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55.72% The Incubus System / Chapter 73: Chapter 71. Sexy Naughty Game V (18+)

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Chapter 73: Chapter 71. Sexy Naughty Game V (18+)

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They giggled coquettishly.

"Damian~ I'm not sure you can do it this time," teased Pearl. Pearl's hand touched and rubbed my cock slowly.

A slight hissing sound came out of my mouth as her soft hand touched my hard cock again. Seeing my reaction, Pearl's finger rubbed my cock from the bottom to the top with the tip of her index finger.

"Haaa ..." I moaned. The tingling sensation flowed from the lower part of me, spreading through my body. I grabbed Pearl's hand, made her grip my cock and shake it. A seductive smirk on my face.

Pearl tried to get her hand off me in panic. Meanwhile, Mia held my hand and tried to stop my movement.

"Damian, this is against the rule," Mia said as she kept trying to pull Pearl's hand off my cock. Her face also looked panicked.

My other hand grabbed Mia's hand, made her grip my cock and shake it together with Pearl's.

"Damian, stop it!" Their panic was clearly visible on their faces.

Seeing their panic, I bent my head backwards slightly with a red face, enjoying the stimulation from my cock.

"Ohhh ..." My moan got louder. My face clearly showed how much I enjoyed it. An evil smirk on my face.

"Damian!" They tried to pull their hands as hard as they could. I knew after all these games they didn't want me to spend it outside. My cock twitched again, indicating I was almost at my climax.

"Damian! Stop it!" They panicked even more.

But I let go of their hands at the last second.

"Haahh ..." A sign of disappointment left my mouth. My urge for mating was piling up in me. I knew I would not be able to hold it anymore after this, so I intended to end it in the next round.

Meanwhile, Pearl immediately pulled her hand away, as did Mia. They didn't want me to take their hands again and use it to satisfy myself.

Seeing their reactions, I let out an evil chuckle.

"Calm down. I won't spend it outside," I said in a casual tone. There was no way I could be satisfied with that.

"Let's continue." I shifted my sitting position forward slightly, approaching the table, poured the alcohol into my glass and finished it. The taste of alcohol filled my mouth once again, but since I had finished a few glasses before the taste that stabbed my tongue and throat lessened since I was getting used to it.

While they exchanged glances for a moment. Then looked at me with a confused expression.

I put my glass on the table and glanced at them in turn.

"You don't want to play anymore?" I asked.

"You still haven't given up even though you're already in that state?" Mia asked incredulously as her chin pointed at my cock, which was ready to fire its loads.

"Why not? Besides, I enjoyed it," I replied in a relaxed tone.

They exchanged glances once again as an evil smirks started to appear on their faces.

"Damian ~ do you feel dizzy?" asked Pearl as she returned her gaze to me. Looks like they thought I was drunk.

I chuckled one more time.

"Do you think I'm drunk?" I teased. Actually, I was drunk, but not because of alcohol but because of their stimulation.

"Are you really not drunk?" asked Mia in a teasing voice. Of course, no drunk person admitted he was drunk.

I grabbed her chin and approached her. My face was right in front of her.

"Look at me. Do you think I'm drunk?" The smell of alcohol wafted from my mouth.

Mia was silent as she watched my face carefully. A second later, her brows frowned, her confusion evident on her face. My face was red but it wasn't because of the alcohol but the stimulation that they gave me. Meanwhile, my gaze still looked sharp, indicating that I was okay. With that much drink, at least I started to feel tipsy since the drink contained 50% alcohol.

From behind, Pearl put her hands on my shoulders and began to slowly creep forward. Her body leaned towards me, her naked breasts against my back. Her face was behind my ear.

"Shall we continue?" she whispered in a sweet voice.

"That's what I want." My smirk appeared again.

I turned around, picked up a red card and read it.

"Your partner ties you up as he/she likes and uses you for 15 minutes." Their smiles immediately appeared as I read it since it was the perfect scenario to tame me and make me beg them.

I tossed the card on the table nonchalantly and threw my teasing smile at them in turn.

"Shall we start it?"

"Of course," Pearl said excitedly as she grabbed my hand and stood up, pulling me toward the 'torture table'. While Mia also immediately approached it with enthusiasm and untied the belts.

As I approached, I noticed something different from the 'torture table'. The big sturdy table covered with a thick soft fabric fur with the same colour as the base. And the iron shackles on it had been replaced by black leather belts.

Pearl took her hand away from me and I sat on the table. Slowly, I crawled backwards as both of them put their hands on it and crawled forward. Their eyes glinted in excitement with mischievous smiles on their faces. I lay down in submission, letting the soft fur touch my back. Their hands took mine and pinned to the table. The others stroked from my calves up to my thighs, my groin and of course my fully awake cock.

Another slight hissing sound came out of my mouth as the tingling sensation crept from my groin again. They giggled sassily upon my reaction.

They clamped my arms between their twins peaks. While their other hands touched, rubbing my cock in turns gently. Their touch stimulated my cock and kept it tense without allowing me to let out any of my loads.

"Do you want ... Ah - hah ... to end it like this?" I asked in difficulty. They hadn't tied me up yet but their hands kept moving, touching and tickling my cock as if it was their favourite toy.

They didn't answer, instead, Mia's ring finger rubbed the tip of my cock gently.

"Oohhhhh ...." Another loud moan came out of my mouth as I gasped and raised my body slightly. The tip of my cock was very sensitive right now, even a little stimulation could make me shiver.

They giggled again at my reaction. While Pearl also touched it with her ring finger. I gasped for breath with a flushed face.

"I'll ask you one more time - hah - ah- do you want to end it like this?" I was already at my limit and I wanted to immediately release all the desire and lust that had accumulated in my body. If they still didn't want to tie me up and still want to play with me, they would lose their chance because I didn't think I could hold myself any longer.

"We'll tie you up now," Pearl said. While Mia giggled one more time. They looked really happy to tease me. Their hands moved away from my cock and tied my hands with leather belts to the table. They tightened the belts, showing their seriousness. I was sure it would be marked afterwards, but of course, they made sure it didn't hurt me.

Mia put her breast in my palm. Her hand overlapped the back of my hand and made me grasp them. A mischievous smile on her face. I moved my hand and fingers as best I could since the leather belt restricted my movement, feeling her soft and supple breast.

Meanwhile, Pearl's face was down on my other hand. She licked my palm, tickling it with her tongue and wetting it with her saliva. Slowly her tongue up to the tip of my middle finger put it in her mouth and sucked it.

But only briefly, Pearl released her mouth from me. A string of saliva connected the tip of my finger to her tongue. Then she brought her face closer to my ear.

"You know what? You're the only man who isn't afraid of this torture table and isn't afraid to do it with both of us," she whispered in a seductive voice.

"If you want to tie me up, just do it fast. Because I can't stand it anymore ..." I said in a ragged breath. My patience was running out, but I was still holding back since I was waiting for them to tie me completely before I used my charm skill on them. Being tied up like that, it meant they were the ones who were doing all the moves. They desperately wanted to tame me. Even though I wanted to show my dominance clearly to them, but letting them to do it as they wanted to satisfy me, didn't sound like a bad idea either.

Hearing my words, they giggled. It was clear, I really couldn't hold myself anymore.

"Okay." Mia took her hand off me and they crept down. Their hands separate my legs slightly and tie my ankles with the leather belts. Mia checked the belts one more time while Pearl turned on the stopwatch. Then they walked down both sides of the table toward me, the tips of their fingers sweeping from the front of my lower legs up over my thighs, waist, abs and chest.

They lowered their bodies and bent their heads toward me. Their hands crawled, rubbing my face, my chest and my hair in turns. A sly smile on their lips. While I --- even though my breath clearly looked heavy due to holding my lust, but my eyes and expression didn't change. Obviously, I was not a prey who would beg them later.

"We'll make you our toy and tease you worse than yesterday," Mia teased.

I replied to them with the same smile.

"I'm not a toy."

They giggled at my words, their hands moved, touching me, their eyes fixed on me. I also chuckled with them. But then my chuckle stopped as I used my charm skill on them.


A sweet erotic fragrance wafted. Their giggle stopped. Their faces were getting redder, their eyes looked at me in extraordinary thirst.

[Charm skill succeeded.]

My smile widened when I saw their breasts up and down as they looked at me with lustful eyes.

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