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Chapter 81: Chapter 79. Acceptance

The Incubus System Chapter 79. Acceptance

-Kkraakk --- Kkraakk --- Kkraakk

Cracking sounds followed by two horns appeared above my head along with a pair of bat wings growing behind my back as I activated my Demonic Form. A tail grew behind me and slipped out of my trousers, my eyes turned red.

[You have activated your Demonic Form.]

[Fly has been activated.]

[All skills effectiveness + 30%.]

I expanded my black wings, showing them my status as a high demon clearly. While their grins on their faces faded.

"Let's start the party," I said with an evil smirk.

They jumped, lunging at me like a pack of fierce wolves who were trying to defend their territory. I flicked my wings, bringing my body upwards to avoid them as I directed my hand and used my skill.

'Demonic Spike!'

Ten black lances appeared in front of me and hurtled towards the orbs between their crotches.

[Critical hit!]

[You have shot a Foul Imp for 160 HP. ] X4

[You have shot a Foul Imp for 165 HP. ] X4

[You have shot a Foul Imp for 159 HP. ] X2

"Graaahhhhh!" One of the Foul Imps screamed in pain as hissing sounds came out from two black lances that stuck into his body. While two other Foul Imp turned to ashes. A satisfaction grin on my face since I was able to fully release my power now, unlike before, I had to try my best just to kill a Foul Imp.

They waved their hands, throwing dozens of their Venom Spikes at me. Flexibly, I flapped my wings, brought my body higher and turned in the mid-air, letting one by one their spikes pass me and pierced the building wall behind me.

As their attacks stopped, I glided at them.

'Demonic Energy. Demonic Claw. '

[Demonic Energy has been activated.]

[Demonic Claw has been activated.]

[STR: 50 + 90]

[AGI: 50+ 90]

[Time remaining: 4:56]

They gasped since I suddenly attacked them frontally and raised their claws. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

'Demonic Spike!'

I used my Demonic Spike skill to create an opening for me. Another ten black lances appeared in front of me and hurtled towards them. They swung their hands, brushing off my Demonic Spike before reaching them. As they were busy deflecting my black lances, I trampled one of them on the face.


The Imp's head hit the ground and created a small crack where it landed. My foot left a clear mark on his face.

[You have hit a Foul Imp for 98 HP. ]

Then I simply jumped backwards and kicked his orb.

[Critical hit!]

[You have hit a Foul Imp for 421 HP. ]

The Imp was thrown against the wall and turned to ashes.

The other Foul Imps jumped at me. I grabbed his arm and spun him around to fend off the others.

[You have hit a Foul Imp for 11 HP. ] X7

Then I flicked my wings, flew up and threw him at them.

The Imp fell on his friends and knocked them down.

[You have hit a Foul Imp for 31 HP. ] X7

Again, I used my Demonic Spike on them. My black lances reappeared and hovered over their orbs.

[Critical hit!]

[You have shot a Foul Imp for 164 HP. ] X3

[You have shot a Foul Imp for 161 HP. ] X3

[You have shot a Foul Imp for 162 HP. ] X3

[You have shot a Foul Imp for 159 HP. ]

Another three Foul Imps turned to ashes. The remaining Foul Imps fired their venom spikes at me. Deftly, I flew from side to side, avoiding their attacks. I had to admit, having a fly ability like this gave me a huge advantage to attack and dodge

They kept firing their spikes while I kept dodging like an annoying fly at the picnic area. Until finally they stopped their attacks and gasped in exhaustion.

[Name: Foul Imp]

[Level 24]

[HP: 474/516]

[DP: 21/129]

"Tired already?"I taunted with an evil smirk as I extended my hand to them.

'Demonic Spike!'

My black lances flew, destroying their orbs.

[Critical hit!]

[You have shot a Foul Imp for 164 HP. ] X2

[You have shot a Foul Imp for 161 HP. ] X3

[You have shot a Foul Imp for 162 HP. ] X3

[You have shot a Foul Imp for 159 HP. ] X2

Another three Foul Imps turned to ashes while the last Imp fell on his back. I landed and took my steps casually, approaching him. He crawled backwards in fear.

"Any last words?" I asked in a casual tone.

"My Lord ... Please spare me ... Spare me ..." he said a hoarse voice, full of fear. His back hit the wall. He couldn't run away from me anymore.

My steps stopped.

"I'm sorry. I can't." After those words left my mouth, I stomped on his orb, smashing to pieces.

"Argggghhhh!" A scream of pain sounded and his body turned into ashes.


[All enemies have been defeated!]

[You have gained EXP!]

[Demonic Claw has been cancelled.]

I was silent, my eyes on the screen in front of me. Seeing that I still had 2 skill points left, I was deep in thought.

'Hmm ... Should I raise my Demonic Spike?' This skill was very useful for me especially to finish off my enemies from a distance like before and this was my main attack skill now, besides my Demonic Energy and Demonic Claw of course. I decided to use my unused skill points to raise it.

'Raise ---'

A woman's voice interrupted me.


Again, without turning my head I knew it was Emma. She should have taken Theo to the hospital, so I didn't expect her to come back this soon. My heart was pounding, I knew I couldn't avoid her anymore. Since I was still wearing the same clothes, even that stupid polkadot cap was still on top of my head.

I could hear her footsteps sound approaching behind me.

"So're the one who helped us," her voice trembled.

I turned around slowly, facing her in hesitation. Emma walked over to me in slow steps, staring at me in disbelief and her eyes trembled in emotion.

"Yes ..." I replied.

"What are you?"

With a pair of wings on my back, horns on top of my head, my tail twisted behind me and my eyes glinted in red, it should be clear that I was a demon, but it looks like she still wished I was a hybrid-beast.

"A demon," I said honestly.

She stopped in front of me, I could see her body shaking, either from fear or shock.

"But you're a good demon, right?" she asked for certainty.

A good demon ... I was not sure that I was a good person since what I did was based on my wish.

"Good or not, it all depends how you see me," I said in a calm voice, but actually my heart was beating fast. It was the first time when someone saw me in my demonic form. And from all of the people why her? Why Emma?

She was silent, her eyes fixated on me.

"I want to believe that you are a good demon."

A surge of happiness appeared in my heart. The demons had killed her mother, but she still wanted to believe me that I was a good demon.

"Didn't you say that all demons are evil?"

She shook her head side to side.

"But you are different. You are saving us, you are saving me ... You are still fighting for humans even in the shadow." She lifted her hand slowly and touched my face in hesitation. I could feel her gentle hand touching my face while I stood still in silence. Our eyes, which were glued to each other, were filled with emotion.

"What if I just pretended like that kid?" I asked.

"If you were just pretending, you wouldn't have warned me desperately ... you wouldn't run into danger to help Theo." Slowly, her hand moved upward and took off my stupid cap, exposing a pair of red blood horns above my head clearly. Her hand dropped my cap to the ground.

"Are you not afraid of me?" I asked again, holding back the turmoil in my heart.

"No ..." she said, her hand touching and rubbing my face again.

My heart was beating faster and faster, my feelings flared up. My eyes trembled in emotion.

She was not afraid of me ...

She was a demon hunter but she didn't think of me as an evil creature ... She didn't attack me either...

This was the first time I felt someone accepted me as who I am. Someone who saw the real me. A demon ... Named Damian Lucio.

I thought the first person to know about my true identity was one of my partners, I even thought about raising my Demon's Rule skill to make sure they didn't tell it to the others.

I held her hand that touched my face as my gaze softened.

"Emma ..." I called her name with a happy smile.


"I lo--" I was just about to confess my feelings but another sound of footsteps from the end of the alley interrupted me.

She let go of her hand as she turned to where the sound came from. Luckily, they hadn't arrived at this alley yet.

"The association reinforcements have arrived! You must get out of here immediately!" she said in worry.

"I will go," I said with a smile. My hand grabbed her hand and pulled her in my arms. She was surprised by my sudden movement.

"But with you."

I flicked my wings, bringing both of us up quickly. The night wind blowing hard combed my hair and opened her hood, exposing her silver hair clearly. While her hands immediately hugged my neck tightly in fear. My hands hugged her waist tightly.

"Aaaaa --- haaaa, Damian! Put me down! Put me down!" she screamed in panic. Her eyes looked at the ground that kept farther away from her feet.

"Ssshhh! They will hear you," I whispered, my wings continuing to flap, sending us out of the alley to the sky, leaving the demon hunters who had just arrived and turned around in confusion.

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