." Starrk said as he lazily observed his weapons. He was sure that with this much power he will have a peaceful life and could sleep all he wantn

He'll just blast the head of those who'll bother him.

Lucifer clenched his fist, 'With this power...I'm sure I could now fight mother. But I'm not sure if I could win. She has been an Ascended being for ten thousand years or so after all.'

He yawned. He'll think about those when the time comes. For now, he's just happy to finally have power to resist his mother.

"...That's good and all..." Emi began, while trembling, "...BUT WHY DO I LOOK LIKE THIS?! GIVE ME BACK MY ANGEL FORM!"

Though she wished that her body will remain though. She finally have curves she always dreamed off but why did it have to be in this demon form?!

Alex just smiled, "Don't worry, you can all still return to your original forms. Since the method I used to make is a bit unusual, you won't have your Ascended form forever. Its just like your Resurreccion, Harribel, Starrk."

Harribel and Starrk nodded, already having thought of that. This Ascended form is like a stronger and godlike version of Resurreccion.

Alex looked at Emi, liking her look. "Though I gotta say, I like your new look. Finally taking the role as the queen of demons?"

Emi blushed and remained silent.

"I didn't hear a no."

Emi bit her lips as her face turned as red as her human hair, "....shut up." She muttered, as she took time to calm her rapidly beating heart.

She wasn't really saying no, because if Alex asked, Emi is sure that she'd agree. Maybe. After all she's only 17, fabricated as 20, but still 17. She doesn't feel like she's ready to be a queen and whatnot.

Alex clapped his hands, "Alright my Generals, why don't we test that new powers of yours?"

As for reviving the Demon World, he'll do that later, since Alex was sure that the new land will only get destroyed by the fight between several Ascended beings.

Then, he'd also have to revive those who have died due to his careless.

Sigh, so much work to do.

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