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100% The Secrets of a Fox [BL] / Chapter 3: No Turning Back.

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Chapter 3: No Turning Back.

Lirin had skipped school today, telling his parents he didn't want to go back quite yet. He promised them her wouldn't stay home tomorrow. Only he knew that he really wouldn't stay home, leaving for earth...well that's if he could get someone to tell him how to get there....He had left for town and was headed towards the library. If he had searched it up or bought a book on it it could be tracked. So the library was his main option.

Walking in the open door in his half form, he started browsing the catalog. His half form came with glowing ruby eyes, midnight black hair but faded into white on the tips of the fox ears that now sat atop his head. He currently had all nine of his fox tails out. They were mostly white but once again faded into black at the base. The entirety of the tails had incomprehensible blood red inscriptions running through them. His outfit for the day was a black cardigan over a red T-shirt and white jean shorts.

After walking through aisle after aisle he found a section on the realms. A quick search and he found some books specifically about earth. He soon found the purely informational ones were know help so he turned to a book written on earthly customs by a spirit who tried them all first hand and then rated them.

He must have been lucky because there written on the first page were the words, "Everyone knows the easiest way to get down to the mortal realm is by buying or renting a realm warp. Also know as realm stones and world stones."

Lirin didn't feel a need to read much farther but did anyways and was glad when he did. Because just a line or two down it talked about the consequences of renting going wrong. Especially not renting for long enough and the stone being recalled before the renter went back to the spirit world. Leaving the renter stuck in the mortal world.

Lirin who had been leaning towards renting was immensely thankful for continuing to read. He read a bit more then put the books back. He spent a while more there researching different locations and customs so he could choose where on earth he wanted to stay and what he should be acting like depending on what identity he took on. At some point he just used a spell to download all the relevant information into his mind so he could integrate it with his mind. Now having a complete understanding of any human culture or practice to exist he exited the library wondering if he should give his first identity an accent...

Lirin teleported back to the forest near the edge of his property. Turning on his world watch he watched the white transparent screen and hovering keyboard appear like it had a million times before. Somehow though this time felt different, maybe it was because of the reason he had turned it on would have so much more effect compared to all the other times. He had taken out the tracking features of the watch at the beginning of the day. If a protégés such as himself couldn't even stop others from tracking him he didn't deserve the title...Well he didn't want the title either way so it didn't actually matter too much what titles he held.

At the beginning of the day he had pre-prepared mana infused messages that would broadcast his farewells directly into the minds to everyone he would miss. They were set to go off once he moved to the mortal realm and that realm only. He wasn't willing to go without at least leaving some form of a goodbye. If the recipient didn't accept the message they were programmed to be resent as a digital message to their world watch.

It had taken him quite a bit of mana to create a spell that specific so he had slept in that morning to recharge. Not wanting to head to the mortal world on anything less than full power.

Quickly searching up "realm stones" on the website used for item purchases of any kind, he found himself pausing. There was a section for the item provided by the government or he could by from someone selling one. This feature was available for any common for sale but his dilemma was that there may be different pros and cons to each.

The government section was licensed companies that manufactured whatever item you searched for or it meant the idea was from the actual government. The sale one meant it was someone selling the item for whatever reason. The sale items were appraised by and appraisal system installed on the world watches. Only items that met certain standards could be sold. That way no one got broken, faulty or generally worn and low quality items. You could click on an button for further details on a specific item. Like who was selling, when it was was made, it's condition and so on.

Lirin in the end went with the top item a fancy looking realm stone made and sold by a company that apparently specialized in realm stones. He knew if someone saw his purchase they would be suspicious so he had to prepare all the thing he wanted to bring with him so he could premium order the stone so it would arrive in his hand within moments and could use it right away.

The reason he could turn off tracking of his person but not his search and purchase history is because it would immediately alert his parents. This was because their family believed they shouldn't hide anything from each other unless it was really important or personal. His whereabouts were considered personal but he shouldn't be searching and buying random things or things he shouldn't.

He had packed mostly plushies and blankets and sentimental things. And of course Rin. He could buy clothes, toiletries, food and all the other stuff with money he could conjure at anytime. Currently all the things were in his spatial storage except for Rin.

Lirin wasn't afraid of the others reaching out to him telepathically. He had read in the library about how it was different so he wasn't worried. Normally you could reach out to anyone who opened their mind to you or at least gave permission to transmit to them like his teachers. But you can't contact someone who is on the mortal realm while you are in another realm. Same thing if you were in the mortal world and wanted to contact someone in another realm. And even if you both are on earth it was still a bit complex.

Think of it as if the person you wanted to reach was trapped in a dark cave. You lower down a rope for them to grab onto but it's pitch black so they can't see it. Your only hope is to shout and pray they hear you and grab onto the rope. Or maybe the roles are reversed and you're the one in the cave because someone else is trying to reach you. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Either way it works better when you have a strong bond to that person. It could be a bond of hate or love it just had to be something. And even if you don't know them the stronger you feelings the easiest it is. But never forget if you send that mental rope out they don't necessarily have to grab it. Anyone can choose not to accept the transmission and your message will never be heard. And if your concentration is broken you'll have to try again. Unless your extremely close to the other person then it becomes much harder to brake the connection.

Lirin was ready to other the world stone. He had read the instructions on how to use the world stone provided next to the item's description on the website. He only need insert his mana in the stone and it would start opening a portal to whatever realm the stone was made for. Each realm had a different stone. The inscriptions of the one that would take him to the mortal world were a shade darker than sky blue but there really wasn't that much of a difference between the colors.

Steadying his resolve the fox boy hid his tails and ears and shifted into a female who would be his first human identity. She had platinum blond hair that went a couple of inches past shoulder lengthens darken at the roots. Paired with amber eyes, just amber enough to still be a human eye color. She wasn't flat chested but her chest definitely wasn't her highlight feature. This was a form very similar to his female half form which had the same glowing red eyes as the male form. White hair with black on the tip of the ears and the white and black of the tails were also switched. He now turned she knew designing her first human form after one of her main forms wasn't a great idea but it help her adjust to the change so she decided it was worth it.

Keeping the outfit from before she bought the realm stone and watched it plop into her hand after a moment. Immediately infusing mana into the small dark gray stone with blue enchantments, Lirin stared intrigued as the glowing blue portal rapidly formed in front of her. As soon as it finished forming she felt her sister trying to establish a mental link with her. Most likely her sister had noticed the purchase and wanted to inquire what it was that she needed a realm stone for. Pointedly ignoring the request for telepathy she stepped into the portal knowing she had mere moments before her sister teleported to her trying to figure out why she declined the mental message. As she was whisked away into the blue, green and white swirls she sighed.

This was it. No turning back.

Caramel_Honey Caramel_Honey

I didn’t/might not post for a while because of school all my teachers are yeeting exams into my face and I’m dying. My B had dropped to an NC, C+ to a D, D to NC and one class that hadn’t had a grade all term now shows up as a D. I’m really sorry!

(Also this chapter used to be chapter 2 but I split chapter one into 2 chapters so yea-)

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