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Chapter 4: Awakened

A/N: I had forgotten about the event occuring in this chapter, which took place when the princes were younger. Odin took Thor and Loki to his vault, to show them the Casket of Ancient Winters, and tell them about the Jotunheim war, when they are about 8-10, search "Thor Intro scene" on YouTube. But, in this AU, Odin takes them when they are 14 years old and just about done with their training. Why the change in age? Primarily, I forgot about it. Secondarily, Baldur's addition caused Odin to hesitate a little. Or something like that.

Now, would you guys like me to include the X-Men characters, or should I stick to MCU?


978 AD: 14 Years.

Odin, me, Thor, and Loki were walking towards the Vault room, where most of Odin's treasure is kept. By treasure, I don't mean gold, or gems. It's simply anything Odin has found interesting in his travels, or the many, many wars. If a weapon of the enemies is too dangerous, it's brought to the Vault. If he found a powerful magical artefact on Midgard, it's brought to the Vault. If he finds an artefact with someone who he thinks is not worthy of the weapon, he brings it to the Vault. You get the point. Basically, Odin is a Kleptomaniac with a God complex.

Me and Thor had just celebrated our 14th birthday last week, and were excited to be here. Loki was with us, even if he was a year younger, as he was just that good at everything.

Don't get me wrong, I'm nowhere weak, but Loki simply learns everything first. Even before me and Thor. And Frigga loved to rub it in Odin's face behind our backs.

It's been 4 years since we started our training, and we were just about halfway done. For the first 3 months we had to run 5 miles in the morning, without stopping, then every kind of exercise Tyr knew, and then another 5 miles running. All in all, it took us 6 hours per day, from dawn, to noon.

It was hell, no other word. It was only thanks to our Asgardian physiology that we managed to survive.

Once we had managed to stand on our own two feet after noon, and the 3 months were up, we were shown basic fighting moves to practice. Asgard does not have an actual Martial arts type, but it's a mix of grappling, wrestling, with a few punches and kicks added in. Individuals might change the style to suit their body types, but not anything specific.

A year after that, when we had passed whatever standard Tyr had for us, we were taught how to fight using blunt swords. Loki was the best in this, followed by me, and then Thor. He didn't have his lightning powers yet, and I didn't know if I even had any kind of special powers, because- Hindu? Duh.

Loki and my Magic classes were still going strong. From the speed we are going, Mother expects us to be masters within a hundred years. It might seem a lot to you, but Mother has very high expectations from us, and doesn't let us move on to the next subject until we completely master the first.

By now, I have mastered Illusions, Alchemy, Mind Arts, and Conjuration. I have mastered my mind to such an extent, that I can memorize the books like Isekai protagonists do. Yes, Praise me. Bow down to me mortals!

Ahem! So, once I mastered the Mind Arts, I started raiding the Library, like any obvious person, for books on History, Runes, and the outer space. And there are a lot of books! I've been raiding the Library for 2 years and I've barely finished 1% of the Library.

Meanwhile, Loki has mastered Illusions, Runes, and Alchemy. Yes, he has mastered Runes before me. No, I'm not jealous, you're jealous. Your whole family is jealous.

You might have been wondering, how my relationship with everyone was. Well, even if you were not, I'm still gonna tell you. Me and Loki were best buds. We played together, learned together, ate together, and even pranked together. We mostly pranked Thor, or the guards. We did not dare to prank Odin or Frigga. Odin would punish us harshly, while Frigga would turn that prank on us. She's scary like that.

Thor? Me and Thor are okay Friends, but he's mostly friends with his 3 other friends. Volstagg, Fandral and Hogun. Volstagg is about 300-400 years old, so pretty young by our standards, and is one of Tyr's students from before we entered his miserable life.

Fandral and Hogun are both of only about 120 years of age. Like Volstagg, Fandral is also an Asgardian, but Hogun is a Vanir, from Vanaheim. He was one of Vanaheim',s best warriors, and was given a chance to train in Asgard. He and the other two had become fast friends, and quickly included Thor in their group.

Meanwhile, the only female of our training group, Lady Sif, who was 300 years old, joined our clique. She still had a crush on Thor, but mostly trained with us. Although, Sif never joined us in our pranks, calling it childish, she never snitched on us either. So that's a win.

Out of all of us, Sif was the best when it came to swords, I was the best in handling a spear and a staff, Loki with his knives. Meanwhile Fandral and Hogun used swords, but were behind Sif, me, Loki and Thor, in that order. Thor was the strongest of us all, in pure physical might, followed by me and Volstagg. While I was the fastest in running, with Loki and Thor right behind me. Oddly enough, I was the fastest at healing too. My wounds barely took a night to recover completely, whereas the rest of them took 2-3 nights.

Anyways, back to Odin. We are now inside the Vault room, standing right in front of a white-blue glowing thingie. The Casket of Ancient Winters. Stolen from Jotunheim, sorry, Acquired from Jotunheim to keep it safe.

".... it was Asgard, and it's warriors, that brought Peace, to the Universe." Odin said, finishing telling us about the Jotunheim war.

Loki and Thor were looking at Odin in awe, while I was sort of pretending to do so. What? He's a good story teller. No wonder everyone worships him, he's the King of Propaganda, where he's always the 'Good Guy'. Dumbass.

"But.." Odin says, bringing me out of my musing, ".. the day will come, when one of you three, will have to defend that peace."

Loki looks concerned at that, while Thor smirks arrogantly. Kid Thor is a little sh*t, no doubt. Loki looks at Odin and asks, "Do the Frost Giants still live?"

Before Odin or I can answer, Thor looks at us arrogantly and answers, "When I'm King, I'll hunt the monsters down, and slay them all! Just as you did, Father."


I palm my face at that statement. No wonder Loki hated his full life once he found out he was adopted. If Thor shouted like this every time the Frost Giants came up, and Loki found out he's one of the monsters he was told to kill on sight, well.. you get how he'll feel.

"The war is over Thor. Just because we fought on opposite sides, doesn't mean you have to seek them out TO KILL THEM!" I state at first and then shout the last part.

Odin glares at me, for shouting, so I shut up and move back. Loki looks at me questioningly, but I shake my head, silently saying, 'Tell you later.'

Odin looks at all of us, says, "A wise King, does not seek out war, but is always prepared for it." and then starts walking out the door.

I look around, and see a few things that I recognize from the movies. The tuning fork, which does God knows what, the Tesseract, The Uru War hammer Mjolnir, a fake Infinity Gauntlet. And a lot of stuff I don't recognize.

"I'm ready Father!" Thor and Loki chorus, following after Odin, holding one hand each. I run after them and join Loki on Odin's left. I excitedly say, "Me too!", knowing I'll never be King.

Odin smiles at us all and says, "Only one of you will ascend to the Throne. But all three of you, were born to be Kings."

Huh? I know Loki and Thor were heirs of Jotunheim and Asgard respectively,did he simply include me for the sake of it? Never mind. I don't even want to be the King. Odin leads us back to our rooms, for my and Loki's Magic lessons, while Thor goes to spar with his friends.


"Hah! Is that the best you can do, brother?!" Thor shouts, swinging his sword at me. I block it with my own sword, enhancing my hands with my magic, to absorb the shock.

"You wish!" I answer back, and kick him in his guts. Thor gets thrown back a couple feet and lands on his legs.

He smirks at me and runs towards me, with a downward swipe of his sword. I use my sword to divert his own, but get punched in the face by his left hand.

"Oh now you've done it." Loki whispers, from the sidelines, but I don't look at him. THOR BROKE MY BLOODY NOSE! I mean, yes, I am kinda used to it, but that doesn't mean I like it.

I try to sweep his legs from under him, which he jumps over. I complete my circle and kick him in the chest, this time enhancing my legs. He gets thrown 10 feet back, and falls on his back.

Thor starts getting up, so I run towards him to finish my fight. He has a look of panic on his face, when he points the sword at me.

"Aargh!" He screams out at me.

To all our shock, the sword starts crackling with Lightning, and goes a bit out of control. Some sparks go towards Loki, Sif, and Odin, but he blocks it with his spear, sending the lightning into the ground.

Another part of it attacks me, but I'm too close to dodge and get hit directly.


A lot of pain.

I grit my teeth in pain, and my body spasms uncontrollably. Damnit, his lightning hurts.


In answer to my frustrations, my body starts to warm up, and everything becomes bright. I simply point towards where I think Thor is, and then I pass out.

~~~POV: Narrator~~~

Once Baldur screamed out loud, a lot of magic started gathering inside Baldur, the same as what happened with Thor a few seconds ago. A beam of sunlight hits Baldur, and keeps getting more intense. Odin keeps watching with pride, as two of his sons awakened their Domains of Divinity at the same time. Even he did not have a specific Domain, so it was really special for him.

Baldur starts becoming brighter, with his body almost becoming ethereal. Once it's bright enough that you only see a complete orange-yellow body, the lightning recedes from Baldur's body, and enters the ground. while all his wounds start healing back up.

Baldur points a finger at Thor, who's watching his twin, in both shock and awe, and fires a beam of concentrated light at him.

This time, Odin interferes, and uses his Gungnir to divert the beam. He catches Thor, who's fainted due to the fear and the strain of awakening, while Tyr catches Baldur, who's still warm to the touch.

"Does this mean what I think it means, father?" Loki asks, while poking at Baldur's healing wounds.

"Yes. They have awakened their Domains. And stop poking, Loki." Odin says, laying Thor on the ground.

He approaches both of his twin sons swords, and finds them melted from the strain.

"I'll have to commission an Uru weapon for Baldur. Mjolnir is perfect for Thor." Odin whispers to himself, thinking about what weapons Baldur would like.

Loki and Sif come near Odin, listening Odin quietly mumble to himself. Loki clears his throat and asks, "Father? Will I go through this too?"

Odin turns to Loki, and finds him nibbling his lips in nervousness, meanwhile Sif is silently staring at Thor, in even more awe.

He puts a hand on Loki's shoulder and says, "I can't say Loki. If it happens, it'll happen. Neither me, nor my father had specific Domains, when it came to our Divinity. We were what you might call.. all rounders. I hope you do awaken your Domain. Don't worry about it. For now, let's take your brothers to Eir."

Loki nods at him, a little peeved. The guards come and take Thor and Baldur to the Healer's Chambers, to check if everything is alright. As sometimes, awakening Divinity can be quite a strain on both the body, and the spirit.

That night, Loki knocks on Frigga's doors, waiting for her to answer.

A voice from the inside speaks up, "Come in, Loki."

Loki shakes his head and enters, finding his mother reading a tome at the table while waving her hand to use magic and stir her tea.

"You want to ask if you'll awaken a Divinity." Frigga states as soon as she looks at Loki.

Loki nervously nods at her and says, "I don't want to stay behind my brothers."

"Come here, my son." Frigga whispers, waving him towards the chair right besides hers. Loki sits down and looks down, not meeting her eyes.

"Loki," Frigga pulls Loki's head up by the chin, and says, "It didn't matter to me when Thor and Baldur didn't awaken their divinities, and it wouldn't matter to me if you wouldn't have awakened yours. I will still love you the same, and so will your brothers. Fret not."

Loki nods at her, wiping his eyes, only then noticing that he was crying. He snaps his head to look at her when her words register, "... wouldn't have awakened? Not didn't awaken?" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Frigga smiles at him proudly, and nods. She explains, "Some Beings have big explosions of their power when they awaken their Domains. Like what happened to Thor and Baldur, or what happened to Njord of Vanaheim. He's the God of Wind and Seas, so he quite literally called in a tsunami.

"Meanwhile, others, like your father, either awaken their Domains quietly, develop their Domains by their actions, or not awaken Domains at all. You, my son are in the former two categories. You first awakened a minor Domain for Illusions, and then by using those illusions for pranking, you developed a full Divinity for it." Frigga pulled him into a hug, feeling proud of all her children.

"How can you be sure I'm the God of Illusions?" Loki asks, still unsure.

Frigga smirks at him and says, "Do you know what Baldur's Domain is? It's Sun and Light, while Thor's is Thunder. Why did I mention this? Baldur, despite being the God of Light, has lower quality illusions than yours. Not saying that Baldur is bad at Illusions, it's just that yours are better."

Loki nods at her, in understanding. "Why didn't you say something?" he asks, with wet eyes.

Frigga kisses his head and answers, "It wasn't time yet, Loki. Even Odin didn't realize that you awakened your Domain. So I kept it quiet, to keep attention off of you. Now that Thor and Baldur are Gods, you'll be able to avoid the bad attention that being the first Ascended Prince of Asgard. There are parties who wouldn't think twice about killing off the youngest Prince, you know. Which is why I kept it quiet."

"I understand, mother. When do you think they'll wake up?" Loki asks, separating from Frigga.

Frigga smiles kindly and says, "Thor, will wake up on the morrow, but Baldur? His body has healed already, but his spirit might take a few days to heal."

Loki nods and turns to leave. He pauses at the door and turns back to her. He says, "Thank you, mother. For keeping me safe, and for being patient with me."

"You are my son, Loki. I will always keep you safe." Frigga says softly.

Loki smiles widely, and leaves the room, thinking, 'How did Father not realize I'm already ascended? Did he even expect me to awaken my Domain?' causing him to frown.

He shrugs his shoulders, and goes to his room.

'I'll worry about it later.' He thinks to himself.

A/N: My author section in my inbox has somehow disappeared. So I might not get to respond properly. Sorry in advanced!

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