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61.4% The Insurrection of the Inept Hero / Chapter 69: Failed

Failed - The Insurrection of the Inept Hero - Chapter 69 by MonarchX full book limited free

Chapter 69: Failed

[Sub Title: Sin of Gluttony has been switched out with Sin of Sloth]

I woke up. My eyes fluttered open and I was staring at a wooden ceiling.

What… happened?

I think I was…

Then I remembered the last words the guildmaster had told me.

…right. I failed didn't I?

When I lifted myself up, I noticed that the girls were resting next me. Seems I've worried them.

"How long was I out?" I asked Yukie.

[4 days]

"4 days, huh? So I'm guessing my injuries were pretty light."

[No, you were in a bloody state and your heart almost stopped]

"Huh? But if my injuries were grim, why did I get healed so quickly?"

[It was an elven spell the dark elf used. Sadly, I am unable to analyze what this spell is due to language barriers but the effects most likely involve healing or speeding up healing properties of the other]

"So she sped up Rehabilitating Slumber?"


I see…

Now that I think of it, I do recall her casting some sort of spell on me. She also saved me… I guess I owe her a little favor for that.

A little while later, the girls woke up and they began touching me to make sure I was ok. When I was brought back, my appearance was… a bit gruesome and I kept that appearance for almost two days.

Anyway, we are currently located on the third floor of the adventurer's guild which acts as a clinic for those that come back injured from quests.

"You're finally awake."

Celestia opened the door and walked in.

"I failed… didn't I?" I asked and she nodded her head.

Damn it…

"Don't feel miserable. You proved yourself capable of taking them on, however you lost because you were oblivious to their blind spots. It's alright though, you have another chance."

"I see. What about these three?" I said pointing to Kiyomi, Ravyn, and Akane.

"Them? Well, they all passed. I'm surprised that they manage to come back unscathed in just two days, too. They are now officially Pink-rank adventurers."

"I see."

I turned to the girls and they all smiled at me. Their eyes just told me they wanted some praise.

"Good job. I guess you all deserve a reward. If you need anything just tell me."

Receiving my compliment, a beaming smile appeared on each of their faces.

Now then… let's see.

I used Analysis and checked their stats and skills.

As the guildmaster said, Ravyn obtained a new passive skill called Holy Resistance. From what I heard from the Akane, she was vomiting now and then when she came back. She only just got the skill earlier today.

Anyway, it seems that everyone managed to raise a few skill levels. I'm proud of them.

"So when am I going to take my next test?" I asked Celestia.

"Are you in a rush? I recommend resting a little longer."

"I don't need rest," I said. "I also don't have anything else to do so I might as well try again."

"I see. Fine, come to my office tomorrow and I'll give you your next tasks. For the rest of today, rest."

"Thank you."

Celestia left and the day continued on.

We were given two rooms in an inn just across the guild.

"Here you go, Master."

Akane placed three vials containing dragon blood on the table, and Kiyomi pulled out another vial containing dragon blood.

I grabbed the vials and opened them all up before drinking the substances. The first three that Akane gave me were cold, and it almost felt as if I was consuming ice. The one Kiyomi gave me however almost burned my throat, but Instant Heal is a useful skill to have.

[Levels in store: 3,530]

[Passive Skills in Store: Dragon Ice Manipulation~2~, Dragon Skin~3~, Dragon Might, Dragon Fire Manipulation]

[Active Skills in Store: Dragon Glacier Explosion, Dragon Volcano Explosion]

[Skills in Store: Dragon's Blood(Lvl.1)~2~, Flaming Dragon Breath(Lvl.1), Frosty Dragon Breath(Lvl.1)~2~, Dragon Claw Slash(Lvl.1), Rising Dragon(Lvl.1)]

Hmm, interesting. Curious, what are those numbers next to the skills? Not the levels but the other one.

[That's the amount you have for that specific skill]

I see, so I have multiple of them meaning I can give out more than one?


I see. So it was a good call for them to bring back some blood samples for me. The only thing I wished is that they were warm or at a temperature where my body doesn't feel chilly or feel like it's getting burned alive.

I gave Kiyomi the passive skills Dragon Ice Manipulation, Dragon Might, and Dragon Skin which is basically Invincibility but much stronger. I also gave her the active skill Dragon Glacier Explosion. For some reason, this would replace the active skill Cocytus, but I was ok with it so it was replaced. Finally, I gave her the skills Dragon's Blood which is an enhanced version of Wolf's Blood so it replaced that skill, and Frosty Dragon Breath.

For Ravyn, I just gave her Dragon Skin since there is not much to give her.

I sighed. Well, one day I'll get some dark magic attacks.

Since Akane had pretty much everything, she didn't get any, which was fine with her.

And so, I claimed the rest of the skills for myself.

[Passive Obtained: Dragon Ice Manipulation, Dragon Skin, Dragon Fire Manipulation]

[Dragon Skin has replaced the skill Invincibility]

[Skill Obtained: Dragon's Blood(Lvl.1), Flaming Dragon Breath(Lvl.1), Frosty Dragon Breath(Lvl.1), Dragon Claw Slash(Lvl.1), Rising Dragon(Lvl.1)]

[Active Skill Obtained: Dragon Volcano Explosion]

[Dragon's Blood has replaced the skill Wolf's Blood]

[Notice: Wolf's Blood is at Max level so Dragon's Blood will start at level 5]

[Dragon's Blood(Lvl.5)]


[Levels in store: 3,530]

Right… that is a lot of levels. I would give them to the girls but they've already reached their level caps. I would also give it to myself, but there is a catch.

All beings except gods have a limit to power. If they have too much, they'll break down. Think of it as an electric overload. If too much energy passes through the wires, they'll eventually melt and catch on fire, or possibly even explode.

Even if I wanted to give myself all the levels, my body won't be able to handle the sudden input in power and it will explode. That is why I would at least give myself 100 to 500 levels max every week if I were to still hold on to levels. Eventually, that limit will grow as I continue to level up, but for now, it will stay like that. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

And while I am at it, I'll just give myself 500 levels right now.

[Leveled up!(500)]

[Reaper's Life Energy is active…]


Level: 1500

Mana: 210,000,000

Strength: 3933

Agility: 3938

Technique: 3898

Perception: 3893

Aura: 3880

Stat Points: 1500

[Levels in Store: 3,030]

My stat points… deposit five into each one stat until I run out of stat points Yukie.



Level: 1500

Mana: 210,000,000

Strength: 4233

Agility: 4238

Technique: 4198

Perception: 4193

Aura: 4180

Stat Points: 0


Alright, that should do.

I would've told Ravyn to bring some spirits back for me but that would've probably not have been a good idea. Also, I can't consume spirits since they don't have a physical body. Derivation only allows me to obtain the levels and the skills of my enemies by consuming their blood. Anything else will be futile.

I sighed and looked around my room. Akane and Kiyomi had left in a hurry for some reason and I kind of don't know why.

My hunch is... they...

"-are getting me food?"

And right when I said that, I heard knocking at the door. I walked over and opened it up to see the girls in their pajamas.

"Yes?" I asked.

"About our reward..." Kiyomi started. "We-"

"-would like to sleep with you." Ravyn finished.

"Ho? Is that what you want as your prize?" I said to make sure.

"Yes," Akane said. Then the girls began looking at me with puppy eyes.

I gulped. Crap, I can't say no to that. Well, not like I was going to say no, anyway.

I smirked.

"Well then, I'll make sure to satisfy each of you equally."

The girls nodded as they looked at me with lustful expressions.

I closed the curtains and blew out the candle. Then I turned to the girls and we went at it all night.

I didn't get a single wink of sleep, but the night made up for it.




(A/N: Yay, chapter 69! (Auxilary Chapters don't count)

I didn't think I would make it, but here it is!

Thank you guys for supporting me and please continue to do so.

I would also like to promote my discord server, which will be filled with memes... but also topics about the novel(But mostly memes)

Anyway, please continue to support me by voting with your power stones, and... uhh...

...wait till I get to chapter 4-2-0???????????????????

Also, I definitely didn't do this just to fill the word count up)




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