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7.01% The Legend of Baldur / Chapter 1: Rebirth

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Chapter 1: Rebirth

964 AD: Asgard Royal Palace:


That was all I knew once the truck hit me. It happened too fast, and I didn't even have a chance to jump away.

I was simply walking over the Zebra crossing, once the signal turned green. When suddenly I was run over by a vehicle, and I died. Looking back at it, I now know it to be the infamous Truck-sama.

Why me though? I know I was not a particularly good person, but I was not a bad person either. I simply worked in Insurance- not a good job. I lived in a simple one room kitchen flat, which I've rented for the last 3 years, before my death. But I was completely satisfied with my life.

I did not love my job, but I didn't hate it either. I simply lived my life one day at a time; wake up- eat- work- eat- sleep- repeat. This was my daily routine. Although I did find time to feed my addiction to reading.

Why am I mentioning this? Well, because it's relevant.

You see, I used to read a lot of fanfictions, which then led me to Web Novels. There was a particular situation in those fictions and novels that I remember. Getting hit by truck-sama, and still being conscious, but not alive, and then being reborn in some fictional world.

When I woke up in a golden room, in a crib, surrounded by toys and pillows, everywhere, I knew something was wrong.

'F*ck!' I thought to myself, once I looked at my hands. Let me rephrase, I looked at my TINY BABY HANDS!!

'WTF is this? No ROB? No wishes? What kind of Isekai sh*t is this?? I wanted to be reborn in Naruto, as an Uzumaki during the 1st Shinobi War! Not.. wherever I am. F*ck you, Omnipotent being! F*ck you!' I ranted, non stop in my mind.

I really was upset, you know. I had such plans for if I was reborn in NarutoVerse. I was going to become the strongest being in the whole Universe, and I had a step by step guide for that. For this situation though? I have no idea where I am.

Plus, my family! Oh sh*t! What will my mom do? My sister? My dad! Thankfully, I didn't have a girlfriend or wife to miss me, but I don't know if it's good, or sad. I mean, I was 24.

Thinking about all that I'd miss, and all those who'd miss me, I started wailing. Literally. I was a baby, remember?

"Oh, stop crying you dumbass." A loud voice interrupts me, making me freeze. I look around, but don't see anyone, or anything.

'What the hell was that?' I think to myself.

"You won't see me, I'm.. not exactly there." The Voice says.

'Not exactly there? So who's talking then? And is the Voice reading my mind?' my eyes widened in fear at that.

"In that order, yes, I'm not there. I'm projecting my voice in your head. I'm.. simply a higher being than you, that's all you need to know. And your mind is not a book to read. I'm simply listening to your thoughts, which are pretty loud, you know?" The Voice- an ROB, it looks like, says.

I close my eyes and concentrate on hiding my thoughts, but the chuckle that sounded proves that I'm not doing anything correct.

The ROB laughs loudly at that thought and says, "You're right. You didn't do sh*t to your brain, but you did manage to sh*t yourself. Literally."

I move my butt a bit, as much as my few days old body can handle, and grimace. Sure enough, my butt is wet thanks to the poop. 'Damnit! Those nappies were brand new!'

I turn to the laughing voice in my head and ask, 'So, why am I a baby? And am I correct in thinking that you brought me here?'

ROB stops laughing and says, "Yup. I brought you here. You see, you died, as you have already deduced. And your soul was simply sitting there in the Limbo, waiting for reincarnation. And I was bored. So I brought your soul here, made a few deals, changed a few things, and here you are."

I wait for him to continue, but he stays silent, so I ask, 'And where.. is here?"

"Oh, you know. Asgard." Rob answers, and I can simply here the smirk on his face.

'WHAT!?!? ASGARD? But.. but.. I'M HINDU! Why the hell am I inside the Norse Mythos? That doesn't even make sense!' I keep ranting how it's totally illogical for a brown Indian, who follows the Hindu religion, to be reborn inside the Nordic Mythology.

Rob simply shushes me and asks, "Now, when did I say you're in the Norse Mythology? I meant the Asgard from Marvel. Seriously, you found out about the Pantheon only because you read the comics, and now you jump to the conclusion that you're in the mythos and not the Marvel Universe? How dumb are you?"

I stay silent, because frankly, even I'm ashamed. Yes, I didn't know about the Norse Mythology before watching Avengers Movie, sue me. Then I found more thanks to the comics, and then Wikipedia. I should have simply thought about Marvel first. Marvel.. but which Marvel Universe??

'F*ck! Hey, Rob? Which Marvel Universe Asgard am I in? An explanation please?' I plead to the ROB.

Rob sighs loudly and says, "I would have if you'd have let me explain." I don't know how, but I know he's looking at me pointedly. He continues, "You see, you're what you might recognise as Marvel Cinematic Universe. Along with a few changes. Don't worry, not much has changed, it's not my first rodeo, you know."

' you've dropped others to the MCU too? Am I going to meet any of them?' I ask, hesitating a bit. I don't want to meet any other SI. Now that I've accepted that I'm in the MCU, I want to be the strongest, and other SI's might mess things up for me.

"Nope. Same Multiverse, different Universe. I simply dropped a few of the lucky souls in different Universes. There were Naruto, Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel Comics, DC, even MCU. Heck, one guy even specifically requested to be dropped in Stargate. Stargate! Can you believe it? Dumbass got possessed on his 22nd birthday by a Goa'uld and died." Rob explains, first calming me, but then horrifying me.

So dying is possible. I don't have Plot Armour, then. I can still work with it.

"Within the MCU itself, I've dropped a few as Thor, Loki, Justin Hammer, Tony Stark, and a lot of Peter Parker's. He's one popular character. Heck, I even dropped a kid as Thanos. He gave me quite a bit of entertainment." Rob sighs and leaves me to think.

So facts. I'm in the MCU. I'm on Asgard. I could be a commoner, but I'll still find a way to gain power. I'm not dying anytime soon.

"That's the spirit! Oh quit your yapping. I gave you life, I can take it away too."

'No sir, sorry sir. I'll stay quiet, sir.' I think loudly, praying he doesn't kill me.

"Now, stay quiet, and let me explain everything. You are on Asgard, as I said. I won't tell you who you are, but you'll find out soon enough. I'm letting you keep your knowledge, obviously, or it won't be fun. You can do anything you want with your life. Be a murderer, replace Thanos, replace Loki, I don't care. I simply want entertainment. Now, I'm not going to be interfering in your life, but I will be watching. So, again. Don't forget to entertain me. And if/when you die, I'll let you go on to your next great adventure, no matter what you do. I'm not keeping anything hostage, you don't even have to do anything for me. Just live your life! So, on that note, Good luck, and Goodbye!" The Rob explains, and I listened attentively.

Now I know, at least, that I'm not Loki or Thanos. I hope I'm Thor. I would really like me a Mjolnir.

But hey! Where are my 3 wishes? Damn useless ROB.

Now, what do I know? I'm reborn as someone from Asgard, I don't feel that bad about my previous family, so my emotions of that time are probably suppressed. I'm a baby, so I have at least a few years till I start doing anything. Plus, I don't actually have a goal set by the Rob, which I'm glad about.

Goal number 1: Find out who I am.

Goal number 2: Survive and be strong enough to fight Thanos in hand to hand combat.

Goal number 3: ... I don't know, be immortal, I guess?

Goal number 4: This here is the most important. Lose virginity before 19 this time. And find a hot woman to spend the lifetime with. Or two. Not more than that, I don't think I'd handle more than 2. I'd probably become like Oolong if I try a harem.

So goals set, I start to cry. My nappies need changing and whoever my caretaker is, is still not here.

A few seconds of wailing later I see a woman above me, making me stop crying and look at her in wonder. She's beautiful! Not 'I want to bed her,' beautiful, but 'I am amazed by her beauty, and I will protect her at all costs,' beautiful.

"Oh, my baby. You wet your nappies, have you? Let me change them." The lady, who's probably my mother, says. I'm still amazed by her beauty. She's blonde, with a face that literally says 'I'm kind.' Her clothes look expensive, so I'm probably in a rich family.

I wait patiently, simply looking at her, as she changes my nappies, after cleaning me up. She then picks me up in her arms, and starts rocking me, while humming a soft tune. I gurgle happily, not needing to pretend to smile at her. After her rocking, I start feeling sleepy, so I close my eyes. A nap sounds good.

"Sleep tight my son. Have sweet dreams. My cute little Baldur, while I look to your brother, Thor." My mother says, and turns to go.

I snap my eyes open and think, 'Oh, crap. I'm Baldur. Isn't he Thor's half brother, or something? I didn't know much about him.'

I hear the same humming from my mother, as she rocks another baby. I can see from the slits, that she's carrying another baby in her arms. Behind her, I can also see an old-ish man, with a golden spear in his hands, and a golden helmet on his head.

'Huh. Odin has both eyes. So Loki hasn't been brought to Asgard yet? And me and Thor are about the same age. Huh. Wonder who's older. Nevermind, Odin didn't even look at me, he's concentrating on Thor. He's definitely older, and the heir to the Iron Thro- I mean heir to the Throne of Asgard.

I shrug, mentally, and go to sleep. I'm still sleepy, and thinking everything today won't help anyone.

A/N: READ THIS! In this AU, Asgardians have really good memory recall. because frankly, if Thor can remember Loki's pranks from when they were 8, then the MC can remember the comic and movie details. THAT HE KNOWS. Simply assume that MC has Eidetic Memory, and doesn't need to write anything down.

HelloDarkness07 HelloDarkness07

Hey guys, here's the first chapter. Baldur and Thor are a few days old at this point.

Thank you.

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