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The Infinite Domain

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Author: Zaseral

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Ray Kaine, a skilled fighter turned office worker, finds himself on a bus, and after a terrible accident ends up in front of a god, who informs Ray that he himself shall now become a god.

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    -12 chapters in- Another novel with a main character who should be OP right off the bat but is stifled by various rules and regulations. The mc has 1 unique aspect and thats his “infinite domain”, which sounds cool but just means he can continuously expand his territory, like every other god in every other novel like this. Except, for them, it’s just assumed they can expand there territory and they have another unique trait, here it’s his only unique trait. There is essentially no world building. We know of a forest, city, and a town ridden by plague. We know nothing about the worlds size, structure, or history. what is mentioned is not described at all. The mc is supposed to be the first god on this planet but for an unexplained reason, he’s late 3000+ years and Is significantly far behind the rest of the gods. Theres no character development. The mc has no goals or aspirations. He probably has some but the author doesn’t tell us a lot of things, like the other 60+ gods are all familiar to the mc and how, maybe, many people from earth were transmigrated. The first girl he meets is one dimensional and takes an interest into the mc for no reason. The family that worships mc aren’t described and they have no personality. The pacing of this novel is odd. The mc is setting up his personal followers, going to school with, I assume, only the goal to get stronger, and he’s learning about his place in the world. These three major plot points will be discussed multiple times within one chapter with very little actually being achieved.

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    This is a relaxing story to read. Its hard to make a charecter a god without making him too op, so I think you do a good job. Also the side charecters are pretty enjoyable. I just wish there were more chapters [img=update]

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    I think the story is progressing very well. The characters are well thought out and the story is going in the right places. Don’t let my review cloud your judgements, read the story at least until chapter 10.

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    Just finished up reading these 30 chapters and I love it. I need more please don't drop it. Keep up the good work.............................

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    there is no explanation of how he became power you just write several hours later, he has unlocked the first circle or about the world we don't really know anything about it, the book he read in the library for example he don't have content of what he read also he characters feel 1 dimensional

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    a nice novel with an amazing story! Completly recommanded to read.

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    Man the characters are so one-dimensional like they have no personality of their own man. The MC is stupid and basically has no goals and there are a lot of inconsistencies with some characters actions and also their ages

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    it's a cliche story where a should be powerful guy should reincarnate as a a god only to be met by a girl. just trash.

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    Author Zaseral