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The Epic of Leviathan The Epic of Leviathan original

The Epic of Leviathan

Author: InGlorious

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Chapter 1: CHAPTERS 1-6

~~~~~CHAPTER 1~~~~~


I am scared... actually scared and nervous, anxious too, I think. I don't know to be exact, truth to be told. You would be also in a similar situation if you were in my position. Well, there is a genuine reason for my messed emotions.

I was born in this world 4 years ago, now everyone will ask me how the fuck can I remember that and feel so many emotions at a time and differentiate between them...?? Someone like my mother will ignore everything else and start me interrogating, trying to find out from where I learned such colorful language... and my innocent father will be permanently allocated to the couch.

The simple answer was simple, I was reborn, transmigrated... or whatever the fuck that is. At first, I didn't want to believe it, I thought this might be a huge prank and kept searching for hidden cameras when I was in the cradle. Pretty stupid I know but that was the best option I had at that time. Desperate times can make you do pretty stupid things...

Now everyone will call this bullshit but I thought that I was incapacitated. My second guess, I was a baby, I was weak and weak babies cannot move their arms without getting tired so I thought I was incapacitated. I later found out that I was really a baby when a giant woman started to breastfeed me.

I gave up... this was the day I knew that God was the biggest prankster. He pranked me with my life. Usually, when you are sent to another world you meet a God or Supreme Being, he gives you powers, wishes, and so many more merchandise, and only after that, he finally hauls your ass to the new world... this is how it happens, right?

Well, I cannot compare my notes with anyone on this matter, but I would have been happy with this new life, new family. I exactly don't remember my past life except for all the memories of movies, novels, animes, fanfics... you get that right.

I wish that this was a normal world... but NO... I have been sent to an anime world where people with super powers are a pretty common thing. I was only 4 months old when I saw a muscular guy in a superhero suit on TV, the guy had a huge grin plastered on his face, if he was in my previous world he could easily give toothpaste or toothbrush advertisements. I recognized the guy in an instant, ALL FUCKING MIGHT. (All Might).

I was in My Hero Academia World... and I knew that I was FUCKED. Yes, I cursed like a sailor after that. Fortunately, my vocal cords weren't developed and my mother only heard me crying which made her shove her boob in my mouth. Now, don't get me wrong... my mom is the most precious thing to me in this whole world, my dad comes after that because they loved me unconditionally even though our economic condition wasn't that great.

So, as a kid, I was always tensed... because of the things that could happen in this world. My mom and dad were worried about me due to that but they thought that I was a shy and silent kid. Well... who cares, as long as they love me, I don't have any problems. I am not going to do amazing feats like walking when I was only 6 months old or exercising when 3 years old and make my parents think that I am some otherworldly genius. That only happens in cliche novels with time-traveling protagonists which are in most of the fanfics. I will laze around until I awaken my Quirk if I have one.

I was not sure if I would awaken a Quirk or not because of two reasons... first, I didn't get to meet a God or Supreme Being who would give me a Goldfinger which would help me gather all the ladies and become OP, and second, my parents were Quirkless. So they didn't hold too much hope on this matter. I knew my mom was really sad that I might not have a Quirk and for that, she blamed herself. I hugged her whenever she thought something like that... I can't read her mind but I felt when she was worried.

There was another reason for me being tense... Villians. This whole world is filled with villains and whatnot, so if I don't get a Quirk how the fuck then I was going to protect my family if needed?? Don't get me wrong I was not going to run around in a skintight suit with my underwear outside and a cape swishing behind me and saving people. But I still want to protect my family. I don't know if any third power was in play here or not which was making me feel connected to my family but I didn't care since I didn't remember my family from the past life.

There was another reason for my worries... I didn't want to awaken an OP power, because that would attract the attention of All for One towards me and my family. He was an OP Super-Villain of this world and there was only one Hero who could fight him... All Might, but he would never deal the killing blow. Pretty stupid if you ask me...!! And even having a simple Quirk could attract villains towards my family, and having a simple Quirk would make it hard for me to save my family.

Now let's talk about my family... my family isn't rich, but both of my parents earn enough for the three of us. My dad is a paperboy (or man) or a simple peon working for the Head Lawyer of the Yaoyorozu Family. And my mother also works for the Yaoyorozu family. She is a helper in their kitchen. I have seen Momo Yaoyorozu a few times but never talked with her. She had a different social group and I understood that we lived in a small flat given to us by the Yaoyorozu family in their compound.

Fuck I ranted so much but I still didn't say my name... my name is Itsuki Reo, my mom, Itsuki Ai, and finally my dad Itsuki Shomei. Well, we were happy with whatever we had... it still left much to be desired because of the Quirk Dominated society but it was still good enough for me. If I awaken some quirk my family would be somewhat safe since we live in the Yaoyorozou compound.

"Reo-kun, are you up? I need to leave for work!" I heard my mom's voice from downstairs. In this society it is truly hard for Quirkless people to get a job and even if you get a job, it is going to be a low salary one, after all, no one wants to hire someone without a Quirk while hiring a person with a Quirk will get you better results.

"Coming mom" I answered from my room and stopped all this worrying stuff about the adult world. I can always contemplate about them later. After all, I was doing this for the 'Greater Good' which had another meaning 'food' (at least for me). I wasn't a food mauler like a Saiyan or a certain jealous Red-Head from the World of 'Greater Good' which had a meddling old goat fucker in it. I just loved my mom's food, she wasn't the best cook but her food made me feel warm.

I went downstairs and immediately climbed into the chair... yes I have to climb the chair. Fucking baby body. I was waiting for my mom to place the plate filled with food in front of me when a sudden pain assaulted my heart. It was so painful that I couldn't even scream and just like that, I passed out. Before I closed my eyes I could only hear my mom's scream.

Everything was dark when a screen appeared in front of me. Any novel or game fan would know the meaning of a screen like this. I don't know how to get out of this place so I decided to re-read the message.

"I am the one you kept cursing when you found out that I sent you to a dangerous world without giving you a Goldfinger. Yes... I am God and don't worry I don't mind that you cursed me. So many people curse in a single minute that if I would have to punish them then the whole population would just vanish.

Now I am giving you a Quirk but I also have a mission for you. Just a single mission, how you finish the mission I don't care, how long you take to finish the mission is irrelevant to me. Yes, just one mission and I am not kidding but I have to say I pranked you hard. I and my wife laughed for few centuries when you kept searching for hidden cameras just after you woke up. Time flows differently here.

You have to kill All For One or AFO, nothing more nothing less. After you do that, you will be able to travel to another world and come back to this world at any time possible, so that you could meet your parents again. Don't worry they will be protected by me when you will go to the next world and you can bring along your intended or many intended if you wish.

Now goodbye until next time... which will be after you kill All for One. Until then, take care.

Oh, another thing, you don't have to worry that your power will be taken by All For One. I made your Quirk special that no one could nullify it, copy it, or steal it"

.....Wow..... holy shit!! At least I could come back and meet my mom and dad after I leave this world. At least I am interested now, it will be hard to kill All for One but I will try. I don't know what power I would have but it might be good.

Suddenly the whole dark space started to collapse and I could see light. I opened my eyes completely and was immediately hugged by my mom...

~~~~~CHAPTER 2~~~~~


"I was so worried..." my mom kept repeating this like a mantra while hugging me.

"I am sorry, mom" I said genuinely as I could clearly feel that she was worried about me. I knew that she loved me a lot and me passing out like that must have scared her.

"There was nothing you could have done young man, after all, it was the awakening of your Quirk" I looked around a found a midget old man with a bald head in a lab coat. Now that he just said it... I could already feel something different all around me. It was like a sixth sense and an extra limb... I could feel that I could do anything with it. It felt odd, it's like that it is a part of my body and at the same time it isn't. Maybe after I hear what my Quirk is, it could shed some light on it.

Finally, my mom let me go and I released a relieved sigh. I might love her but that's mean that I want to be hugged by my mom all the time. "How can he have a Quirk? I didn't have one and neither did my husband has any Quirk" my mom spoke clearly curious.

"It is really rare for something like this to happen but it happens, it is rare but not unheard of" the geezer spoke. I don't know but this might be anime logic that all old people should be a midget.

As soon as he finished speaking my dad burst through the door sweating profusely. It was clear that he came here running after he parked his bicycle. Yes... we can't afford a car so my dad uses a bicycle. My father immediately hugged my mom. After that, he asked the doctor what happened or what or wrong with me.

"So my son has a Quirk?" My dad was still unsure but I guess that happens.

"Yes... now Reo-kun, if you follow me we could see what your quirk is" the doctor told me pointing towards me another room. I looked towards my parents and saw them happily nodding towards me. They looked really happy and proud of me. So I did what the doctor asked and followed him to another room while my mom and dad stood outside the glass.

(A/N: I don't know if the Quirks are tested like that or not but since this is a fanfic, I decided to use a machine that could find out about people's Quirks)

The doctor asked me to place my hand on an odd-looking sphere which was connected to a computer... maybe some supercomputer. I don't know and honestly, I didn't care much about that now. I was really excited, I was finally finding out what my Quirk was and most of my previous worries were also for the naught since All for One can't steal my Quirk.

A mirror was also fitted in front of me, maybe it was for kids who have mutated body type Quirks. Now that I think of it, I didn't describe how I looked like. In short, I was plain and simple... you could also say that I looked like a typical Japanese (A/N: Forgive me if this sounded racist). Black hair with black eyes, face better than average kids. It wasn't like how normally MCs described them. Girls would start dropping on their feet kind of handsome or women would leave their boyfriends and husbands so that they could spend time with me.

I call that bullshit... you can make up all the shit to look like gold but it will be shit no matter how good it looks. So, I was happy with my average looks and average face. My mom and dad were also average if truth to be told... a sudden beeping sound pulled me out of my thoughts.

"Good good... I got the results. Why don't you come here and see for yourself kid?" the doctor asked me.

I went in front of the computer, the monitor was displaying a lot of fucking lines. Boring... I just skimmed through them and finally reached the Quirk section. What I saw just blew my mind... I knew it... I fucking knew it. If God sends you on a mission then he is going to give you an OP power. So I made a new law, Reo's law of reincarnation, 'If a God reincarnates you with a mission on another world then the power he gives you is directly proportional to the difficulty of the mission given to you'.

"Reo-kun, what's your Quirk? Don't worry even if it is not that good, we will still be proud of you" my mom spoke up. This made my stomach flutter but my Quick isn't fucking weak. It's fucking OP.

"Magnetokinesis" as soon as I spoke those words. It felt like I just had a revelation from God. Is this how MCs from the cultivation novels felt when they comprehended something..?? Maybe. Who fucking cares...? I could feel the whole world around me, and this was an awesome feeling. I felt like a severed limb was connected with my body... but it didn't feel odd, I felt like it has always been there...

"What exactly is magnetokinesis?" my dad finally asked, unable to hold back his curiosity.

"It means he can control and manipulate magnetic fields which would effect any and all metals around him. This Quirk is marvelous" the doctor spoke. He looked really giddy.

I became fucking Magneto... fuck this shit!! This is fucking OP. But my weakness is also obvious. But that can be also solved when I can extract metal from the ground or human bodies. I am not going to extract metals from human bodies... until and unless my life depends on it. I could already feel the iron moving in the body of the doctor, mom, and dad.

I could also feel the metals buried underground. The steel bars inside the concrete walls. It feels like I am Magneto on steriods. More tests needed to be done but they can wait for later. I looked at my mom and dad, both looked gobsmacked. I walked towards my mom and pulled her into a hug. Only then she was brought out of stupor, after that I did the same with my dad.

"Let's celebrate today... after I come back home from office, we can have a small party" my dad spoke. He looked really excited and happy.

"I also must give you both a warning... don't tell anyone what your son's Quirk is. Since both of you don't have any Quirk, you can't protect yourselves and someone could use either of you to reach him. His Quirk is really powerful but it has shortcomings too. Having no metal around him will make him powerless" the old man said. Even I have to say this was still a serious problem. Even if plastic doesn't bother me as long as there is a human or I am close enough to the ground, there won't be a problem. But I am not going to correct him.

Both of my parents turned completely serious and nodded their heads but they still looked proud and happy. After some time we were finally able to leave the hospital. My mom led me towards a car while my dad took his bicycle and went outside back to his office.

"Guran-san, we are back, my son just awakened his Quirk" my mom said to the driver. I knew him. He is Lady Yaoyorozu's driver. She must have allowed my mom to use the car since it was an emergency. They were always nice to us but it was clear that there was a status difference between us. At least, I felt that way.

"Whoa, kiddo. You are going to make your parents proud someday. So champ what's your Quirk?" Guran-san said in an excited tone. He was a young man and a nice guy. He sometimes tell me some stories when my mom works in the kitchen. He has a Quirk called Sharpeye... his eyesight is really sharp. His eyesight is twice as sharp as a normal human.

"I can control Iron, Guran-san" my dad and mom had already talked inside and they decided that they would tell everyone that I could control Iron until I can go to any Superhero School. For that, I needed to get a scholarship, after all, Hero schools were really expensive. After that, there won't be any need of hiding since it would be out in the open.

"Awesome kid... the young miss also awoke her Quirk a month ago. Her Quirk is Creation Quirk, quite useful if you ask me. Maybe someday both of you will become top heroes" Guran-san spoke enthusiastically.

I just laughed nervously while my mom pulled me inside the car. After my mom closed the door Guran-san drove out of the parking lot. I could feel all the metal around me, I could manipulate them, control them and do whatever I wished with them. I knew I could do that, it was just like second nature to me. Even if I haven't used my powers a single time, I absolutely knew that I could do that... something inside my mind was telling me that.

I need some future plans now... Magneto's powers were depended on his emotions. He used anger to fuel his power before Charles showed him the strongest emotion was serenity. I need to test that, I also needed to test the range of my powers. I needed to know from how much distance I could control metals and if my emotions and age could change them or not.

A lot of work has to be done but first I need to get used to metals manipulation so I could play with them even without touching them. After some time we reached the Yaoyrorzu compound and Guran-san parked the car. I wanted to jump out and go to my room so that I could test and play with my powers but my mom grabbed my shoulder which stopped me.

"I know you want to test your powers and all that but don't push yourself. You are tired today so first, take a rest. I need to inform Lady Yaoyorozu that I am back and you are fine, now go on" after saying that, my mom shooed me away.

I immediately entered our flat and pulled out some coins from under the TV. The coins rotated around my hand and I could use them as I wanted. I huge smile appeared on my face... more tests needed to be done but those can wait. I have to play with the coins now...

~~~~~CHAPTER 3~~~~~

[POV Reo]

I cracked open my eyes and saw that the room was already lit up with sunlight. I immediately got up and looked below the bed and found a lot of coins and some other small pieces of iron. I released a big sigh... I was finally able to calm down. Yesterday wasn't a dream, I have finally awakened my Quirk.

From the movie X-Men First Class, I remember that Eric found it much harder to control the metals around him when he was young but I don't. I can already bend, rip, and strengthen the metal pieces. The iron pieces and the coins already rose up in the air and started to revolve around my body. I was somehow able to drag my body towards the toilet, if I am late then I will have to do with cold food, and I don't want that.

Yesterday was awesome if you ask me, dad brought a lot of stuff yesterday for our little party. I didn't care for whatever he brought, we celebrated together, which is more important than anything else. My mom also went out of her way and cooked all the best food she knew about with all the best ingredients she could get her hands on.

After getting completely freshened up and dressed in clean clothes I reached the kitchen and saw that mom was cooking breakfast while humming. The coins were still revolving around my body. I ain't doing this just for fun, I remember the shield Eric made in the movie X-Men Apocalypse, so I wanted to make something like that. My mom and dad think that I am just playing and honestly, I didn't bother to correct them, I don't want to tell them that I have other memories in my head due to which I know this is an anime world.

"Good morning, mom. Food smells awesome!!" I said in an excited tone and I climbed the chair. I demand equality... I should have stairs beside this chair so I can climb easily.

"Reo-kun, you are awake? Are you really that excited to meet the Yaoyorozu family?" my mom asked me with a smile on her face. Shit... I forgot that Mr. & Mrs. Yaoyorozu wanted to meet me, which means I might be meeting with their daughter too.

"No, mom. I was just excited to play with my powers" I told her honestly with an innocent expression on my face. Honestly, I don't care about meeting them, many would argue that I can't miss a chance to meet Momo Yaoyorozu because she is a future bombshell but seriously I ain't a pedophile.

I might be a kid now, but I am pretty sure that I was a grown-up in my past life even though I don't remember anything about it. I might give it chance when she gets all those insane curves that she showed off by wearing her skimpy superhero costume but until that happens she is going to stay as a friend maybe a best friend and that will only happen if she doesn't treat me like the kid of her servant.

I am more interested in R-Rated Pro Hero Midnight, Nemuri Kayama. When she shows up for the first time in the anime she is 30 years old. Yesh... mature women are the best!! I wonder if I could get an Ara~ Ara~ Onee-chan. There is still a lot of time to think about all theses stuff. Like when finally my lil bro finally stands up.

"You can play with your powers all you want but you must not push yourself too hard or you will be forbidden from using your powers" my mom said with a stern face. Don't worry mom I won't do that... at least not knowingly.

We continued to have our small chat while mom continued her cooking. Dad finally decided to join us, he is always late at the food table. Mom calls those bad manners, I have to take her up on that since I don't remember manners from my past life.

Soon the food was served and my mom asked me to place all those coins and metal pieces aside since I will be eating food now. I immediately followed her command, because in our small house my mom wore the pants and dad was head of the house only when we were outside. I quickly dug in... ahhh, her food always gives me so much warmth.

After breakfast dad left, we bid him farewell while I resumed playing with coins again. Only now I noticed that I was wearing new clothes, I think these were special occasion clothes, Mom always kept these clothes aside, this must be because I was going to meet the Yaoyorozu family. My mom was also done with her breakfast. After that, both of us headed towards the main mansion where the Yaoyorozu family lived.

I have to say the rich people really have some class, the whole mansion was awesome, it represented the class in our society and I can easily say that the Yaoyorozus were one of the richest families in Japan. My mom led me straight to the kitchen.

"Wait here Reo-kun, I am going to see where Sir and Madam Yaoyorozu are. Don't touch anything" my mom said quickly and went inside.

I used my powers to put all the coins and small iron pieces in my pocket and looked around the room. Well, I have to say, this is really impressive, most of these kitchen appliances were excessively expensive. I didn't dare touch anything cause I don't wanna cause trouble for my mom and dad. I just gonna get out of here and continue testing my powers.

After a few minutes, my mom came back and pulled out a comb and combed my hair to be presentable but my hair has a mind of its own no matter how much you comb it will again return to its previous state. When my mom was finally happy with her combing skill, she pulled me through the house. "Reo-kun, be respectful to them" this was all she could say before we reached a big room, this was probably a meeting room or whatever rich people called it.

I saw three people on the couch, they looked really... RICH with a capital R. Thiers clothes, their style, their posture all screamed filthy rich. How the hell did I even know how what were the rich people standard? I blame my past life...

"Sir, Madam, and young miss, here meet my son Itsuki Reo" my mom greeted them and introduced me. I don't know what to do... we aren't in a kingdom so I don't think I should kneel or bow down. So I decided to just stand there... this was the best I could come up with at this exact moment and I was a 4 year old kid so I don't think that they could blame me for not knowing manners.

"Ai-san, he has really grown up... last time I saw him when he was only a baby" Mrs. Yaoyorozu spoke up. She looked really regal, with all those pieces of jewellery around her neck... it would give anyone else neck cramps.

I saw a glint pass her eyes, fuck... can she read minds? Nah... I don't think so. At least her eyes don't twinkle like a certain meddling old fool. From what my mom told me, she has a Quirk that lets her grade a Quirk. So that is why my mom spoke with my dad last night that she didn't want to lie to Mrs. Yaoyorozu.

"So what's your power kid?" finally Mr. Yaoyorozu spoke up with a gentle tone in his voice.

"Magnetokinesis, sir" I spoke up. I don't think that they would try to use me up in some nefarious plot but I ain't dropping my guard.

Hearing my Quirk's name Mr. Yaoyorozu was slightly surprised but Mrs. Yaoyorozu wasn't bothered. She already knew about my powers, I think she found out using her Quirk. Momo Yaoyorozu looked confused, I don't think a normal 4 years should know what Magnetokinesis is.

"Daddy, what is that?" Momo asked while pulling Mr. Yaoyorozu's sleeves.

Hearing his daughter's question brought him out of his daze. "It is a power which would let you control and manipulate metals... am I right?" Mr. Yaoyorozu asked me.

"Yes, sir" I spoke. I don't know what more to say or if I should add anything more.

"He is really polite, what do you say Toshima, should we arrange a private tutor for him along with our daughter?" Mrs. Yaoyorozu asked her husband.

"But madam... we can't afford a private tutor" my mom stuttered out. Really why do they even want to train me... oohhh I get it now. They want me to be a bodyguard for their daughter. This is the best I could think of. I have no problem doing that, after all, there is no free food in this world and private tutors were really expensive and Hero Schools were also like that. So, if i had to become her bodyguard so that I could get admitted to Hero School and get tutored then I would happily agree.

"Rubbish, Ai-san, you don't have to worry about money regarding this matter. Strong Quirk users are needed by our society and it would be a huge waste if your son can't receive proper training because of money" Mr. Yaoyorozu spoke up. I have to agree with him, no matter how much I know about Eric or Magneto, I could still use all the training I could get. It would be really beneficial if an expert trainer is there to help me.

I am completely fine being a bodyguard for their daughter and since we would be training together, we might become friends and friends protect each other. I think this is a reasonable deal if thought carefully. Just like I said before, nothing is free in this world.

"I would be really happy if you give this opportunity to my son" my mom bowed my head pulling me along with her. Mrs. Yaoyorozu immediately stopped her and pulled her in a hug.

"Ai, don't be stupid. You are working for my family since I passed high school. After I got married I brought you here with me" Mrs. Yaoyorozu said. I didn't know that, so my mom worked for Mrs. Yaoyorozu before she even got married.

"Don't worry Ai-san, from now on all of his academic expenses will be taken care of by the Yaoyorozu family. He should get all the facilities and services needed to nurture his powers" Lord Yaoyorozu said in a serious tone.

Tears were flowing from my mom's eyes and she immediately turned around and hugged me tightly. She must have been really worried because our family didn't have money to send me to a Hero School...

~~~~~CHAPTER 4~~~~~

[POV Reo]

After meeting with the Yaoyorozu family their daughter Momo invited me to play with her. Honestly, I didn't have a single clue about what kind of games kids played. While she dragged me, I kept praying to God so he would give me a manual or something similar like that... after a few seconds, I opened my eyes and found nothing changed. I just let out a huge sigh... and let myself be pulled by Momo.

Until today I thought of her as a spoiled princess who won't lower herself to play with a servant's son but I found that she didn't have the courage to talk with me until today. At first, she told me that I looked scary to her but now that I have talked to her... I wasn't that scary to her anymore.

"Reo-kun, here we are" she took me to a room filled with toys. This must be something rich people did. After all, I don't think anyone would have a whole room filled with toys.

"So, what do you want to play Momo-san? I don't know much about games" I told her honestly. There is nothing to hide about this and nothing to be embarrassed about.

"Don't worry Reo-kun, I would teach you" she pulled me with her.

When I finally came back home I was dead tired. I don't even want to imagine how a little girl like her has so much energy. At first, she showed me her Quirk, and then she was asked me to show her my Quirk along with puppy dog eyes. I have to completely agree that she is a little ball of energy. Running around everywhere with a huge grin on her face. She told me that I was her first friend, all her other friends didn't like her because she came with a bodyguard when she went to the nearby park.

Well, what image I had of her until today was completely changed after I spent the whole day with her. She is just a lonely girl, she doesn't think highly of her because she is rich or she is from a rich family. I could clearly see her happiness when I spend my day with her. I was brought out of my thoughts when my stomach rumbled. Fuck... I am hungry.

I climbed up the stupid chair again... wait, why don't I learn how to fly like how Magneto flew. I decided to give it a try... I concentrated really hard. I focused on the magnetic fields around me...


Well, that was embarrassing... I am so glad that my mom isn't here. I gave up for now and decided to concentrate on the food. I quickly ate my food and ran outside so that I could test my powers. I pulled out a coin on the ground and kept moving away from the coin, after moving away about 10 meters I could no longer move the coin but I could still feel it.

After moving for what I thought was another 5 meters, I could no longer feel the coin. So I guess this is my limit for now. I again moved at the previous mark from where I could no longer move the coin.

I decided to use different emotions now, first I tried a happy memory. Didn't work, then anger, that also didn't work. Then I tried serenity, the coin trembled slightly. So my strongest memory is also serenity... I need to work hard on that. The trainer is going to come from the next week... from what Mrs. Yaoyorozu told my mom he would only give us light exercises according to our Quirks and also write down a special kind of diet if needed.

From what I remember from the anime, Momo creates objects from fat stored in her body. So I think she would need special food too. I returned back to our house and directly went to take a bath. Ahh... a nice shower is heavenly after a long day.

One week passed in a blink of an eye. Both Momo and I were excited, but we were calm on the outside because we were waiting for our trainer. Mr. and Mrs. Yaoyorozu were talking to a tall middle-aged guy, he was our trainer I think. He clearly wasn't Japanese because his Japanese has an accent. Finally, he finished his talk with Momo's parents and came to greet us.

"Hello, my name is Carmine Alessandro, I will be your trainer" he spoke. From his name, seemed like Italian, how the hell did I even know that?

"Hello Alessandro-san, my name is Itsuki Reo. I am looking forward to your training" I introduced myself.

"I am Yaoyorozu Momo, nice to meet you Alessandro-san" Momo also introduced herself. Throughout the whole week, both of us played together regularly. I can say with full confidence that I am Momo's friend. I ain't gonna bitch about how in one week I came to love her and all that. All of those are complete and utter bullshit, I am a kid, I don't even know what the hell love is.

"Nice to meet both of you too, just call me Carmine. Now follow me to the training area your parents showed me" he said to us leading us towards the training room in the Yaoyorozu compound. I thought this was another rich people stuff and stuffed it back in my brain in the folder of rich people stuff.

"Now both of you stand aside, let me see" he said and his eyes turned completely white. First, he looked at Momo and wrote down some notes, and then looked at me. For a moment he flinched... that is not good. He gathered his bearings and wrote down some stuff again.

"Yaoyorozu-san, you will need a special food course because your Quirk needs body fat to work. After today's session, I will give your parents a note about your food regimen. Itsuki-san, you won't be needing any special food. But you will need both fitness and emotional control to get the best results from your Quirk" Carmine said. What is this guy's Quirk? It was really easy for him to decipher my Quirk.

After that Carmine gave us some light exercises which would help out our bodies and he said it would be a good foundation for our future. He helped us with the exercises and wrote down the regimen and handed it to our parents before leaving. Both me and Momo were tired after that so we decided to return to our own home.

I found out from my mom that Carmine Alessandro was the best trainer in whole Japan. One single session with him costs thrice of what my mom and dad earn together in a whole month. Fuck... rich people. He was a busy man due to that, he will only visit once a week week and give us new exercises if needed. Until he says so we had to follow the training regimen he gave us.

The next I joined Momo in the training room. Now, the time we spent playing together we spend training together. We completed the exercises and got tired. What more can you expect from a 4 years old kid? The whole routine continued for the whole week before Carmine visited again but he didn't change the regiment.

(A/N: I know this is a huge time skip but I don't know what kids of that age do. And I don't want to take too much time with just childhood. The next chapter will be about middle school)

Just like this 6 years passed in the blink of an eye... I didn't even know these 6 years came to pass. Throughout these six years both me and Momo trained hard along with having fun from time to time... you know what normal kids do. Both of us never got close to any other kids because they didn't like Momo because she was rich. I think that is stupid... it was not Momo's fault that she had rich parents you know.

Both I and Momo became really close throughout these 6 years, but we could still only be called best friends. After all, we trained and studied together all these years. Both of us had been homeschooled until now and finally, we were going to attend the middle school.

Now let's talk about training and development... I could now manipulate metals from 35 meters away and I could feel metals 50 meters away. I could pull out minerals from the ground but still, I cannot fly like Magneto did in the movies. I need to work hard on that. Only after two years of training with Carmine, he gave me meditation exercises, and to be honest it helped me a lot.

I was walking by Momo's side, we just entered our new school. Momo was really excited... she still has her bouncy personality. I was playing with a coin without even looking.

"Come on Reo-kun... aren't you excited about making new friends?" Momo asked me really excited. She grabbed my hand and started to drag me.

"Hai hai... Momo-chan" I replied. When Momo gets excited like this I just had to be dragged around so I just give up. But she is really like a ball of energy I would never want her to change...

~~~~~CHAPTER 5~~~~~

[POV Reo]

Another year passed since we started attending Middle School. This is a kind of Elite School where you are forbidden from using your powers. The school is completely filled with geeks and nerds... in other words, BORING, with a Capital and Bold B.

In this school, I really had to work hard... very very hard. Not for studies. I ain't gonna lie and say that I am a top student but I am in the top 15... maybe. I don't know Momo keeps a note about stuff like that. As long as I can stay in this school beside Momo, I don't need anything more. Now let's talk about why I had to work hard.

Everyone in this goddamn school wants to work as a researcher or in the support department and for that, they need financial support. And here comes my dear Momo-chan, they already know about her from her last name, so they try to get close to her so that they could get to her money. Momo also understands that, so she just sticks with me. Even some girls try to ask for favors from her when she goes to changing room or lavatory.

I never thought that kids could think like that and I am probably right, the kids must be getting urged by their parents to befriend Momo. Momo was from one of Japan's richest families, so befriending their heiress would elevate their family status.

So now I am known as a delinquent throughout the whole school but I don't care. Teachers don't say anything to me since I never laid a hand on anyone. But because of this reason, all the other students tried to destroy my image by declaring me a delinquent. But that never worked since only one person was important to me, Momo. What others think, doesn't matter to me.

Finally, the bell rang... finally the school is over, I released a huge sigh. Both of us are now 12 years old. Both of us still follow Carmine's training regimen and we had decided to continue following that until we start to attend UA High. My family is still the same, mom and dad are still working the same jobs. Momo never brought up our status difference between us and I am truly happy about that.

"So where to Momo-chan?" I asked Momo who was gathering her stuff so that we could leave quickly. If we weren't quick enough then Momo would get surrounded by annoying kids who would try to bother her. She gave me a brilliant smile before she started speaking in an excited tone.

"Let's go to the Arcade" she declared excitedly. What can I say, I will just allow her to drag me. I pulled out my phone (given by Mrs. Yaoyorozu).

"First let me inform your mother... we can go, after that" I told her but it didn't bother her because she kept leading me outside. I texted Mrs. Yaoyorozu and told her about our plans, she immediately replied back to me and told me that she would be sending her car to pick us up from the Arcade.

We exited the school premises and I bought two Ice-Creams for ourselves. I have to say Ice-Creams are nice... like really nice. Like a ray of sunshine on a rainy and dumpy day... now enough of my spiritual rant. We kept walking towards the Arcade when I suddenly noticed a van following us. I wasn't sure if the van was following us or not but I could feel something was odd, so I immediately took out my phone and texted the driver to come quickly.

I grabbed Momo's waist and pulled her towards me. She immediately knew that something was wrong so she didn't react.

"Someone is following us, right?" Momo asked me looking slightly worried. She wasn't scared because she knew that I would protect her and this whole place was filled with metal so it was the worst place anyone can plan to ambush me or in this case us.

"Yes... I think so. Don't react or turn around. Let them attack, I could already sense that they are loading their guns" I told Momo, she didn't react but I could clearly see the worry etched on her face.

There were six men inside the van and five of them were carrying weapons. They seemed like a mercenary group to me. Well, this was going to be their last assignment because even if they survive, the Yaoyorozu family would make them disappear. Things like this always happened in the real world.

I sensed a gun being pointed toward me but I didn't react. They were still inside the van so I destroyed all the cameras in this area while they were still getting ready. I used my Quirk and made sure that the bullet won't move from its initial position, this would make the gun explode in the guy's hand. The next moment a bang was heard and a man started to scream.

"Momo-chan, can you make some iron rods for me?" I asked Momo. Even if there was metal all around me I didn't want to damage public property or someone else's private property. Police would declare me a villain before I could even say Sorry.

"Iron rods coming right up" Momo said cheerfully and she started to create iron rods out of her hands. By this time the remaining five guys had left the van so that they could attack us but I was faster than them and bound their hands and legs with metal rods. The whole traffic stopped when they saw heavily armed men right in the middle of the road. Those five men dropped on the ground and they were trying to get out of those bindings but that wasn't going to happen.

"What did you do to him?" Momo asked me pointing towards the man, who just rolled out of the van while clutching his hands. Both of his hands and face were slightly bloodied. He could no longer use his left arm because anything below the wrist was completely gone.

"I don't know... I think the gun exploded in his hand?" I didn't want to tell Momo that I was responsible for that.

"You don't need to lie to me, I don't care what you did to them because if you didn't do that, then either of us could have ended much worse" Momo said seriously. Sometimes she really surprises me, when she suddenly becomes so serious. She is a really intelligent girl.

I didn't answer her but gave her a smile, I looked around and pulled away Momo with me. I was still holding her by the waist. We walked away from the scene because nobody saw me taking any action and only Momo knew that it was my Quirk. I tried to pull away my hand from her waist but she grabbed my hand and placed it again around her waist.

"I like it, when you hold me like that Reo-kun" Momo said while blushing. I knew Momo must have started to develop feelings about me because girls matured much faster than boys.

"Then I will keep holding you like this" I replied to her. This intensified her blush but she also gave me a bright smile.

Both of us walked towards the Arcade and found Guran-san was already waiting for us. Since we were no longer in danger, we decided to forget about it, for now, so that we can have some fun in the Arcade. We enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours in the Arcade before we decided to leave. We entered the car and drove back to the Yaoyorozu compound. I had already texted Mrs. Yaoyorozu about the incident on street and she had said she would take care of it.

After reaching the compound, Momo gave me a tight hug and ran away. Mrs. Yaoyorozu was standing at the door and saw both of us. I was worried about how she would react.

"Don't worry Reo-kun, if she decides to date you then I have no problem. Both, me and my husband approve of you" after saying that she went inside. After hearing that, I released a sigh... I know if I want, nobody could stop me from doing whatever I want, but I respect both Mr. & Mrs. Yaoyorozu for what they have done for me... I can never forget that. If they didn't get Carmine as a trainer for me I would have been a lot weaker right now. They were also paying for my school and they were going to keep paying even when I enter UA High.

I also entered the compound and went towards our house. I opened the door "Mom, I am back" while saying I entered the house and went towards the kitchen. Mom was on the couch watching TV.

"How was your day Reo-kun?" mom asked me while ruffling my hair. She had given up on combing them a few years ago.

"Just like normal... which means boring" I didn't tell her about the attack because she would only get worried without any reason and I don't want her doing that.

"I will take a shower and then I will go to train with Momo-chan" I told her while walking towards my room.

"Don't overwork yourself" my mom told me before I closed my door. I entered the bathroom and put all the clothes in the basket. I was lean and muscular, I was quite tall for someone of my age. I was already 4'9". I stretched my body before entering the shower. After leaving the shower, I wore clean training clothes and went towards the training room and found that I was alone. I decided to do some warmup before Momo-chan joined me.

I did a few stretching exercises and started to work on my daily routine. I have grown a lot stronger since last year. I could now feel metals about 76 meters away from me and move metals about 55 meters away from me. If I was serene then I could easily work within 60 meters of distance. The amount of load I could pick up has also increased. While I was thinking all this, Momo had already joined me.

I saw her and remembered the small chat I had with Mrs. Yaoyorozu, it made a small smile appear on my face but it would still take some time before I would act on my hormones...

~~~~~CHAPTER 6~~~~~

[POV Reo]

Well after the incident on street, Momo was never attacked again. From what I heard from Momo's mom, I know that it was someone from their own company, the guy wanted to kidnap Momo so he could use her as leverage and get all the shares of their company in exchange for Momo. Pretty stupid plan if you ask me...!! She also told me that she took care of it and he would never do something like that again... I wasn't stupid so, I had a pretty good idea of how that guy ended up.

So, today was the last day of our Middle School, two more years have passed just like that. In these two years, I have shown immense progress with my powers. I didn't know how I improved so much in only two years but according to Carmine, it has something to do with my maturity and growth. According to him, my 14 years old body is a lot stronger than my 10 years old body, so if my body keeps getting stronger my Quirk will also keep getting stronger.

Now, I have also learned how to fly. At least, I didn't fart while I was training. That would have been really embarrassing... Momo and I didn't take our relationship to the next stage in these two years because Momo was working really hard with her Quirk. Her Quirk is OP but it also has some huge drawbacks.

Like if she wants to make something, then she would need to understand the structure and every nit bit of the stuff she is trying to make. So, it means she can't use her powers to pop out something which she just saw until and unless she knows about its molecular structure. So, this means she had to study and she did study a lot... I am not a science guy, to be honest. Yes, I can think fast, make strategies quickly, or make whatever plans but science and research aren't my stuff.

After that street incident even though Momo tried to hide it, but I knew that she was angry. She was angry with herself, yes she knows that I will always be there to protect her but she doesn't want to become a burden. In other words... even if she didn't need to use her powers to protect herself because of my presence beside her, she still wanted to have the power to protect herself.

After that, she dived into studies so that she could understand and learn about the molecular structure of different materials and objects. One of the best things she did was, she started to learn the structure of different metals. It took a lot of time for her to finish learning about all those metals but according to her, it was worth it. Yes, metal was everywhere around us but I can't pull out beams from a building or use a car to fight, so I was really happy that Momo took care of that for me.

"So which hero do you want to meet first?" Momo asked me curiously. Currently, both of us were sitting in a park eating 'Ice-Cream'. Since it was the last day of our middle school we decided to have a small celebration. We didn't like our middle school to be honest, so it was something both of us wanted to celebrate.

"Nemuri Kayama, R-Rated Pro Hero Midnight" I told her honestly. There was nothing to hide... Momo has been in my room which is filled with Nemuri's posters.

"So... so, you like older women?" Momo asked me nervously. I knew why she was asking something like that but I can't just go out and say I want both of you. Harems are not common in this world, and if they are, then I didn't know about them.

"Not sure... I like Nemuri, that much I know" my answer didn't seem to assure her but she gave up for this moment. I am not Nemuri's fanboy but I keep her posters for my manly needs... It was already getting dark so I think we should be going back.

"Let's go back, Momo-chan, it's already dark" I told Momo who nodded meekly. I know what Momo wants, and Momo also knows that I know what she wants. Sigh... I guess I will give her an answer within the week. It's not like I don't like Momo, in fact, I might be even in love with her but I guess I am just hurting myself and her now.

We reached the Yaoyorozu compound and Momo gave me a hug and ran inside. I sighed again and went to our house while thinking about stuff. I think I should put my 'taking multiple women' plan on standby... I am still going to have a lot of time in this world. I guess I have made my decision. I entered my home and notified my mom that I am back. She was watching the news, a lady was speaking something about some heroes and stuff.

In two more months, the UA High Recommendation Exam will take place along with the UA High Entrance Exam, which means All Might have already given One For All to that... that... whatever you call that kind of boys. I went straight to my room and looked around. My whole room was filled with Midnight's posters. I started pulling them off one by one, since I have decided to enter a relationship with Momo, I decided to give up on Nemuri or anyone else, for now, at least.

The reason I was doing something like that is because when you are in a relation, your girl will get really jealous and competitive if she finds out that you have a crush. So, if you want to have a peaceful love life then you better take off all the posters you have of others girls from your room. Momo keeps popping into my room from time and time and I have always noticed how she got annoyed when her eyes would land on Nemuri's posters, and in all the posters, Nemuri was wearing her Hero Costume, if you could call it that...

(Images Here)

After taking all of them off I stashed them away in a box and put them under the bed. When I first came to this world I thought that I would make Nemuri my girlfriend and I won't think about Momo till I enter UA High... guess it didn't work out like that.

After getting freshened up I went to the training room and saw that was Momo stretching her body. I gathered my courage and went to talk with her. Where the hell did my courage go when I need it so badly?

"Um... Momo-chan, do you have a sec?" I asked her... yeah fucking great Reo. This was the best line you could have started with. Fuck... why this is sooo hard... while coming here I had it all planned in my mind, but now... hah. Let's wing it... Momo finally turned towards me.

"I just wanted to ask that will you go out with me, this weekend?" I said that in one breath and held onto my breath after that.

"As... as you mean... like boyfriend and girlfriend?" Momo asked me nervously. I could just nod my head, I was slightly nervous myself. She immediately jumped on me and smashed her lips on mine. I don't know how to categorize kisses since I don't have any past life experiences but I have to say it was the best feeling I ever felt. I somehow held my ground and prevented both of us from falling to the ground.

She swiped her tongue across my lips twice like she was asking permission to enter my mouth, I slowly opened my lips and gave her entry. Her tongue immediately invaded my mouth and I could feel my Lil bro was struggling to get free from my pants but I concentrated more on the kiss. Both of our tongues started to fight for dominance but none of us won. After a few minutes of sucking each other's faces, we finally separated. A string of saliva parted between our lips. Momo looked really flushed, I didn't have a mirror but I think I looked kind of the same too.

"Wow... our first kiss was much better than I ever imagined" Momo said while licking her lips and looked down. I also followed her gaze and saw her looking at the tent of my pants.

"I think you are also feeling the same" Momo again spoke.

I didn't answer her and pulled her again in another hot and steamy kiss. After another few minutes, we parted again.

"I don't think I can train today" I said while still hugging Momo. I could feel my dick pressing against her stomach.

"I also think that... let's meet tomorrow" after saying that she gave me a small kiss and ran away. I looked down and saw the tent on my pants and sighed... I guess that ain't going away on its own. So, I went back to my room and went straight to the bathroom to relieve myself.

Two months passed just like that, I went on dates with Momo every weekend for these two months. My mom and dad were slightly worried about us dating but after I told them that Mrs. Yaoyorozu didn't have a problem with it, they finally agreed. Both I and Momo had decided that we won't move too fast, for now only kissing and slight touching.

So today was the day of the UA High Recommendation Exam and both me and Momo were sitting for our written exam along with other recommended students. Soon the written test was over... I thanked God that nothing was related to science or research or I might have failed.

Next was the practical exam, an obstacle course of 3 km. I was along with 5 other students who I didn't know or neither remembered from the anime, meaning they were mob. As I had thought, the race was a piece of cake even when I was holding myself back. I used my Quirk to pull me through the course while sometimes jumping and moving to dodge the obstacles.

The interview was completely boring and useless. They just asked me some stupid questions. After that, I was told that I would be sent my acceptance letter in one week if I was accepted. After that, I waited for Momo to finish her interview. So, with that, both of us entered the car while holding hands.

(A/N: Sorry guys there wasn't date between Reo and Momo, but next chapter there will be. I wanted to show a date when they get used to each other not like a first date both of them blushing and flushing. After the date next chapter will be about the start of the school)

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