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Chapter 51: Hela: Part 2

A/N: I'M BACK BITCHES! I have braved the Writing block, and over come it! Praise me!

Well, jokes aside, I'm moving fast now. You'll see


1384 AD: 420 Years(17) (A/N: Blaze it.)

It's been a couple centuries since my first meeting with Hela, and I've reviewed it a few times, in my mind. Not even the Black Mirror managed to see through my illusion, that I'd cast on the room when we'd met each other, so that's a plus.

It also showed me why I didn't see myself meeting her in the past. My illusions have gotten simply better.

I spent the first few years studying the necro sword that Hela gifted me, by throwing it at my head, and I'm pretty impressed. The sword was imbued with the Death Energy, that Hela creates herself, by absorbing the Asgardian Magic.

I've used the sword on many different materials, and except for my armour, which was made out of pure Cosmic Energy, and Uru, the sword managed to cut through everything.

Vibranium, Adamantium, and even Goblin's Silver. The Necro sword cut through them all with varying difficulties. Adamantium was the hardest to cut through, and even with my superior strength, I only managed to make an inch deep scratch in it.

The Death Energy also inhibits my Healing factor a little, which I could negate by using my SolForce. I'm still thinking on the name.

So, I cut myself with the sword, every few hours, to make my body immune to the Death Energy that Hela produces. I don't want to be defeated because I got too confident.

I went back to her a few more times, once every decade or so for me, and once every 50 years for her. Time Travel.

She still fought me, each and every time that I went to visit her, but she was mellowing a bit. After the 10th time, she did not even try to kill me! I still confirmed that she was actually mellowing, and not pretending, by going inside her mind.

Well, she was pretending, so I can help her leave Helheim, for the first 700 years. But, after that, she actually started to look forward to sparring with her brother. And those were her actual words! In her mind.

She had asked me multiple times how I was going to rescue her, but I hadn't told her yet.

On Avalon, Groot, the original, became too old to walk around after 100 years of staying on Avalon, and decided to settle in Solheim itself, taking his child Groot with him. Groot, the younger, surprisingly awakened his Divinity, while there, and became Groot, the Nature God of Solheim.

I got all that from.. myself.. when he visited me in my dreams. The younger Groot was having a lot of fun, keeping an eye on his race, watching from Solheim. He was also learning how to speak AllSpeak, from my Realm Lord self. The older Groot, the one I adopted... passed away, on Solheim itself

And Aora, surprisingly decided to marry a human, and settled down on Earth. Thankfully, the human was a Sorcerer, who knew how Aora actually looked. The husband died a century ago, and Aora herself died of old age a few years ago, her having long since decided to become mortal again.

They left a few descendants, on Earth, and I had a few elves keeping an eye on them. The first generation were a bit green in colour, but now, 2 generations later they looked completely human, but were twice as strong as normal humans. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

While I was upset by her death, I knew that it was her own Decision, and I was not going to take it from her.

So it was, that both my adopted children, despite me trying to make them immortal, died all the same, leaving me alone again. At least Sol was still with me, even if she had brought that blasted Thunderbird with her.

The Goblins, meanwhile, had stayed in Asgard's court for a hundred years, after which, they decided to name themselves a Kingdom, after seeing a Nidavellir Dwarf in Asgard.

Well, that removed them from Asgard's courts, as no external kingdom has a voice in Asgard, and it almost made me regret saving them. But, they still continued making weapons and Jewellery for Asgard, which balanced it out.

The King, Ragnok, was the son of a minor Goddess of Jewellery, of Asgard, and a Goblin, so it was allowed by Asgard, on the terms that every few generations a marriage between Asgard and the Goblin nation has to happen. Ragnok's daughter herself was married off to an Asgardian Noble, who was the Major God of Archery.

They also adopted Asgard's currency of Gold, silver and bronze, and only named the coins differently, as Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts.

While Nidavellir weapons were superior when it comes to energy absorption, and durability, and were more useful to the Gods, the Goblin made weapons were more useful for the common folk of Asgard. They don't consume much energy, and can even be used to conduct Divinity for Minor Gods.

Obviously, us Major Gods cannot use the weapons unless we make an alloy out of it. So, the Goblins began using the Vibranium they mined from Torfa, and on Avalon, to make daggers for the Major Gods, and a shield for Odin, so he could grant them their Kingdom.

Anyway, I was now sitting at the table of Master Yao's office, as he introduced himself to his successor.

"Finally retiring, eh, old man?" I ask, smirking at him.

Sighing, Master Yao replies, "Yes. I am too old to deal with this shit."

Chuckling a bit, I turn to the 40 something year old lady sitting beside Master Yao, looking calm, but was internally nervous, and ask, "So, Tilda, was it? You've passed the trials of Aged Genghis?"

Aged Genghis was the Sorcerer, selected by the Vishanti, to choose a Sorcerer Supreme every century. But, thanks to the immortality he received in return, he lost his mind thousands of years ago. He only became sane one day, every century, to summon the Sorcerers for the selection of the Sorcerer Supreme.

I'd visited the tournament last century, but refused to take part in it, and I saw why Master Yao remained the Sorcerer Supreme so long. Other than him, only about 5 Sorcerers were good enough, and 4 of them were immortals.

Selene, an External, really caught my eye, and I caught hers, but we decided not to stay together after a night of sleeping on it. Plus, I caught her trying and failing to absorb my life force. It would never have worked any way.

"Yes." Tilda nods, and says, "While Master Yao had refused to participate this time, I did instead, and competed with Selene Galileo, Master Rathod, and a few Immortal sorcerers."

Humming, I look at Master Yao, and simply raise an eyebrow. He answers my unasked question, by saying, "She's ready. Don't worry about it."

Nodding, I ask, "So why did you call me here? It can't be just to introduce me to the new Sorcerer Supreme?"

Nodding, he says, "Yes. I've already told her everything about you, and about the deal between Kamar Taj, and Avalon. I simply wanted you to meet her, and reaffirm the contract."

Well, understandable. Nodding at him, I simply summon the contract I'd made for Master Yao and me, and rewrite it, this time including Master Tilda in it.

"Simply sign here, and it'll be done." I say, handing her the contract and the quill.

She reads the contract, and signs it, causing it to burst into flames, and multiply. One copy with her, one copy with me, and one copy for Master Yao, as he was the witness.

My job done, I make a portal and leave for Hogwarts.

Tilda. What a coincidence. The actress who played her was also named Tilda. I just hope she's not as stupid as I felt she was in the movies.

Now, I'll go visit Hela again. It's going to be our 10th fight, and I was going to finally bring her a gift, her mothers killer.

As soon as I enter Helheim, from 600 years ago, I duck under a sword swipe, and immediately channel SolForce in my body, to balance out the difference in our strengths.

"You've gotten stronger." I observe, blocking a punch to my nose, and pushing her back.

Hela ducks under my swipe, and jumps back a few steps. She says, "So have you. It's only been 10 years for you, since your last visit, and still you're keeping up with me."

Shrugging, I summon Ljosgeirr, and spin it a few times. I say, "I am the God of Sun. If I did not have a sufficiently fast growth rate, I would have been a very bad God of Sun."

Summoning her Necroswords, Hela begins the attack again.

When I channel the SolForce through my body, the changes that used to happen, making me glow up, stopped happening after I took over Solheim. The only change, is the colour of my pupils, which becomes yellow. The shade of yellow, depends of the amount of energy I'm channelling.

Right now, it was only a little yellow, which, while making me thrice as strong as my usual strength, was just enough to equal Hela.

2 hours of fighting later, Hela wins the round after she manages to disarm me, and put her Necrosword at me neck.

"Aren't you going to finish it?" I ask, looking at her indecisive eyes, while her swords are still at my neck, and my gut.

Hela snorts, takes the swords off my neck and banishes them, and says, "I somehow know that even if I kill you, you'll somehow come back." I snort at that, as she says, "Besides. You're useful for training."

Smiling at her, I tease, "Awww, I love you too, Sister."

Laughing at her disgusted face, I turn around, and go towards the wall which now contains the mirror. She asks, "Going so soon?" and I hear the sadness in her voice.

I'm the first person, who even tried to find out why she did all of the stuff she did. I know, what she did was wrong, but as I've said before, if anything happens to my mother, and my Father refused to punish the culprit, I will most definitely go on a rampage too. No doubt.

Shaking my head, I answer, "Come here. I want to show you something."

While she comes close to the mirror, I put my hand on the frame around it, and shrink it, pulling it out. Right now, I'm trapped here, and there's no mirror in Hogwarts. As soon as I pulled it off the wall, the mirror came here, in this time.

Placing it again, on the wall, I enlarge it, and show Hela a view. On Vanaheim.

"Vanaheim?" Hela asks, looking at the mirror. When I nod, she says, "It's no use. I can't leave Helheim unless Father dies anyway."

Shaking my head, I say, "I know. This is not for freeing you, but you'll probably want to be loose when you see it. Keep watching."

Rolling her eyes, Hela looks towards the mirror, and I move the view around a bit. In the house of a Noble Lord of Vanaheim, where he was talking to a Seidhr of Vanaheim.

The Lord says, "I don't care what happens because of it, Droggr. I have seen what will happen, and for my daughter to become the next Queen of Vanaheim, the Jotun Queen of Asgard has to die!"

Hela takes a deep breath beside me, as she understands who this is. The man who ordered her mother's death.

Njord, named after an old Vanir God, was a simple Noble, and a God of Wisdom. He had a vision of the future, in which he saw the Aesir-Vanir war happening because of the death of Angraboda.

But, he also saw the vision of his daughter marrying the Crown Prince of Vanaheim, and becoming the next Queen. So, he did not inform anyone, other than his brother about it, and that same brother was the Assassin, and Seidhr standing in front of him.

"Njord, think about this. If you order me to do it, I will, and I will die before letting anyone realize who killed the Jotun. But, if I do it, then the entire Realms will be at war. You know how Asgard is, they will try and conquer us." The Seidhr, Broggr says.

I fast forward the video, and show Hela her mother, who, while not a beautiful Queen, was still loved by Hela.

"Mother." Hela whispers, caressing the mirror surface. I'd made sure the mirror only shows, and does not let us through this time.

We see Broggr using a Vanir spell to sneak into the Asgard's Royal Palace, stab Angraboda in the neck, killing her, and then use a transportation spell to leave Asgard, escaping before anyone even realized what had happened.

We see him meeting with his brother, the Lord Njord, informing him of the success of the assassination. After which, Njord simply kills his younger brother, to take care of the loose ends.

The only reason Asgard realized it was Vanaheim that did it, was because Odin recognised the spell the assassin used to escape, as a Vanir spell, known only to the Seidhrs of Vanaheim.

"Njord, the God of Wisdom, was the one that had your mother assassinated. His daughter is going to become the next Queen of Vanaheim, after my Grandparents die, or abdicate, and is actually more pleasant to talk to than most of the other Vanirs." I say, after taking the Mirror off the wall.

Hela simply snarls, and punches the wall, breaking it into pieces, making me glad I removed the Mirror.

"How long?! How long are you going to keep me here?!" Hela asks, summoning her Necrosword again.

Summoning my own Ljosgeirr, and putting the mirror in my PD, I answer, "I will not even try to remove the tether spell until you can give me a vow stating that you won't declare war on any of the Realms, and live peacefully wherever you go."

Hela attacks me, and snarls out, "I will gut this Njord like a pig, and then I will kill his daughter too. Then, and only then will I think about the vow."

Increasing my strength by channelling more SolForce in me, I slap her towards her Throne, and keeping her there using Telekinesis, I say, "Hela. You're my sister, and I want you to be able to roam the Universe. But the one who is going to free you is my mother. And if she feels you're going to harm her, or her family, she will refuse to free you, and I am not strong enough to take the tether off without informing Odin."

As she begins crying angry tears, I sigh, and drop her down. I say, "The next time I come, I will be bringing Njord with me. You can do anything you want with him. Kill him, torture him, imprison him for life. I don't even care about him. What I do care about, is seeing my sister free again. Please, think about it."

Saying that, I put the mirror on the wall again, and go through, coming back in my own time, and then remove the mirror.

Walking towards my office, I pick up a bottle of Asgardian Ale, and drink up. I'll have to visit once every year now, for her, I mean. She's going to get impatient if I take too much time.

But, I think I'm making progress. I'll just have to find a home for her after she's lose. Will she agree to Solheim? Or would she want to roam the Universe?

I'll think about it later. I'll drink now.

~~~Two years later~~~

I was roaming around Midgard, trying to see if I can find anything interesting to add to my Vault. I'd already added a few Magical artefacts, like the Brazier of Bom'Galiath, which can be used to enhance infiltration spells when I enter someone else's realm, and the Axe of Angarruumus, which was just a magical axe that I found inside a tomb on the moon.

It was while I was following the lead towards an Asgardian Berserker Staff, that I felt something, which made me scrunch my face in disgust. Someone was either summoning Dormammu, or taking a lot of his energy.

Using the Sun above me, I immediately pinpoint the location at Kamar Taj, and understand what's happening. The dumb Sorcerer Supreme is taking the Energy to become immortal.

Making a portal to the her office at Kamar Taj, I immediately take us both to the Mirror Dimension, and hold her by the neck. Thankfully, the ritual was unfinished, and I reached here before she can take all that energy into herself.

Unfortunately, the energy is still inside the Mirror Dimension. Glaring at the now afraid Tilda, I keep her standing there using Telekinesis, and say, "Stay there. I'll deal with you in a minute."

As she nods, being afraid of me, I move towards the floating black wisps of energy, that had taken sentience, and fire flames from my hand at them. They try to dodge, but I hold them with my telekinesis, and finally cleanse them, turning them into pure energy, that I send into the Earth.

Turning to Tilda, I ask, "What part of being a Sorcerer Supreme means you can take energy from the Dark Dimension?"


Opening my eyes, I look at the beautiful lady standing in front of me, only a head shorter than me. She had flames in place of Hair, and eyes. Even her privates were covered by the flames.

"Are you the Phoenix who roams here, or are you the one from the Mortal Realm?" I ask, looking at her.

Even Groot was looking at her in wonder, being the Nature God that he is, recognizing her. Usually he stays in his own house, that he's built where his father died. But he comes to meet me, when he wants to look into the Mortal Realm, or for his AllSpeak Lessons.

Phoenix walks towards me, and sits down on my lap. She says, "I am both of them, Baldur. We are not separate anymore."

Nodding at her, I put my hands around Phoenix's hips, pulling her close.

"Your Avatar is changing things. Tilda was supposed to steal energy from Dormammu, and now, your Avatar will make sure she steals it from your Realm." Phoenix says, caressing my hair.

Shooing Groot outside, and ignoring his grumblings, I ask, "Is that a bad thing, My Lady?"

Phoenix hums, and says, "No. Not much will change. She will still become immortal, and stay Sorcerer Supreme for a few centuries."

Enjoying the feeling of holding Phoenix again, I ask, "Is that all you're here for though?"

Smiling, Phoenix simply kisses me on my lips. She says, "I'm here to meet my favourite Realm God, Baldur. Coincidentally, you also have a Phoenix Force within your Realm, so I just merged ourselves together, and came here."

Smiling at her, I kiss her back. Damn, even not being a physical form did not make me less Horny.

Well, we'll see what happens.


A/N: I haven't decided on the pairing yet, but I want to make it a Realm God. It can be Phoenix, but I'm not sure yet. She can become a Goddess of Rebirth in Solheim, and all.

Or it can be a physically strong woman, who can take over a Realm, by herself. So, the relationship between the two Realm God forms, and the two Avatars, stays the same.

I do not want the Avatar to have different lover than the Realm God. And no Threesome pairing. As you might have seen in my other story, I can't write threesomes properly. I'll stick to one girl for this story.

Aora and Groot fans, sorry, but I can't continue with those characters. I had to let them die. Too many OCs will make my story confusing for me.

God-Groot won't make much of an appearance, other than a few mentions when GoTG happens.

Does anyone know of any Dimension which can be given to Hela? Because I don't think she'll agree to share Solheim.

Now, next chapter will obviously be Hela's revenge, and then her release. After that, a few chapters of miscellaneous things that happen in the next 5 centuries, and then directly Avengers or Thor, depending on my mood.

No, he won't interfere with the Mutants in this Universe. Not his problem. Only if they look like they're loosing, will he get in.

How many of you liked Ancient One's name, Tilda lol?

And it feels good to be back! Tata!

HelloDarkness07 HelloDarkness07

I'M BACK BABY! HelloDarkness07 is back!

Now, give me your money on *******! If you, like me, are poor, then it's alright, obviously. Rich guys, you can probably give me a lot lol.

Just kidding..

Or am I?


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