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Aspen Columbus - The Player? Surviving in Terraria as the only existence - Chapter 93 by Jarron_Seven full book limited free

Chapter 93: Aspen Columbus

[Chapter 88: Aspen Columbus]


"Hey... Isn't that the survivor of yesterday's [Clean-Up]? I heard he somehow got to work as a knight, but aren't those just dumb rumors?"

"Yeah, it's him. It seemed that after battling in the arena, the King got an interest in him and decided to grant him the honor of joining the Knights order..."

"But to an ex-prisoner?"

"That's what my cousin said, unfortunately, I couldn't attend because my mother was sick, but when I asked him he told me all the story on how he defeated three Antlions completely barehanded... But I think they might be exaggerating things a bit"

"Yeah, I could have my doubts if they said that he handled three Antlions with a sword, but barehanded? That's a bit too much"

"What do you think he might be doing at the Library?"

"Dunno, probably reading about hot chicks or something like that"


What a noisy bunch... But they weren't wrong.

This place really does look like a roasted chicken after all... What's with this place?

Currently, I was sitting on a nearby chair at the library reading many books about the geography of this place. I wanted to know whether I was still somewhere inside the Human territory, or whether I was in another completely different and unknown land.

The answer? I was not there, I'm still not quite sure where I am, but I have formed a small hypothesis after reading all these books.

If the contents of these books are true, then due to the difference in terrain, the lack of mountains, the existence of an enormous desert at the north of this place, the fact that this whole place was surrounded by ocean, and that this land had the form of a roasted chicken, then that must mean one thing...

I was on another continent... Or at least, an enormous piece of land, because although it's big, I don't know if I should call it a continent.

And according to these maps... It seemed that I got confused and went to the east instead of to the west during my little trip... Which sometimes happens, and I don't know why. Just like that time I got lost after almost dying in the forest, and ended up entering the Elf Kingdom instead of going back to the Human Territory.

There's probably something else bad with my brain that I have yet to notice...

Leaving that aside, there have been other few things that I have managed to discover about this Kingdom as well. First of all, they seem to have originated 900 years ago. Which is unusually pretty close to the Great war, and they seemed to have originated as a small population that traveled to this land before setting themselves here.

Something told me that these humans entered the ocean while trying to escape from the monster enhancing period, where every living being in this world, except for humans and a specific type of small animals, had their abilities boosted enormously and became very dangerous threats to the humans, who after they started getting annihilated by the hordes of monsters, had to lie down and live in small tribes across the entire continent. They lied down for another 500 years until they managed to find a new land far away at the border of the continent, and seeing that it was long away from most of the dangerous monsters that inhabited those times, they decided to settle in there. Like that creating what is now known as the Human territory. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

However, these people probably arrived at this other continent and created their own Kingdom after seeing that no extremely dangerous monsters lived here, compared to the previous one.

This brings me to the next point of all this matter...

These people actually have some knowledge from the times before the Great war.

What do I mean by that? Well, unlike their counterpart in Balroc city, here they have an enormous amount of magic knowledge that they managed to secure before traveling to this place. Be it new types of magic, potions, technologies, or even information about other races that I did not know about until now. And although they were nothing compared to the times before the Great war, they were still in a better situation than the humans from the Human territory.

And for all this, is why I accepted working as a Knight for the Kingdom. First of all (And the most important of all) it was because they were offering me a free residence at their facilities just for protecting the city from monsters of the outside. Also, I heard that the furniture at the Knight facilities was top-notch, including the bed.

The second reason was that I needed to save up enough money to build a good ship and get the heck out of here. Since this system did not have the option for creating ships or vehicles, all I could do was to save money for the time being, or in the worst case, learn how to make one myself. And since they were offering money just for acting as a guard of this city, I thought it could be a great idea. If it comes to it, I will also sell my potions as an alchemist if necessary.

And finally, the last reason why I accepted this was rather simple. Since these guys were having problems with Antlions, and I needed Antlion's mandibles in order to create mining potions, I could gather some materials while doing this work, and continue gathering money at the same time!

Besides, I could leave whenever I wanted to. It was not like they needed me anyways, unlike a certain city that seems to be surrounded with problems. They also had some crazy scientific that was creating an enormous bomb in order to kill all the Antlions in one go. So I guess my presence here was not all that necessary.

I will work here and become millionaire, like in most of the places I go, and then I will leave this place. And if I still have time, I will travel to the Jungle by myself using my new ship.

What a perfect plan, isn't it?

"Newbie, hurry up. The daily practice is going to begin in thirty minutes, and I don't think you will make it in time..." Someone whom I guessed was another knight, exclaimed for afar before he started running in the direction of the Knight's headquarters.

Ah, yes... These guys gathered all of us daily in order to practice among ourselves our swordsmanship, and archery. It was a rule so I didn't have any other option but to accept. Either way, I could use practice as a good time to improve my archery skill to master level.

Who knows, those knights might be better of what I thought...




What a good night of rest, I feel all refreshed up. Thank you guys for letting me catch a break!


Next chapter's goal is 950 powerstones.

Anyways, I don't think you will make it, so I will go back now to continue writing a chapter for my other fanfic now.

Bye bye

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