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Chapter 29: The Phoenix!

1140 AD: 176 Years(17)

Turns out, there are not many books about Phoenixes. Out of all the books I had, which numbered in the hundreds of thousands after the Elf Expedition, there were only 27 books about Phoenixes.

Of those 27, 26 were only about where you can find them, what they can do, what their body parts can be used for, or how many ways they can kill you. Only 3 book in all mentioned Phoenix Eggs, and only one of them, written by some wizard named Arthur, explained how you hatch them.

Firstly, you have to keep the Phoenix Egg in a magical flame. The flames of incendio work too. But, Feindfyre worked best, thanks to it's inherent magical tendencies. Incendio spell simply creates fire, and has very little magic to do anything. So, obviously, I used the Eternal Flames, for maximum efficiency.

Next, if you want the phoenix to even consider bonding with you, you have to feed your magic into the egg. Again, I fed the egg my Sun and Light Divinity, the second of which came with the Energy from the Light Dimension. For maximum efficiency, of course.

After 2 months of doing that, and reading books on fire spells, the egg finally moved, and emitted a pulse of magic.

I grin excitedly, and shout out, "Toby, Blinky! Come quickly, it's hatching!"

Immediately two cracks sound out to my right, signifying the appearance of the two elves. Blinky was the elf that Toby had decided to groom as his replacement as the Head Elf of Hogwarts.

Toby, being 300 years old, was already almost on his death bed, so he had decided to groom Blinky, a young 20 year old Elf, as the Head House Elf.

"Is God Baldy's bird be hatching?" Blinky whispers out, excitement in her voice.

I nodded at her and looked at the Goblet of Eternal Flames. Thankfully, I had kept another Goblet aside, which replaced the Eternal Flames. Honestly, I was using these flames a lot. I never expected to use them so much when I stole them from Asgard.

I had mostly stolen them out of spite!

Anyway, the egg, which was about 5-6 inches in height, was starting to shake a little. I put my hand on top of the egg, without touching it, and started sending healing energy into it. I start whispering out, "You can do it, baby. Easy. Don't rush. I'm waiting here, I'll be here, my child."

Even the House Elves, seeing me talking, started whispering encouraging words to the Egg.

"You cans do it, God Baldy's Birdy! You be having strong magic!" Toby whispers, a bit passionately.

Blinky nods at his side, and says, "You be a strong, fire birdy! You be the bestest fire birdy in the whole world! God Baldy be lucky to have you!"

I blink at them, and shake my head. If it helps, it helps.

Another minute or so of singing encouraging words later, the egg finally cracked. I keep watching, and barely a second later, it burst into flames, leaving no evidence of an egg, or the flames behind.

Instead, inside the GoEF MK-II, was a small chick, barely a 5 inches long. It looks at me, and I feel a small, very weak uncontrolled mental probe, along with a pulse of magic.

I simply pick the chick, and dust the ash back into the Goblet. Looking at the phoenix, currently staring at me, I smile. I say, "Hello, little one." I pat her on the head, and pet it a little. I smile at her, and say, "I'm Baldur. Your... Bonded. Gods, this sounds so wrong. I'm your friend, family, brother, father, all rolled into one, child. Welcome to the family, Little Sol." The chick, Sol, simply blinked at me dumbly.

Suddenly, the mental probe that I had already established a connection with, sends a feeling of love, family, and protection, from the phoenix chick, to me. I smile widely, and say, "Yes. Family. Protect, and Love, Sol."

"The baby birdy is beautiful, Master." Blinky whispers out, Toby nodding alongside her.

I almost flinch, as I had forgotten they were still here. Ignoring their reactions, I settle Sol down in the Goblet again, after collecting the ashes she had left behind. Thankfully, the Goblet was not absorbed this time, so that was at least one less new Goblet to worry about.

Finally looking at Sol, I marvel at her beauty. She was extremely beautiful, and I am saying this after looking at a grown up phoenix, a unicorn, and a naked Helga Hufflepuff.

The Mirror showed me the full history of Hogwarts, and unfortunately (or fortunately), it did not consider Helga's bathing time, as private. Now that I think about it, the creator, Agamotto, was probably a bloody pervert, and that's definitely why he made it.

Back to Sol, she was magnificent. Majority of her body was one of the shades between golden yellow, and fire orange. With it's chest being the lightest. She was covered in feathers, obviously, leaving only the talons, which were reddish brown in colour.

Her eyes, were simply breath-taking. The sclera was black, and the pupil, a shade of yellow, which looked almost like orange. The iris was a lighter shade of the same, and had orange coloured lines around it.

The most surprising part, which I had not noticed before, was that Sol had flames on her shoulder, the crest on top of her head, and her wings. There were also smaller flames on the tail feathers, the tail being about as long as the body. It sort of reminded me of that one Phoenix type Pokémon, who's name I had forgotten.

Yes, I had forgotten it even with the many years of Mind Arts practice. Believe me, I'm ashamed of that too.

After a minute of simply marvelling at Sol, I finally snap out, and say, "Oh, I have to feed you, don't I? Sorry, Sol!"

Immediately Blinky snaps her fingers, and summons.. minced meat?.. what the hell?

"Um.. Blinky?" I ask, hesitantly, stopping her from directly feeding Sol. "What is that?"

"Yes, Master? Oh, this be Goat Liver, that the cooks minced for the Great Lady Sol. Baby birdies be liking liver." Blinky explained, and passed it to me.

I hesitantly take the bowl of minced liver, and feed some to Sol. Seeing that Sol liked it, I feed more of it, until the bowl is about half finished, and Sol was full.

Keeping the bowl aside, I look at Sol, and ask, "Well, let's make you older, why don't we?"

Without warning, I pick Sol in my hands, and summon flames directly on it, using my Sun Divinity. Immediately, the flames fly upwards, taking Sol with them, and grow bigger. I ignore the Elves' shock, and keep looking at the flames.

Just like I remembered from the Fantastic Beasts movie, the Divine Flames fed Sol with it's energy, and Sol kept growing, flapping her wings.

Barely a few seconds later, the flames subsided, leaving behind an adult Sol, who scowled at me. Don't ask how a bird can scowl, but I felt it in my bones.

"What? It worked, didn't it?" I defend myself from the scowling phoenix, and the glaring House Elves.

'You could have warned me.' A voice in my head says.

"God Baldy should have warned us poor elves. We be shocked, yes we did!" Blinky says, aggressively wiping her eyes, while Toby simply puts his hand on his chest to calm his beating heart.

Ignoring the dramatic elves, I examine the majestic Phoenix in front of me. Sol was now almost as tall as me! I'm pretty sure the Divine Energy I fed her was the cause. Where Crux, her father, was about 2-3 feet in length, Sol was about 4 feet without considering her tails, while with it, she was about 6 feet.

Her wing span, was about 8 feet long, which was pretty impressive. And now, the flames were also a bit enhanced. In one word, she looked magnificent.

"Sorry, Little Sol. But, in my defence, I knew what I was doing." I whisper out, scratching her chest feathers.

I feel a swat on the back of my head, and narrow my eyes at the smug little bird, who says, 'I'm not little now, Baldur. Thanks to you.'

Okay, so I was not imagining it. She can talk, in my mind. I smile at her and rub the back of my head. I say, "Sorry, Sol."

Sol puffs her chest out, and says, 'I will be back later. I have to go meet my family, and show them my magnificent form.'

I roll my eyes and say, "How humble of you, Sol. Don't forget that they are older than you, and can probably smack you down if you get a big head."

Sol trills out angrily, and bursts into flames, trying to burn my hair off. Unfortunately for her, I'm the God of Sun. Her flames don't bother me!

I cackle to myself, I'm gonna have so much fun with a phoenix available. Pranks. So many pranks! Victim numero uno. Thor!


1142 AD: 178 years(17)

It's been a couple years since Sol was hatched, and during these years, each and every magical animal had moved from Earth, to Avalon.

Some of them, like the Thunderbirds, hoo-hoo, Phoenixes, and the dragons, had decided to move to the mountains. Thunderbirds had isolated themselves, so they don't disturb the fire birds, and dragons with their rains, taking many of the water elemental creatures with them.

The dragons, meanwhile, had taken over many of the caves, while Phoenixes had taken over the bases of the mountains, where waterfalls were plenty.

The other magical animals had simply taken the Gates closest to them, which dropped them in a place with similar temperature, humidity, and all other criteria, after which they moved to wherever they liked.

Along with that, the House Elves had taken to traveling through the Gates, to bring Non magical animals to Avalon. They brought horses, cattle, goats, chicken, and even dogs and cats. Many of the wild animals were also brought when young, and left in the wild.

They would serve as both food for the bigger animals, and to populate the planet.

The Elves also brought many of the magical plants, trees, and herbs, to Avalon, on my order, as they would be very useful in potions.

The Goblins and Dwarves, had settled down in the few mines Avalon had, deciding to merge their races together. The oldest Goblins were against it in the beginning, but when a Goblin and Dwarf loved each other, they couldn't exactly kill them, as they were already so less.

So, they decided to marry them off, and brought the Dwarves under the banner of Goblins. The Dwarves, used to being subservient to Ekrizdis, did not fight them on that. But I hoped that Goblins don't discriminate between themselves.

They had already made a town, and started a civilization, with their own farms, mines, shops, and currency, which was the same as the HP Universe. Galleons, Sickles, and Knuts.

Other than Avalon, I had finally taken the time to work with the Vibranium I had.. confiscated, from the African tribals that attacked the Nundu.

Unfortunately, Vibranium is not as easy to enchant as Gold, let alone Uru. But, a Vibranium Gold alloy? That was far superior to plain Gold.

I had made arrow heads with the Vibranium-Gold alloy, and enchanted it to follow my target once thrown. Sort of like Darkseid's Omega rays.

The good news was, they had amazing piercing powers. The bad news, the enchantments lose their magic after one shot. So one arrow head can only be used once to follow it's target, after which, it was a simply arrow, although sharper.

I did not even try to make a Vibranium Uru alloy, not knowing how it'll react, and not willing to waste my Uru stock on experiments. So I kept the rest of my Vibranium aside, waiting until I get more from Wakanda.

Which brings us to now, as I was once again roaming the African forests, with the Eye of the True North in my hand, following it towards the Vibranium Mountain.

It took about 4 hours of walking leisurely, avoiding the many tribes of Africans, to finally reach a mountain, which was simply glowing! The whole mountain was made out of Vibranium, and I could feel that there was a whole lot of Vibranium underground too.

Damn! That's a lot of Vibranium! No wonder Wakanda was so.. advanced, and had Vibranium mines, even after centuries of mining it.

Looking around, I see that there were a few tribes fighting using spears and daggers of the sane metal.

'So the Black Panther will be born sometime soon. The wars for the metal have just began, as far as I can see, so it's still time.' I think to myself, looking at the warring tribes.

Shrugging to myself, I ignore them, and walk to a place away from the fighting. I then simply put one of the Vibranium daggers on the ground, bang Ljosgeirr next to it, and chant a simply wizarding spell.

"Attrahunt Metallum!" Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href="!_49307345376836163">!_49307345376836163</a> for visiting.

This spell, was something the Wizards of old had developed, when they actually used to do hard work, and had simply started to become lazy. The wizards, who were into mining, had made this spell to gather the metal, similar to a given sample, in a single place.

Of course, this spell proved insufficient for them, as it pulled a few dozen tons at a time, which they couldn't move all at once and so they still had to actually work. But for me? No problem.

I chanted the spell a few more times, bringing about 200 tons of Vibranium Ore from.. somewhere underground, and sent it directly into an uninhabited mountain, with no one living a hundred miles around it. Better be safe, than sorry.

After that, I used the Compass to find the heart shaped herb. The herb was in a single cave, at the base of the mountain. Knowing that Bast has had a hand in blessing the herb for the Wakandans, but not knowing when exactly she blessed it, I simply take half of them, to plant it on Avalon.

My job done, I take a portal to Avalon, near the mountain where I dropped the Vibranium, right outside the cave in fact. Once I'm through the portal, I first burry all the Vibranium I'd gotten, all around the Mountain, keeping only about a ton above ground.

I don't know how the Vibranium reacts with the plants and animals, but I'm hoping the buried Vibranium somehow changes the different fruits and flowers here into something useful. If not, I can simply ask Lady Jord to make it so.

"Blinky!" I shout, once I'm done.

"Yes, Master?" Blinky says, popping into existence, and looks around the Mountain in curiosity.

I bring the Heart shaped herbs that I had gotten from my PD, and float them towards Blinky, who gently takes them from me.

I say, "These magical plants are blessed by a Goddess. Keep them safe, and plant them in one of the caves here." I point towards a cave system, which was the reason I had chosen this mountain.

Blinky nods, and snaps her fingers, summoning two more elves, and starts with her job. I leave them to their work, and fly towards Hogwarts.

Hmm.. I haven't visited Kamar Taj in a while. Let's do that first.


A few months since my theft of Vibranium, I was down on Earth, sitting in Master Yao's office, drinking tea. This was something we have been doing for at least once a month, simply to catch up. But this visit, was a bit sad.

".. and then, Master Julius bravely sacrificed himself, so young Arjun can live." Master Yao explains, taking a sip.

I keep my cup down and stay silent. Master Julius, the one who introduced me to Sorcery, the one who taught me the basics, was dead.

I pull my hands upwards, and will them to stop shaking. Glaring fiercely at them, I whisper out, "Master Julius earned himself a place in Valhalla, Master Yao! Us crying will demean is sacrifice!"

Master Yao smiles gently, sniffling a bit, and says, "Forgive me, Baldur. No matter how many students I lose, each and every death hurts my heart the same. If only someone would accept to become the Sorcerer Supreme, and let me retire."

He pointedly looks at me, which I ignore, and say, "We both know that despite being strong enough to take the mantle, my priorities are not straight. I'm an Asgardian too, so will have less of a time to protect this Realm."

Master Yao sighs, and says, "I know, Baldur. I know. Well, no use-" Master Yao abruptly stops speaking and widens his eyes.

We both straighten our backs, at the feeling of pure unadulterated power, which just came out of nowhere. It reminded me of Sol, only.. stronger. A lot stronger.

"What the hell is that?!" I whisper shout, looking at Master Yao, who looked afraid.

"Something I'd hoped never came on this planet, Baldur. Let's go, and hope no one offends this being." Master Yao says, and makes a portal.

Preparing for a fight, I summon Ljosgeirr to my hands, and enter the portal after Master Yao.

What could it be that scared Master Yao so much? This heat, this power! It was far stronger than even Odin himself! But I could feel that it was somehow.. restrained. Either amazing control, or someone was way too cautious and bound this being before it could get too strong.

Worst part is, I don't know which one is worse. One way to find out I suppose.

A/N: Dun dun dun! Cliffhanger! Most of y'all have already probably guessed what it is, but please don't spoil it for others!

Sol, that's the name I liked, and also what majority voted. Agni was nice, but I later realized that Agni was a bit cringy.

Now, can Vibranium be Enchanted like Uru? Can Uru-Vibranium alloy be made? If you know, please let ne know!

HelloDarkness07 HelloDarkness07


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