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3.33% The Infinite Domain / Chapter 9: The Power of Time

Chapter 9: The Power of Time

'This feels slower than the other affinities… I still finished it though,'

As Ray gets up, he sees a spectral card appear.

[Secret Quest Completed: Time initiate!]

[Rewards! Sacred Spell: Time Conduit]

[Sacred Spell: Time Conduit]

[Passive: Your speed increases by 1.5 times the normal amount.]

[Active: By spending 20 mana, you can slow everything, excluding yourself by 25%]

'Hell yeah! I was worried about how to learn a time spell, guess that's not an issue now. But, a secret quest..? I wonder what other quests there are…'

Ray straightens up as he heads outside, 'I have some time to kill so I might as well go hunting.'

As Ray walks out he sees Modri and his father hard at work, cutting trees down, and getting things prepared.

'Hm, they seem to be quite efficient… At some point I should help them… I'll do that after hunting.'

Ray walks past them as he gets ready to head off into the forest.

"Oh! Lord Kaine, before you head off. We were wondering, if you are a God, what is your domain?" Leon asks with a hint of nervousness in his voice

"Hm?" Ray looks over. 'Damn! I can't say infinity, that wouldn't be very believable… Then what do I say…? Maybe Reality…? It would explain my powers, but still be confusing…'

Ray thinks for a second then says, "When I believe you all deserve to know more about me, I shall inform you then, but for now, lets just say this cliff."

Ray then walks off.

'A Cliff…? What does that even mean?' Leon thinks in confusion as he goes back to working.


After a couple of hours spent hunting, Ray gains 5 XP off of the same rabbits he killed previously with no other benefits.

'I'm not finding much else… At this rate it will take a week or so to level up again..' Ray walks back, and as he does he hears loud crashes coming from the cliff.

'Fuck! Rapid step!'

[Speed: 23(34 due to Time conduit)]

[Current Speed 68]

Ray bolts off covering dozens of meters in the blink of an eye, as he emerges from the forest, he sees a dozen bandits raiding the small area.

Seirai is fighting 5 bandits, holding her own but slowly being pushed back, Leon is batting a couple away, but is being overtaken.

Modri is currently being beaten by a bandit, and both Seirai and Leon can't get over to help him.

"Leave. Now." Ray says in a booming voice. 'Good thing they decided to raid my territory.'

The bandits freeze for a second, then a couple charge at Ray.

'Sacred Spell: Time Conduit'

'Rapid Step'

Time begins to grow slightly slower, as Ray sprints over behind the bandits who are attempting to fight him.

"He can teleport?!" One of the bandits shouts.

Ray then jabs both of the charging bandits hard in the throat using weighted impact both times.

"Glrgh!" They shout as their throats are crushed, and they begin to choke on their blood.

Ray then begins to walk over to the other bandits, who are all frozen in fear.

"I-is he a mage??" One of them stutters.

"Quick! We may be able to overpower him if we rush him!" The leader yells.

Ray smiles as he picks up a dagger off of one of the dead bandits.

'Strike armor'

'Rapid Step'

[Speed(While in your domain): 46(69 with time conduit)]

[Current speed: 414]

[Warning! You have surpassed your limit! You will begin to disintegrate!]

[Divine Body Activated! Disintegration negated!]

'Shit! That was close, I probably shouldn't do this outside of my domain…'

Ray looks at the remaining Bandits, and as if he were a lightning bolt, sprints over and slits each of their throats, killing them all before a single drop of blood hits the ground.

As the bodies collapse, a mix of awe, horror, and relief drift over Seirai, Leon, and Modri's face.

"If you could clean this up that would be wonderful, I have to prepare for college." Ray tells the family as he heads into his shack.

Silence hangs in the air for a minute as the family is lost for words.

"We should never upset that ma-... God." Leon stutters quietly as he begins to clean up the bodies.


As Ray enters his shack he looks at the Spectral cards he sees.

[12 weak magic initiate humans killed!]

[12 XP gained!]

[Title Gained: Territorial Deity]

[Effect: While in your Domain, you can choose to reduce a stat of 3 targets at a time by 10, you also release an intimidating presence making it hard for most people to even face you]

[Secondary effect: Territory is now 20ft by 20ft! 400ft total!]

'It is situational, but very useful, and YES my territory has expanded even further!' Ray thinks as he cleans off the dagger he picked up, and places it in the corner.

'Alright.. Let's check my progress' Ray's card ring unfolds itself showing his full stats.

[Name: Ray Kaine]

[Domain: Infinity]

[Territory: 400ft]

[Worshippers: 0]

[Divinity: Minor-Deity]

[Level 3: 32/50]

[Vitality: 35]

[Strength: 33]

[Speed: 46(69)]

[Stamina: 33]

[Intelligence: 40]

[Celestial Force: 30]

[Celestial Mana: 24/24]

[Attribute Points: 10]


[Accelerated Scheming Lvl 1]

[Divine Sight Lvl 1]

[Divine Magic Lvl 1]

[Divine Body Lvl 1]

[Minor Blessing Lvl 1]

[Universal Language]

[Construction Lvl 2]

[Alchemy Lvl 1]

[Foraging Lvl 1]

[Forging Lvl 1]

[Mana Infusion Lvl 1]

[Meditation Lvl 1]

'Hm.. 10 Attribute points, I should probably save those for when I really need them, Don't want to spend them randomly.'

As he is looking at his card, he sees the Worshippers amount increase to 1, then to 2, and finally to 3.


He walks over and glances outside seeing the family, as they clean up the bodies and occasionally glance at his shack.

'I didn't expect them to worship me this quickly… Were they really that moved by me killing those bandits…?' Ray ponders for a bit, before getting ready for college, then walks outside.

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