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The Strongest Curse Master

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Author: IGotStones

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Ace Lander an average high school senior was dragged into the "World of Curses" hidden beneath the surface of everyday life when he awakened as a “Curse Master” gaining an innate skill "Status Screen" and innate curse tool “Cursed Toybox” with the ability to animate and actualize action figures and adult silicone dolls into his Toy summons.
[ — Status screen —
> Cursed toybox is merging curse core 'divine form' with toy 'Goddess Athena'…
> Cursed toybox is animating the toy 'Goddess Athena' as a toy summons…
> Cursed toybox has animated the toy 'Goddess Athena.'
> Toy summon 'Goddess Athena' added to toy space.
> Toymancer can now summon Goddess Athena.]

"Toy Summons, Goddess Athena!"

[Name: Athena
Race: Curse Tool
Class: Toy summon
Title: Greek Goddess (♀)
Durability: (100/100)
Enchantment: 1-Star
Individuality: (100/100)
Curse Energy Consumption: 5 units per hour
Skills: Toy actualization, Wisdom of Ages, Divine Warrior, Divine Strategist, Divine Insight, Divine Counsel, Goddess’s Blessing, Forge of Innovation, Aegis Shield
i) Class 'Toy summon' will gain new skills with quantitative change in the Toymancer's stats.
ii) Title 'Greek Goddess' will give Athena access to all her character abilities.]

Did you say Curselings are strong? I have Toy summons that can turn Curselings into Curse spirits to aid me in combat.

Am I alone in the world of curses? I have a legion of undying Toy summons and Curse spirits in my Cursed Toybox. I am never alone.

You are an ancient god. So, what? I have the entire Greek and Norse pantheon goddess silicone doll collection serving in my Toy Legion.

Do I want to take over the world? The world is free because I allow it. The world will submit if I demand it.

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    It would be better to call hit toy maker it just sounds better than toymancer but I get it you control toys not make them

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    The title seemed very Japanese (bad) to me in terms of "this one wants to be informative" So honestly I read it out of inertia due to the central work of the car "... Card Apprentice", so I think it will be difficult for you to attract public. But it is certainly an engaging story and the author generally knows how to handle good lore and power systems. Something that I think could attract an audience would be to change the word toy on the final cover and that screen does not match. Additionally, I have always wondered if the author plans to have a Discord since, for better and worse, this interaction at least helps readers to be attentive to updates and even more so when they do not have fixed updates like currently.

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    yeah: author: void tier is needed to non-use innate curse tool anymore a conduit of power and use raw curse energy instead? everyone: void tier is needed to non-use innate curse tool anymore a conduit of power and use raw curse energy instead?

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    author: curse master of what tier can use raw cursed energy as like it was his innate tool?

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    This is an amazing book ... a hidden gem ... I really liked the cursed technique ... the world is also great ... hope for more chapters ... great work ... [img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update][img=update]

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    Great story so far just wish it would update more

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    So far, as of chapter 53, it’s a great story. Especially the world background seems intriguing and full of potential. I hope the story continues. The only thing I can complain with this and other stories is the need of more and more chapter 😭. Let’s all hope and pray for a new chapter.

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    It's a great book i really Like the setting.

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    It's one of the GOATS, the creator of card apprentice log. What do you expect but a banger!! Love the powersystem and abilities and already can't wait to read more!

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    me agrada la historia y la recomiendo. lo único que tengo de queja es que algunos capítulos están como incompletos.

    Reveal Spoiler
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    Great book ,but no matter how many books you wrote or are there in webnovel my favorite will remains card apparatus daily log.

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    Author IGotStones