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Unwanted Marriage: Honey, No More Divorce!

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Author: TheHana

3.61 (14 ratings)

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After three years of marriage, Wendy Stewart was used to Michael Lucas's sarcastic remarks, his frequent threats about getting divorced, and even his indulgence of a mistress. She thought that she could bear with this her entire life, until she accidentally got pregnant with a child that Michael did not want. Finally despondent, Wendy signed the divorce agreement and left. She thought they could have parted ways forever, but Michael refused to stop looking for her after the divorce.

When they met again, she was the world's top designer. Smiling sweetly at her ex-husband, she said, "My dear, we're already divorced."

Michael simply stared at her coldly, "Tell me, what will it take for us to reconcile?"

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    Is'nt this just the same stupid old plot trope, where ML misunderstands FL and treats her like trash then even rapes abuses, and cheats then drags on the divorce. FL probably begins to grow a brain after a couple chapters, ML realizes he's in love with FL nd that she's pregnant with his kids, He tries to get her back FL ends up dragging on the plot by rejecting even though she still loves ML. Author is probably like:Since they both have kids together and their still in love lets make it a happy ending. Sadist readers like:Awwwwn Me:Barf *cringes slightly from the cliche stuff*🤢🤮 Anyways asides from the story being a bit too cliche for me, it's well written and the plot makes sense i guess...

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    i like this novel a lot but the chapter prices are crazy i tried to batch unlock some chapters and it was 100 sum coins for 7 chapters like

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    Reading the first chapter gave me very bad vibes:, cannot understand how being abusive, unfaithful and horrid as ml would have any redeeming character. Too many real life stories like these only end in disaster. Stop dreaming that such a character is ever going to change. 🙄🙄🙄 not worth my time to read.

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    the price makes me want to cry, but it can't be helped, I love this to[img=faceslap]

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    If I should say my mind, you would block me so let me just leave it as this. I don’t rec 🥱ommend

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    Disgusting story. ML’s blatant disrespect to FL is unredeemable. FL is weak and idiotic. No incentive to spend anything on this book so the story did not keep me past the unlocked chapters.

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    Nice please, maybe, trying showing love in a more reasonable manner, if you plan on writing other books

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    Thank you for this amazing book. I truly enjoyed this 👍👍👍

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    is there anybody know raw version of this novel

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    shaik fdjjefjxdhjecyudgjfvhdydfgyioddryijg

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    it's good book...I cried so much and I hate the character of Michael.[img=strong]

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    The building of storyline and characters is vivid

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    very interesting story... Michael and Wendy are both a real couple's

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    Author TheHana