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54.19% The Incubus System / Chapter 71: Chapter 69. Sexy Naughty Game III (18+)

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Chapter 71: Chapter 69. Sexy Naughty Game III (18+)

The Incubus System Chapter 69. Sexy Naughty Game III

Right now, neither of us were dressed properly. My underwear and trousers were down. Mia's upper body was completely bare and Pearl was completely naked.

Pearl's hand picked up the dice again, threw it into the cup and overturned it on the table.

"Odd," I guessed.

Pearl opened the cup. While Mia took my glass and filled it as if I was bound to lose.

"6-5, odd."

Mia stopped and turned her gaze to the dice on the table in disbelief. Then she shifted her gaze to Pearl in annoyance. I held back my laughter, I could guess Pearl did this on purpose to make Mia lose her turn.

"I'll help you fill your glass," I said, taking the bottle of alcohol in Mia's hand and pouring it into a new glass. One of my hands put the bottle on the table while the other gave the glass to Mia.

Mia took the glass as she threw some codes at Pearl with her gaze. While Pearl diverted her eyes away nonchalantly.

Mia finished her drink. She frowned as she endured the taste of alcohol filling her mouth. From her expression it seemed she was the same as me, she wasn't used to drinking alcoholic drinks like this. Her hand picked up a blue card and read it.

"Tickle your partner with a feather stick for 3 minutes." A smile immediately spread as she read it.

Meanwhile, Pearl's mouth slowly opened and her expression turned surprised. Since, even though it was a punishment card, but it gave Mia more chances to play with me.

Mia took off my suit and unbuttoned my shirt. My shirt fell to the floor and I was completely naked. She took a feather stick excitedly, her eyes exploring my body, deciding where she wanted to tickle.

I smirked mischievously.

"Make me feel good."

"Definitely," Mia said. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Pearl was about to press the stopwatch but Mia stopped her.

"Pearl, you set the timer wrongly."

I glanced at the stopwatch and the timer was only set for 2 minutes. As Pearl reset the timer in annoyance, I turned my face to cover my laughter. She must have been annoyed that Mia kept getting good cards.

As the timer on the stopwatch started, Mia moved her feather stick against my skin. A soft, tickling feeling travelled through my body as Mia moved the stick from the back of my neck down to my chest. Our eyes met with alluring gaze. I gave her another seductive smirk as I held back the tingling sensation on my body and she responded by biting down her lip in temptation.

The feather stick went down to my groin. I responded by lifting my legs up on the sofa and opening it so she could play more easily. A tremendous tingle sensation crept up from my lower part to all over my body. My cock began to harden and tense due to her stimulation, waking it up from its sleep.

"Yes ... This definitely feels good ..." I complimented her.

Seeing my cock getting tense, Mia slithered, slipped between my legs. Her face was in front of my cock while her hand kept moving her stick, tickling my cock. Mia's face approached, obviously she was tempted to taste my cock which kept twitching and getting bigger in front of her eyes.

"It's against the rules. You can only use a feather stick," Pearl said in a displeased tone.

Mia pouted and pulled her body away. While I leaned my back on the sofa, placing my head on Pearl's lap.

"Do you want it?" I teased as I smirked mischievously. My eyes stared at Pearl's face, which was flushed with irritation and temptation.

She glanced at Mia who was still busy tickling my crotch and cock and bit her lower lips. A teasing chuckle leaked out of my mouth at her reaction. It was clear that she was jealous of Mia, who kept getting more chances to play with me.

* Ringgg! *

Mia's time was up. She pulled her stick away as a long breath came out of my mouth.

"I need more of it," I said, sitting back on the sofa. One of my hands was touching my cock, feeling how hard it was now.

"Now, we're going to take the red card," Pearl said. She glanced at Mia as a warning that she had to do it right this time and Mia responded with a sigh and nodded her head slightly. This time they were going to play the cards that would make me beg them.

Mia threw the dice into the cup and overturned it to the table.


Mia opened the cup.

"2-1, odd."

This time I was sure they wouldn't play around anymore or give me a chance to win. I took my glass and finished my drink.

As I put my glass on the table, an announcement appeared before me.

[Warning! The alcohol effect has started.]

My view began to blur again.


[Dispel skill succeeded.]

[The alcohol effect has been neutralized.]

My hand reached for the stack of red cards.

"Allow your partner to cover your eyes and ears and let him/her give you a lick bath for 10 minutes. You are not allowed to move during the process. If you move you must grant a request." Yes, if the blue card was a 'punishment' card where the loser had to do something to the winner then the red card was actually more like a gift card where the loser would get something from the winner but still with a punishment of course. With the combination of alcohol to weaken my consciousness and continuous stimulation without allowing me to retaliate, it would be easier for them to make me give up.

Mia giggled while Pearl immediately took a black scarf and earplugs excitedly.

"Let's begin." Pearl's smile widened since this time she got her turn to tease me.

"Wait, how do I know when it's finished?" Even though I knew this was an unfair game from the start, but at least I didn't want them to cross the line.

Pearl gave me a small stopwatch that looks like a watch.

"I've put it on vibrate mode."

I checked the stopwatch for a moment, made sure the timer was set correctly and put it on.

"Looks like you have prepared everything well."

"Of course." Her hands stretched out the black scarf and covered my eyes with it. I could feel Pearl's hands tying the scarf behind my head.

Pearl's giggling sound rang out as she moved away.

"Remember you can't move," she warned again.

"I remember it." After those words left my mouth she covered my ears with earplugs. The room suddenly turned silent. Without my hearing or my sight, my instincts sharpened another sense, my sense of touch. And since I was a demon, I could feel better than ordinary humans. I could vaguely sense their presence and what Pearl was going to do to me.

A lick moved on the nape of my neck and wiggled, tickling me. I smirked.

"Pearl, you should be using your tongue not your tentacle." Even though its suckers didn't touch me at all, I could clearly feel it. It was her tentacle, not her tongue.

That slimy object pulled away from me. Later, another lick crept from the side of my neck to the back of my ear. I was sure it was her tongue since I could feel her breath on my skin. The tingling and slimy feeling travelled from behind my ear to my face. But then it disappeared. A second later her tongue landed on my neck down to my chest. Then it disappeared again. And it returned to my abs as a few kisses also brushed my skin. Occasionally, I flinched without moving a muscle, holding back the stimulation in my body. My heart was pounding in anticipation, guessing which part she would touch next.

Her tongue parted from my skin and suddenly she didn't touch me again ...

Second by second passed without any movement from her but I knew she was still there. Suddenly I could feel her crawling between my legs and approaching my cock.

"Ughhh ...." I startled as I held back the tingling feeling from her tongue that licked right at the tip of my cock, but I held myself from making any movement.

Her tongue started swirling, licking my cock from bottom to top and between my crotch. The tingling sensation stimulated my body and of course woke my cock from its sleep again. I enjoyed every movement of her tongue as I held myself to stay still. Her tongue's movement was getting wilder, kisses and licks continued to land around my crotch. She licked my cock like a lollipop, occasionally she kissed and licked my balls.

My breathing was getting heavier as I held back the desire that was starting to build up in me, especially holding myself back from moving. But despite all of that, I really enjoyed this.

The stopwatch in my hand vibrated, indicating that her turn was finished. She pulled her face away from me, while my hand took off my blindfold and my earplugs impatiently.

Pearl was just sitting next to me when I pulled her and kissed her. My tongue went into her mouth, clashing with her tongue. While Mia could only be silent with a surprised expression at my sudden movement at Pearl.

I broke my kiss. Pearl still looked surprised by my movements.

"What's that for?" said Pearl, blushing.

I smirked.

"It's your reward," I said casually.

"Let's continue." Well, even though I thought they were going to torture me, it turned out that I was the one who enjoyed this game.

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