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3.48% The Legacy System / Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Connection and time travel

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Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Connection and time travel

Voice 2:" 'The Legacy' is scanning possible host!

Possible Host's body is dead!

Possible Host's soul has just been extracted!

Possible Host's soul has a contract inscribed on it!

Possible Host memories and past have been scanned!

'The Legacy' requires permission from a possible host for connection.

In case of acceptance, 'The Legacy' will extract the inscription on the host's soul and turn the host into his past as early as possible, and also adapt an easier interface.


1- In case of acceptance the possible host's soul will be taken as bail.

The possible host can escape with his soul only if he reaches a higher state of existence than the creator of this treasure or if he completes the main mission of this artifact.

2- In case of acceptance, the possible host will have to comply with a must main mission, of collecting and completing 'The Legacy'.

In addition to the completion of 'The Legacy,' the host has an additional request from the creator. If possible host completes that mission, then 'The Legacy' is totally entitled to host.

Does the possible host accept 'The Legacy'?

Accept/ Refuse"

Eric was totally dumbfounded at this moment.

That second chance that he so desperately wished for earlier was here.

A second chance in life. That was what everyone would wish for, and he had right in front of him.

Those conditions weren't a problem. He had to accept worse when he accepted the previous system.

Furthermore, now he knew more about this world, the Immortal World, and beyond. How could he refuse a chance to become the strongest?

A chance to live a long life beside his loved ones.

Of course, his journey would be tough, but he was already used to it.

At this moment he was dumbfounded because he never thought it would be so simple.

This was the biggest surprise he ever got in his life, the biggest present. Right now he didn't care who he would have to kill.

If a Demon crossed his way he would massacre a Demon if an Immortal crossed his way he would destroy an Immortal if a God crossed his way he would slaughter a God.

That was why he didn't dare to stay silent anymore, in fear that the choice would go away, and screamed at the top of his lungs,

Eric:" Acccceeepppttttt…"

As if to mock him, the voice said,

Voice 2:" The possible host has loudly accepted!

Congratulations on your acceptance possible Host!

From this moment on you have sealed your fate of running towards the peak, or disappear running.

'The Legacy' advises the host to brace yourself, the connection with possible host's soul, the inscription removal, and the time travel may damage possible host's soul if not prepared."

Eric was a bit stunned at the first sentences, but hearing that last part he understood that the real deal was about to begin.

Of course, it wouldn't be that easy to have his wish fulfilled, but he didn't care, as long as he could have that second chance.

Thinking like this, he screamed excitedly once again,

Eric:" I am reeaaddyyy… Let the world witness my second chance at life."

As soon as his words sounded, a terrifying pain started hitting him all over the soul that he was at the moment.

It was almost a horrifying pain, he could feel his soul chained to some really weird chains, they felt like a mix of hell's fire with the north's frost.

It was truly unbearable, at the same time he felt like he was getting burned to ashes, and iced into a sculpture for billion years.

But that was just the beginning because the chains started to strangle him, and shackle him so he wouldn't be able to move.

It was like he was entering a prison of chains, flames, and ice.

The chains kept contracting and pulling until he was left in a really tiny space in there. But that was the time when the worst started.

He felt like a delicate piece of paper going through a paper shredder. Every part of his soul was ripped and shredded into the tiniest pieces possible.

He could swear that even in the lowest layers of hell, the pain wouldn't be so torturous.

After being shredded into those tiny pieces, those pieces passed through a powerful centrifuge, that even the tiniest drop of filth wasn't left.

The torture was just getting worse and worse all the time. there were cases where he thought he couldn't do it anymore and was thinking that this was the end.

But his desire for revenge, his desire for a new life, his desire to live once again was stronger.

He clenched his teeth until they were breaking, and his fists until the bones were colliding, but he didn't give up.

It was a good thing that this didn't last long. Otherwise, he would surely be a goner.

In no time, suddenly the chains and the pain disappeared, leaving behind a tattered soul, trying to keep his form.

As soon as the torture finished, that voice was heard once again,

Voice 2:" Congratulations to Host for successfully connecting with 'The Legacy'!

Congratulations, Host is now free from the inscription.


'The Legacy' has been detected by enemies, Host is advised to brace himself, time travel will start earlier than scheduled."

Hearing this Eric understood that perhaps he had been too positive in his thoughts earlier.

He was just reminded that this thing was the reason all those acclaimed Demons, Immortals, and God's had descended to Earth.

Now that he had this thing, didn't this mean that he was going to go against the whole Immortal World?

Perhaps he had been too rash with his decision, but now there was no turning back. If the whole world was supposed to be against him, then so be it.

He would never give up on this opportunity. This would be his creed from now on. Become the strongest and the most powerful, while living life at its best.

As for Adam's wish, that would be one of his main goals. When he was in his darkest moment it was this treasure by Adam that helped him rise from the dead.

And he was a guy that always paid his debts.

Furthermore, his past seemed just like his, dark to the extreme, so how could he not sympathize with a suffering fellow.

Thinking like this he just bumped his chest with his fist, showing his new resolve, determination, and spirit, getting prepared for the time travel.

At that time the voice sounded once again,

Voice 2:" Return back in time has been decided to host's age being 18 years old on Earthen years.

No energy for an earlier date. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Initiation of the procedure of return will start in 10, 9, 8,…,3, 2, 1!


Sure as hell, it wasn't an easy drive.

He had to relive once again everything that had happened to him, from the moment of death until the moment he would stop in his past.

Almost one thousand years of life, pains, joy, blood, hate, fury, love, torture, and everything else relived in only one moment.

Then in what seemed like an eternity packed in a moment, he finally heard that voice once again,

Voice 2:" Congratulations to host for the successful time travel!

The host's soul will now enter a fusion with the current soul of the body. Since the root is the same, the probability of fusion is 100%!

For a better understanding, 'The Legacy' has calculated that is best to have the interface of a system.

From now on, Host can now refer to 'The Legacy' as 'The Legacy System'!

Fusion completed!

The host's soul has successfully fused with his body's previous soul. You might suffer a headache and nausea for the time being.

Welcome to the Past!"

Eric didn't have time to think about the new interface and the name change, because he was directly hit by a terrifying headache.

And then nausea, he felt like he would puke if he moved even his eyelids.

If it wasn't for that cold thing that he had his head lying on, he would surely puke there and then.

But that headache couldn't destroy his spirits, he had made it, he had come back in the past, he had another opportunity, a second chance at life.

He didn't care much about anything else that happened at the moment. Meanwhile 'The Legacy System' continued,

'The Legacy System':" Calculating hosts data and comparing them to normal human beings of the planet.

'The Legacy System' has calculated the data and created a status for the host. The host can look at it just by saying 'stats'.

'The Legacy System' will do its best in helping host reach Godhood and beyond. Happy Journey!"

Eric was really happy hearing that voice, sound those words.

This was it!

Waking up with a fright, he immediately started touching himself, starting with his face, his chest, belly, and even his 'little brother'.

Feeling that touch on his own body, even though it wasn't the one he was used to, he was alive.

He had returned back in his past being 18 years old, he could feel his body again. It was truly an exciting and mind-blowing feeling.

In this happiness, he jumped from where he was seated, and screamed in a full voice,


But, then turning his eyes around, he was stunned…


crazy_immortal crazy_immortal

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