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Chapter 1: Birth Of Chaos(1)

Revenge is the drive to become a better version and also the path to ultimate destruction.

2234, AD.

Humanity had suffered a fetal blow from the intergalactic prowess that had plunged the universe into total chaos. The world has faced an apocalypse greater than they had ever imagined.

A strange power appeared on earth, right after the appearance of the first dimensional beast in the elven continent.

The Dragon God.

It lay waste to the world, sewing absolute discord among the five new continents of planet earth. The military weapons were useless against it, the power of the two largest races(Human and Elven) were proved useless against the creature.

2239 PE.

About 76.87% of the humans on earth were struck by the divine radiation energy that bloomed around the globe. A fraction of them awakened abilities while the rest either died or turned into disturbing monsters.

The monsters that had once been wiped off the face of the earth appeared again, joining hands with the intergalactic demons from other dimensions to torment earth.

In this world. In this era ruled by the paranormal powers of those who placed themselves high above all as gods. In this era tormented by the forces of evil and the desire for greater power.

A god that was above the others, a god that fought his way up to the top, and was being driven by the thirst for revenge was faced with choice, he never should have faced.


[Congratulations! You have awakened your Primordial Chaos System!]

"What is this?" Luke said as he held out his hands and tried to touched the transparent screen before him in curiosity.

[Quest — Get Strong Enough To Become A God]

[Quest Description: You have been reincarnated as an elf into the same world as your past life. You have to be strong enough to evolve into a powerful god that'll be able to avenge your past murder.]

[Quest Rewards: 5000 Exp]

[Quest Deadline: Fifty Years]

"What is this?!" Luke said as he instantly drew back his hands after reading what was written on the transparent screen.

Strong enough to become a god?


A young boy no more than fifteen years of age stood clutching his bloodied belly in pain as he looked on to the female shadow before him. Tears streamed down his eyes as his eyes turned bloodshot red, but despite all of this, the boy still kept his calm.

The eerie aura permeating with killing intent would make every coward cower in his boots. This was due to one of the powerful skills his parents taught him for protection, even though he had no magic power.

His skill <Dark Stare> is a skill that basically instils dark fear upon anyone who makes direct eye contact with him. Ever since he learnt it from his father and mother when they were on the balcony one day, he actually thought he had a chance at surviving.

All was for nothing.

He would have a different thought if he knew that the assassin sent to finish him in the facility was avoiding direct eye contact with him. Who wouldn't? That was a legendary ranked skill that only a few could withstand.

He was called Luke. He was the failed project for the government. They wanted a powerful killing machine, but all they got was a simple disgrace.

He wasn't worth being kept alive.

"Please, I'll do anything. Just don't kill me, I can't die here..." Luke pleaded with genuine tears in his eyes as he looked up to the shadow.

"I am sorry..." The voice came from the shadow before a white light flashed like a bolt of lightning.

Luke's head was sent flying as blood splattered everywhere. The hopeful light remained in his eyes as his head rolled towards the shadows feet.

The person was a very skilled person with the sword seeing how good she used <Sword Skill—Instant Beheading> to ruthlessly end Luke's life. Her entire form flickered before she disappeared into thin air without a trace.

The assassin had appeared in a building not too far from the facility.

At that moment the cloudless sky above had turned extremely black as thunder rumbled. The shadowy figure flicked the blade of the sword in order to wipe off the blood.

She walked with heavy steps as the atmosphere turned gloomy. In one strike, the son of the world's greatest heroes was killed. Her steps echoed throughout the open space of the building as she walked out.

As she left the building, a weird white light struck Luke. In a blink, Luke and the light disappeared without a trace.

That was none other than the god ranked skill called <Instantaneous Transportation> which allowed the caster to instantly go anywhere he or imagines in a blink. The skill was only learned by a handful of beings that had exceeded the legendary realm, and then ascended into a divinity.

"Tsk Tsk. To think such a kind hearted being could endure so much torment for a long time. If only you had ascended into a god quicker. Then that fool wouldn't have stood a chance against you." A young girl with wavy red waist length hair looked at Luke's severed head with intense interest. She squinted her dazzling scarlet eyes as her fingers ran across Luke's face.

"Do not touch the kid. He is under my protection, Sylta." A gigantic man who was holding a huge warhammer pulled the girl's hand from Luke's face. He then looked at the girl with intense killing intent radiating from his gaze.

Sylta looked away with her lips pursed as she crossed her arms. Her brows twitched as she thought of numerous ways to get the boy to her side before the incoming calamity that will befall all creatures.

"The heavenly king of the gods had ordered for this boy to be reincarnated into a god. I don't know why, but I think it's a good idea. Having more gods means less casualties on that day." The giant said in a booming voice as he picked up Luke's head and tossed it into a flame before adding, "He doesn't need his old, weak body. We'll give him a stronger one that can handle five, no ten godly abilities!"

Sylta gulped down as she looked over to the burning face of the boy. He would get even more power than the normal gods! What kind of luck does this fella have?!

In a castle not too far from Sylta and the giant named Halberd, a young boy with glistening jade skin say down playing the piano for a strange looking creature. The creature was about four times taller than the boy before it. He had the head of a goat and the body of a man.

"Good good. Your playing skills had greatly improved. It's now as good as I, Lord Ares, your father." The goat headed man said as he stood up while clapping cheerfully.

The little boy bowed in respect as the piano floats into his pockets. He then stood up and dragged himself lazily over to a couch and slumped down before rubbing his head.

His frequent usage of his <Passive Skill-Calm Dragon> was taking a toll on his mind power. His brows were knitted as his continued massaging his forehead.

"Heavenly god, Fray! Are you okay?" Lord Ares immediately rushed to Fray with sincere concern as he touched his forehead with the back of his hand.

[Status-Slightly Sick]!

Clap Clap!

"Take, Heavenly god Fray to his chambers now!" Ares roared almost instantly as he stomped his foot on the ground.

Fray instantly grabbed Ares's arm and slowly shook his head. His brows twitched, as he immediately shrunk back into the couch.

He actually wants to see that kid!

Ares nodded. He immediately turned to leave, but not before casting a minor <Healing Spell> on Fray before leaving.

In a minute, he returned with the new soul form of Luke. He placed it before Fray and stepped back instinctively. As soon as he stepped back a golden glow enveloped the strange soul form of Luke on the floor.

"It's done. Please take care of him for me. I wish he would turn into a god and come visit me soon." Fray said as he waved his hands in a blink.

The soul form of Luke which was now a transparent black with purple parallel stripes rose up from the ground and turned into a ball of purple light.

In a flash, the ball of light disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving a trail of black dust that flew to Fray.

Fray's eyes turned completely gold as he cast a very complex and powerful skill upon himself called <Divine Reincarnator> which allowed him to completely reincarnate anyone into another body.

"Heavenly god above the heavens, really shouldn't have done so much for that failure. Using <Divine Reincarnator> upon him is a total waste." Ares snorts coldly as he looked away, not caring if Fray heard him or not.

In response, Fray only smiled as he looked down to the ground childishly.

I hope it really wasn't a waste!

Luke, grow with the power I gave you. It's getting too lonely around here.



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