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I am currently working on the REBOOT of this Fanfic...

Previously named as- A Mutant's Ascension

The CoverArt is provided by LordValmar and I really appreciate his help.

This is a Fanfic... I don't own anything!!! All the characters except the MC and all the Worlds belong to their original owners
A/N: First of all I want to declare that English is not my first language, so if you cannot overlook a few mistakes then this fanfic is not for you.

The MC is neutral evil, so don't complain about that at a later date saying that MC is evil or something like that.

Last warning, in this fanfic some characters will have a different attitude than the canon or the original version so please note this warning before jumping into this.

I am also writing this to pass my time nothing serious, but I will try my best to complete this fic. This is going to be a World Travel Fic.

1st World: My Hero Academia

2nd World: Harry Potter World

3rd World: Marvel Cinematic & X-Men Cinematic Universe X-Over (Comics Elements Involved)

4th World: Highschool DXD (Final World)
MC doesn't meet a God after his death so he didn't have an idea about what he had to do in the future or even if he will have a power or not.

But all of this changes on MC's 4th birthday, when he awakens his quirk and receives a message from God. Only one mission is given to him and no other directions or commands.

Join the MC in his path to see (or read) how he completes the mission and which path he takes.
Discord Channel- https://discord.gg/vQ6rPaqVYs

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I'll give this ff a full 25 stars, and yeah this is a serious review as I don't want to lower myself to the point that I'm just ass licking. I like the story, the background, the flow. Yeah there are some things that needs to be addressed, like the MC's family which, for me, felt like left alon after getting that protection. For ROB's sake, their child was kidnapped by a villain boy band and they doesn't even have a single line in the chapter, well yeah, a little nitpicky but that's still a family that grew on me as a reader. The world building is awesome, the timeline is almost the same, almost but not completely same. The plot, the power scaling, and the romance, which are the things that almost always ticked off the readers, are awesome for me. The plot moves in accordance with what the past chapters want it to be, it leads a single coherent story just like a river flowing from a high place to the ocean, a single road forward. The power scaling is good, too good to be honest, he(MC) doesn't have that 'sudden power-up because he's injured/in danger or whatnot' bullsht. He is FUCKING learning everything from the basics, yeah he has the knowledge of the magneto(comics/movies)of what he can do, but the mc used that knowledge to further the power, hell he even learned electro magnetism for crying out loud just to fight AFO. The there is the romance, or harem if you want. I think it's exceptional, yeah yeah I know, the setting with Momo was so cliche, but I like it. You know the feeling of that? that you know it's so cliche that you can predict what happen? but still anticipate it? yeah that's what I felt, and when the relationship is out, ofcourse the MOST cliche thing that should happen was that Momo's family was against it righ? noo they are even encouraging it, that minor twist on the cliche, although still cliche, but a welcome one for me. so I'll stop this review here because I FUCKING exceeded most authors' word counts just for the review. But all in all, this story is not perfect, but I can guarantee with all my years using this app and reading different stories that this fic is a worthy one to read. PEACE!

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I just read a couple of the reviews and I understand their complaints. But I do gotta disagree a little in some points for those who are interested in reading. I saw some reviews that said that mc will only follow Canon(though that isn't always bad if done correctly) and while that is true for the beginning, he was mainly doing it to get in touch with all for one. It's his whole mission in the Mha world. So if he were to completely mess up plot he wouldn't have a clue as to when/where he could find All for one. The moment he meets All for one he makes big changes to the plot. Second is that he is a dog for the Yaoyorozu family and a dog for Momo and... no? I mean not really. His mom works for the Yaoyorozu so he lives in one of their houses. And when the Yaoyorozu discover that he has a potentially strong quirk they offer to pay for his tuition. Wouldn't you be the slightest bit thankful for someone who is giving you a house and an education basically free. I don't know how far into the story the review was made but early in the story he acts as somewhat of a bodyguard for Momo but. They go to the same school, live in the same house(or right next to each other),, train together, play together... Wouldn't it make sense to make someone who spends most his time with her to somewhat bodyguard Momo? I mean at that time they are friends and friends lookout for friends. And last thing is about Magnetos powers. He slowly begins to learn how to use more of Magnetos abilities. He isn't planning to lift bridges and lift cities off the ground using his powers like Magneto. But, he isn't magneto, he isn't supposed to be a "bad guy". He will kill no problem but he isn't going to go and kill every non quirk user or something like that. He uses iron sand to fight because that is less destructive than pulling beams out of a building. That's pretty much all. I saw the bad reviews at the top and decided to write this. I understand if you disagree, like every other story this one isn't perfect but in my opinion I think it's good and at least worth a shot. writing quality 5, I usually use the listen feature so I can "read" stories while working/cleaning but from listening to it the grammar seems good(you can really hear bad spelling mistakes ) Story development 5 pretty good so far, latest chapters are the biggest changes from Canon so gotta wait to see what changes that'll bring character design 4 I would say this one is mainly a preference standpoint, though I wouldn't say the character is bad. updating stability 5 so far updates almost daily and more than one chapter. world background 5 it's My hero academia

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This story is great. It starts good and becomes even better the more you read. This is really well written, grammar is extremely good, good character development and well thought out plot. One of the best harem stories and just five stars, doesn't do it justice. The updates are daily, at least one chapter and sometimes three. Extremely good job author. Can't wait to see more more chapters and when you finish this story your next novel.

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I really like this fic but since he will be world hopping can you make 1 or 2 girls per world. and will the mc uses skills like iron sand and gold dust from naruto and boruto along with magneto's skills.

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the story is somewhat good...now i am in chapter 40 and i seriously hoped for the way of writing to improve.. but it didn't..the story is full of big monologues with little to zero interactions as if telling the summary of a story..it's because of these stories where there is no good using of mc's pov with his monologues full of his rantings, i mostly search for stories with 3rd person pov, cause i find tht far better... i hope the author somehow realises this and try to improve๐Ÿ™„..but we'll the story will be seriously good if this is improved with a lot interactions not only with mc and his family and gf but also with others.

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Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem?

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I liked the overall novel, but the only thing that keeps bothering or rather irritating me is that the few scientific explanations that MC gives about his powers are mostly wrong.... like creating gravitational force using the electromagnetic waves, or him saying that he can create a black hole by mistake just by manipulating the magnetic field of a single city๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿผโ€โ™‚๏ธ, or such similar things. I can't help but doubt how f..ked up can the explanation be..... u should rather not give any scientific logic at all, than writing some BS that is totally wrong๐Ÿฅฒ. I am just ranting here, don't mind me. Being a science student, I just can't calm down without pointing out these things๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜ฌ.

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not good but not bad.[img=recommend][img=faceslap][img=recommend][img=faceslap][img=recommend][img=faceslap][img=recommend][img=faceslap][img=recommend][img=faceslap][img=recommend][img=faceslap][img=recommend][img=faceslap]

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No real problems with the story other than the writing quality. The writing quality problem is extremely annoying as it could be solved just by pasting the chapter into word or something. There are 3 common mistakes that the author makes, other than the occasional spelling mistake. 1. Using words like "weren't" and "were" in the wrong situations. Situations that require a "negative" (we didn't do this) sometimes use a "Positive" (we did do this), and vice versa. 2. using the wrong word that sounds the same(there instead of their) or just sounds similar. 3. The most common mistake that the author makes is forgetting to type in a word. This could be any word, from "a" or "us" or "we." This mistake tends to happen (in my experience) due to their typing not keeping up with their thoughts. And not editing.

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I really like your story & its concept. It is a fun read to pass time. The only glaring flaw I could find is the horrible grammar and spelling mistakes. Author can use grammar checking plugin like Grammarly to fix grammar and spelling error. Also, please re-read the stuff your wrote before publishing, clearly your are not doing it. I really want to continue reading this novel in a good flow, without getting interrupted by silly spelling & grammar mistakes. Once, again author-san please `(*>๏น<*)โ€ฒ fix your grammar before publishing.

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Love it so far ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป...well not the cliffhangers for that you must...

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This story is well worth reading The characters make sense The powers of the MC is handled very well And I personally really enjoy how balanced the action and slice of life is

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I loved and liked it a lot, the personality of the protagonist and more heroines is too incredible I liked it too much, the interaction between them is very good, I like the way he acts in this way he lives more because if he saves everyone or plays the hero he fucks himself and interaction with two characters from the plot that he doesnโ€™t like or links is also good, I really hope this novel thanks for the chapters send more, and I like two fists more than politics

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First of all before we get into this short review I want to say that despite my complaints that I'm sure you'll see a lot of, this author is incredible alongside his writing (Just because I started disliking it doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a try yourself). I highly recommend you check his other novels out AND this one! (No major plot spoilers in the review don't worry: unless you count the world names as such) -- The novel begins fairly cliche however it does so in a way that keeps you entertained the characters are as true to themselves as can be (with exceptions) and all harem members mesh well with both the plot and actual harem its self. This keeps up for the first few worlds until finally we reach the MCU, here is where everything begins to crack which will become much more apparent on the final world (Highschool DXD) beginning with the introduction of a certain cosmic entity and their relation (familial) we get a whole new possible subplot which will be left unexplored for the remainder of the novel and instead continue to follow the X-Men in what could possibly be the most boring short arc in the history of arcs from the two specific harem additions who joined in an "oh okay guess you can join" kinda way to the complete lack of world building around the world and his (MC) affects on it. Finally we move onto the last world (Highschool DxD). Now honestly I refuse to waste my time writing about this arc so I'll recommend you pick any of the last 30 or so chapters from the novel and try get through it without skipping. It's evident (and has been said) by this point the author has lost all motivation for the novel, they claimed it was due to the complaints about it being too detailed and whilst I do agree with what the people complaining were saying for the most part, I think it had a lot more to do with the fact that the entire last arc felt like filler and not the good type. From the random added characters that nobody cares about with no affect on the story to our MC's complete lack of involvement everything became a dumpster fire, the author knew what he wanted to lead up to but did it in the worst way I've ever seen and by then he'd given up so we didn't even get the good finale. (Which is justified they said they wanted to quickly wrap the novel up due to them not enjoying it) ---- MY opinion Pros and Cons Below. Pros: A good first few arcs that are very entertaining // Mostly well done harem they all work together well and make the novel more enjoyable // Authors writing and imagination is pretty good they know what they want just not exactly how to get there // Cons: Yuri in the harem // Seemed to be a lack of thought put into the last two worlds // Shares an omniverse with their other novel (the black summoner) // rushed ending // inability to expand on good plots but drag out bad ones // ---------- Again, this is only my opinion so don't shy away from giving the novel a try yourself. As soon as you get to the Highschool DxD world save yourself the brain damage and just skip but before that? Go crazy. Thank you author for such an enjoyable novel!

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Ukraine : "Vladimir- Kun please be gentle ". Vladimir-kun : "sorry Ukraine-chan ,I can't hold back anymore" . *squirts the entire 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Division into Kyev *

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can i asked what happened because i remember i was in chapter 400+ but after i didn't read it for a few days its gone..............................

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I Miss this novel do you plan to write something like this masterpiece?!!!!!! I Miss this novel do you plan to write something like this masterpiece?!!!!!! I Miss this novel do you plan to write something like this masterpiece?!!!!!!

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One of the best fanfic ever out there! I suggest some of readers to read this masterpiece!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜โคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโคโค๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ

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