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Chapter 8: The Impossible Test

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Chills ran down my spine and tears dripped out of my eyes as an envelope of darkness surrounded me. I was dead...I was dead...once again.

All of a sudden, a robotic monotone voice could be heard in my ears.

[Julian King, you are not dead, however in a pocket dimension only accessible to you. The reason it is only a place of darkness now is you still have yet to pass the test. After doing so, you will have full access to the stats page/training pitch/skill games/kick off/catalog and many more functions of the Football System]

A breath of relief escaped Julian's mouth as he spoke telepathically to the System.



"Omega, yeah, so what is this test I'll have to participate in and also...why was I even sent back in time?"

[The test you will have to participate in is a simulated match against a group of rising star CPU's, for example players who are up and coming through the Academy. You will need to win the game, failing in doing so will result in banishment of the system]

"Oh, this is going to be easy, I'll destroy all these little kids. Man, I used to play for Manchester United"boasted Julian even though he was a kid himself.

Julian then stopped for a moment and then stared at the System in his mind. He rehearsed the words it just said.

"failing in doing so will banishment of the...system?"


A maniacal laughter escaped out of his mouth.

"You're joking!? Wait, why am i even asking!? I know you are! Yes, you are, its just a joke...its just a joke right!?"


"WHAT THE FUCK!WHY!?I finally get a second chance,I finally get to meet my parents again, I finally get to live my football dreams and now you're telling me it'll all go to waste unless I win?"


Anguish and pain could be seen all over the poor boy's face. He felt like digging a hole and going to live their rest of his life-it was probably more conductive than the past life he lived.

[Where's the boy who said he would "destroy the little kids", huh?Where's he?I can't see him.Could it be that he is was only putting up a pretext on being "the best footballer there ever was" as I don't see anything in the poor miserable him. All bark and no bite.]

Black lines started to form on Julian's forehead;he was not one someone ridiculed;he was not someone who lets their troubles go easily.

"Omega,don't you fucking make fun of me...if you do, I'm afraid you won't live long"

[Is that so? Look at your small puny arms. What are you going to do with them sticks? Play the drums?]

Immense blood lust started to fill the dark void as an extremely pissed off Julian was seething with anger. Omega, the football system, had never felt anymore frightened in its small life, wishing to the heavens that he does not see this side of Julian again.

[Okay, i'm sorry, i'm sorry. Let's just start the test.]

Julian's blood lust started to decrease and he went back to the extremely cute and docile boy;the contrast was too heavy for the profusely sweating Omega. Julian was the one to break the silence.

"System, you still haven't answered my second question, why am I here and who sent me?"

[As much as I'd like to Julian, I can't answer that. It is not for me to disclose and neither is it mine to know.]

Julian then lost himself in a myriad of thoughts.

"If it wasn't the system who brought me here, then who did?Whoever he is,I owe him a lot-he gave me a chance to have a second chance to rewrite my own history but also my parents."

"Okay, System, it's ok. Everybody has secrets they want to keep quiet...I've had many myself"Julian stared at the darkness.

[Yes, that is right, Julian. Everybody should be able to keep their secrets unless they want to share it. They should not be forced or persuaded into doing it as it is ultimately their choice]

"Wow!Did you just agree with me?"

[I can't believe it myself.]

A deep connection could be seen to have been built from the two beings who were contrasts to each other-one was cool and collected, the other was boastful but also shy.

[Well, anyways, I should probably start the test now. Remember not to be too cocky otherwise severe consequences will happen.]

"Yeah, yeah"Julian payed no heed to what the system was advising him.

[This arrogant brat. Oh, whatever, wait till he sees what's in store]the system mischievously laughed.

[Starting test in 1,2,3...]

Surprisingly, Julian wasn't nervous or sacred, he was actually a complete contrast of that right now. He held an arrogant smirk and an expression only fit for a king. He was on his throne, looking down on the people below him ordering what he wanted them to do. They were his servants, they were his slaves. He was their king.

[What a self-obsessed bastard, that's not a righteous king, that's a fucking tyrant. He'll see when he plays the game, how inferior he is]

A white light engulfed the smirking Julian, teleporting him to where his first test would begin.

Julian POV:

An emerald shade of green was opened in front of me as I opened my eyes. Sounds of screaming and howling filled my ears to the very top and the smell of air passed through the my nose. An array of colors surrounded me as I stood on this emerald shade, my heartbeat quickening the every second. This was where I belong. This was where I was born to play. The football pitch.

[Julian, you are right now in your own possible stadium. Do not worry, all of these people in the stands are not real, they are AI. They are here to give you the feeling of exhilaration but if you do not want them here you can always request to me for them to be gone]

"No, I love it like this, it gives me the feeling of being loved. Being loved like a football hero should be"

[Now, now, don't get too cocky, we haven't even started the game yet. How are you already a football hero?]

Julian's mouth was left gaping.

[No answer?Never mind... we'll find after the game. Now let's get this show on the road, Julian King,let's see if you have what it takes to become a football king]

Cockiness and doubtfulness can be seen spread over all his face."I do, I damn do, you already know that Omega. I shouldn't even be here, I should already be playing with the greats"

[This guy..]

[We'll see about that Julian, first, you need to beat the academy team fill of all time greats such as Messi and Ronaldo. Don't worry, I'll assist you by giving you some great players to play with]

The emotions of rapture started to disappear on his face, replaced by a face full of fear and no hope.

[That's what you get, bitch]Omega thought.

[Good Luck!]


Julian's POV:

Players suddenly started to appear all around me as I stood emotionless behind one part of the semi-circle of the pitch. Sweat poured out of every spot I had, causing a waterfall to appear all of a sudden in the middle of the stadium. What can I say? I was scared. Scared I was going to lose the system. I only lived about 30 minutes in my new life, I didn't want it to end so quick. I still had many things to do: save my parents, meet Jennifer and also build my football career. I would not let it end here.

"I will forge my path!"

A sudden flame of determination and hope filled my body, I willed myself to push on.

A sharp sound of a whistle then could be heard. It was time for the game.

It was our kick. A familiar face could be seen taking the kick, it was none other than a young brazilian Ronaldo, yes that Ronaldo. My face showed a mixture of nervousness and delight when I saw him taking the kick, wondering where he was going to take the kick.


The ball ended up at my feet. Wait, MY FEET! A sense of urgency and panic filled me from my head to my toes, as I frantically scanned for someone to pass the ball to.

But, before, I knew it,a thieving little magician stole the ball from the grasps of my foot.

Standing there,shocked and bewildered, all I could do was stick my leg out as a futile attempt to grab the ball back but the little magician weaved past me with the ball sticking to his feet as if they were glue.My body froze in place and only my head could turn around as I stared uselessly at the little magician speeding past the traffic of defenders and the ball flying over the head of the unexpected goalkeeper.


I was once again pulled back into the depths of hopelessness and tragedy. I was reminded of my lack of talent.

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