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Tulan Town - The Moon Thief - Chapter 36 by ChaoticAthen full book limited free

Chapter 36: Tulan Town

Mystical Energy was also known as Creation Energy. In fact, the Mystical Energy was also present in every living being, but unlike Elemental Energy, it was not in the body, but in the depths of the Spirit. To reach the Mysterious Energy, it was necessary to reach the depths of the Spirit. But the Spirit itself was an all-encompassing ocean. Even if it was reached, there was no ultimate knowledge or experience you could gain about it. Creation itself was a profound mystery and inaccessible.

According to Lord Aanton, the Spirit Realm was the cradle of all creation. There was no time and space there, only the Energy of Creation and the total of concepts. The laws that made up the Spirit Realm were so ancient and powerful that even the most powerful people were not able to understand. It was impossible not to control, but even to grasp those laws.

Heinald frowned as he controlled the thoughts in his mind. He understood that one had to descend into the depths of one's Spirit and search for its concepts. However, he did not understand the Spirits Realm mentioned. To go to the Spirits Realm, he had to prepare a special potion called Astinuf. The formula for this potion was in his mind in all. When this potion was consumed, the Spirit would exit the body and go to the Spirit Realm. But he did not know what to see there, how to understand the concepts, how to recognize the Mystical Energy, or how to leave the Spirit Realm and come back.

The answer to these questions was not in the information that entered his mind!

He only knew that after consuming the potion the Spirit would officially be considered a dead body, and therefore the body had to be kept in a safe place. If there was a problem with its connection to the body when the spirit in the Spirit Realm had to return, its spirit would disappear into purgatory forever.

"Will I be able to access other remains?" Heinad asked.

"As long as you pass the tests..." Palace Spirit Uther's reply was quick.

"I choose to get out of here." Heinald nodded, not wanting to risk his life so he was going to leave.

"Well, remember, once you get out, you won't be able to come back."

"I know." Heinald nodded. A portal appeared next to him again, and when he walked into the portal he suddenly found himself outside on the sand.

When he looked around, he saw neither the others nor the scorpions. The great dune had disappeared, there was a plain of sand all around.

"Hey, does anyone hear me?" Heinald shouted with all his might. Others might still be alive, maybe still underground. He started to walk around and shout and control everything, but he didn't notice anything at all. He did not feel any aura coming from under the sand.

After spending a long time around, he began to advance in the gigantic sand valley without knowing his direction. He felt quite in danger because the Magical Beasts in this area were strong. If he were to run into one of them, he would surely die.

Many thoughts crossed his mind as Heinald walked desperately in the sand valley. He had tried to contact Marcus at first but had no success. He did not think this could be due to distance, after all, he managed to communicate even at distance between kingdoms. There was another reason but he couldn't figure out what it was.

As he continued to move forward, he noticed something far away. Focusing on the distance, he saw the others walking. When he saw what he was going through, he gave a sigh of relief, and if they were dead, he would feel sad and in extreme danger and lonely because he was hardly left here. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

He immediately cast the Whisper of the Wind, and when surrounded by winds, he began to float towards them quickly. There were separated roads beyond this wide sand valley, and these roads should probably lead to other valleys. They had previously spoken in a conversation between the group that it would not make a difference where they would go, they were here for discovery.

"Heeey!" Heinald shouted with all his might as he approached them. Ruske was the first to hear this voice among them, and when he turned around he saw something coming towards him. Unsure at first, he thought Heinald might be some kind of animal, but later realized he was Heinald.

"This is Heinald! Is alive!" Ruske cheered.

Heinald where have you been? We searched you below the sands for hours but couldn't see you! "Dane had a happy expression.

"Something very interesting happened to me! I fell into an ancient palace with the sand. The Spirit of the Palace told me that if I passed the tests, I could get perfect ruins, but no one who tried it before survived. I thought that if I was going to die, these remains would be of no use to me, and from there. I chose to quit. " Heinald described what had happened incompletely and without detail. He did not feel the need to say that he had taken a special remain.

"What !? Ancient remains, they were definitely worth the risk!" Mady looked at Heinald in surprise.

"If you think like that, you can go and take the tests!" Heinald gave a slightly angry reply.

Mady sighed and shook her head.

"What is the Spirit of the Palace?" Morena asked.

"Formerly the lord of this area was an Ainsar named Aanton, who left two Palace Spirits to protect and control the ruins. These palace spirits must be kind of a Spiritual Magic. I did not see them physically, but I could hear their voices. Moreover, they could use Space Concept, they opened the portal and took me out.

"Space Concept!?" Dane cried out in surprise. Space Concept was truly one of the most powerful. If you got certain concepts about space, you could get dimensional powers. But of course this would require a lot of energy.

"So what have you done? Have the scorpion or worm reappeared?" Heinald began to examine them. Their condition was not good, but they were not bad either.

"We couldn't see them again." Morena shook her head.

"How could you get out of all that sand?" Heinald asked.

"Thanks to our wind-based spells. If we didn't have them we probably would never have come out of those sands." Dane answered.

Heinald nodded.

After they got together, they started to move forward together. There seemed to be four different ways they could go. After a quick discussion, they decided to take the far left road. The road they walked was an ascending road, so it was a slope.

After hours of climbing, they reached the end of the road. The sight they encountered surprised them all. Below there were a lot of buildings built into what looked like a volcano mouth. There was a spiral road going down. When viewed from above, they realized that in the different ways they had previously seen, they actually climbed into this region.

"This is a town!" Heinald could see people below even from hundreds of meters.

"Who are you?" A voice was heard from the right. This voice belonged to a little girl with white skin and blue eyes.

"Hello kid. What's your name?" Morena walked over to the little girl.


"Where is this place?" Morena asked.

"This is Tulan Town." The little girl replied slowly, observing the people in front of her carefully with her huge eyes. For her, seeing strangers was something she had experienced for the first time.

"Will you take us to the elders?" Morena asked.

Little girl nodded.

Nuya led Heinald and the others down the spiral path. When the road was finished, they had reached directly into the town. The people around were looking at the people they saw next to Nuya in shock. Most likely, they were seeing strangers for the first time in their lives.

"Nuya!" A female voice echoed, a woman ran from the side and came to the little girl.

"Mom, I saw these people at above entrance. They said they wanted to talk to the elders." Nuya explained the situation.

"Who are you?" The woman began to quickly examine everyone in the group. There was no anger or hostility in his gaze, but he had a cautious gaze. His aura revealed that she was a Level 1 Ainsar.

"Hello, we are traveler Ainsars, we discovered this place after crossing the sand valley left behind. Are you a native of this region?" Dane asked.

"Yes." The woman had a serious facial expression.

"If we disturb you, we can leave this place immediately. We discovered this place by accident as we were moving forward." Heinald stood out and spoke.Heinald wasn't sure, but he felt that this woman was slightly uncomfortable with them.

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