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The Serpent Emperor The Serpent Emperor original

The Serpent Emperor


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Chapter 1: 1

Sidney woke up in an unfamiliar place, with an unfamiliar girl beside him. Has he just done a drunken one night stand again? He needed to confirm it. He rubbed his head and woke the black-haired girl. “Who are you?”

"Azalea Young," she replied yawning a bit. "Guess you don’t remember anything." She smiled at him a bit sadly. "I figured that would happen, it's okay."

"….What? What don’t I remember—I guess, we had a one night stand, right? That’s fine. Don’t worry, Azalea." He said sleepily.

She sighed again. “Check your left hand,” she said standing up and heading to the bathroom. “I still don’t get how you could forget this.”

He glanced at his left hand and found himself wearing a…new ring? So? He has many rings and he often wears them but it looked like new. “You…you gave me a ring? For a one night stand?” He took it off and put it on the bed. “Really, even I’m fully aware of how hot and charming I am, you really don’t have to thank me with such an expensive gift.”

"Sidney, didn’t you notice which finger it was on? Your ring finger. We were married," Azalea said exasperated. "I’m going to shower, maybe you’ll remember when I’m done." She then grabbed a change of clothes and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. She didn’t care about locking it because, after all, they were married. ‘Dumb asshole,’ she thought turning on the water.

"Married? WHAT, MARRIED?" He screamed on top of his lungs. "But this can’t be! I’m—I’m engaged! Or, at least going to….and I don’t even know you!" He yelled in panic. After all of those affairs, he figured he would start trying to commit into one serious relationship, with his long-time bestfriend Nicolette. He was going to propose her tomorrow night, and decided that last night would be the last time he slept around, but…what just happened?!

"Well it happened," her voice came from behind the door. "Sorry it was to me," she added rolling her eyes, not that he could see. She quickly slipped out of what clothes she had on and turned the water.

"Well it is nothing personal, but we’re still strangers for crying out loud." He sighed in frustration. What should he tell his mother and father? His dad would kill him for staining the family’s pride, and compares him to his eldest brother. It’s always Oliver! He cursed. He was about to show them that he can be a good son, choosing a wife from the same class. And yet he knows absolutely nothing about…this girl’s—he still refused to call her his wife—background, or anything!

"Well then divorce me!" Azalea yelled becoming very annoyed with Sidney. "Though I"m not sure how well your family will take either action." She knew he came from a rich and pristine family and that marrying her probably wouldn’t go over too well with his family.

'He could've said no,' she thought as she stepped into the shower, sighing a bit as the hot water hit her skin.

He perked up at her words and rushes to the bathroom door, knocking it frequently. “Really? You…you don’t mind? I mean, we can take care of this quickly, right? I would…pay you with anything!” He said.

Azalea sighed again. “Yes, we can. I’d prefer if we don’t but, yes we can,” she said, then thought about it. “Anything?” She wanted to make sure he would keep his word. “You can come in if you want,” she added.

"But the process is gonna take long, still." He sighed. And he’s proposing Nicolette tomorrow night! "If we bribe the judges, would they make it quick? Wait, you prefer—what? Why?" He asked curiously and blushed. "…Why would I want to come in?" He mumbled awkwardly.

"Well, you knocked like crazy, so I just assumed… Sorry," she said blushing. "So let’s go back to the anything part. Will you really do anything?"

"I was just wanted to make sure that you heard me," He answered. "Yes! I’ll do anything, I mean, if you need something…I’ll give it as a gratitude." He meant money and the other materials, of course. She looks like a good person, so she probably wont use it to extort money from him.

Azalea thought over how to choose her words. “Would you be willing to help keep me financially stable?” she asked. She just needed money to go to college so she could get a better job than the one she has.

Finishing her shower, she turned off the water and stepped out, grabbing a towel.

"For how long exactly?" He asked. Of course he wont want to support this girl with money for too long after they’re divorced.

"Three, maybe four years. Just long enough so I can get to college, graduate, and get my footing," she said. She didn’t think it was too much to ask considering what he’s doing to her right now.

Four years? Is she crazy?? What’s the point of divorcing if he still had to deal with her for four years? “What about, I give you a sum of money that’s enough to pay for your college and then done?”

"Deal," she said.

'I guess he really does want to be rid of me,' she thought sadly. 'I can understand.'

"Alright, so let’s get your things and get out of this hotel. I guess you would have to live in my apartment for a while, until things have been taken care of.." He sighed. He must postpone the proposal.

Azalea opened the door a bit and peaked out. Currently, she was just wearing a towel wrapped around her with her hair still wet and dripping. “Can I at least get dried off?” she asked with a sarcastic undertone.

"Yeah sure," He was to depressed to respond to her sarcastic tone. His father’s words are ringing through his ears 'You can cause nothing but trouble, Sidney! You should start acting a bit like your brother!' Oliver, Oliver and Oliver all over again! He scratches his head in frustration. What is so great about being a farmer?? Well, a farmer boss that owns a large area in every side of the country, which products have been exported as well, but still! He also have something to be proud of as a man! He just finished college for crying out loud. He’d also won some trophies on modelling contests, but they just wont count his success!

Azalea sighed once again as she closed the door and finished drying off and getting changed. She decided not to put her hair up and quickly ran a brush through it. She walked out of the bathroom and began to pack what little things she had.

Sidney puts on his Ralph Lauren jacket and grabbed his car keys. He put his so called wedding ring into his pocket, couldn’t risk anyone seeing it. He checked on his phone, there are a few messages from his friends, and Nicolette. Looked like she’s been trying to contact him, but he was too ‘busy’ to pick up. He sighed before replying to her text with a slight grin on his face. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Azalea finished packing up. “Ready whenever you are,” she said looking up at him. She felt a weird feeling she wasn’t used to, jealousy, stir in her heart. 'What am I even jealous about? There is no way I could be jealous over whoever made him smile,' she chided herself.

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