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The Heart Wants What It Wants!

The Heart Wants What It Wants!

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Author: Su Ren Yang


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Introduction: [Little Sun. Female comic artist lead vs High-class flower. Orthopedic surgeon male lead]
The day after New Year’s, Nian Yuyu, entering her birth year, seemed to be possessed by the spirit of bad luck. First, she sprained her ankle at home, then accidentally registered with the orthopedic surgeon known as the "hospital's prize bloom" Chu You, and soon after due to a tailbone fracture, she met Chu You again. By the time she was hospitalized for a left arm fracture, Nian Yuyu was labeled as an "ardent pursuer of the unattainable beauty."
Bewildered by suddenly becoming someone’s passionate pursuer, Nian Yuyu “......”
I'm not! I didn't! Stop spreading rumors!
Chu. High-class flower. You: “Oh, I believe you!”
After they got together, Nian Yuyu, feeling guilty, strongly requested a secret relationship.
Chu You agreed with a straight face, then immediately announced their relationship in his circle of friends, exposing their affair.
The onlookers were excited and shouting: “We knew you guys were sneaking around all along!”
For Chu You, Nian Yuyu was like a ray of light piercing through the darkness, bringing fresh sprouts to his barren heart.
To Nian Yuyu: The moment you appeared, I was willing to pluck myself and deliver me to your hands! ——By Chu You
PS: Both male and female leads are charismatic, 1v1, with a 5-year age difference.
It’s just a slightly humorous and heartwarming sweet treat, welcome to fall into the pit!

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    Hi does anyone know the raws to this novel?

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    i liked the story and character building.. even realistic to some extent. but it's slow.

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    The story is boring and characters also aren't interesting. Plus for coherent translation and not having a cliche white lotus sister framed me and I slept with ML.

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    so yeah. Thankfully she didn't get purposely hurt. That would be too much.

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    Author Su Ren Yang