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2.3% The Tale of the Void Emperor / Chapter 1: Prelude

Prelude - The Tale of the Void Emperor - Chapter 1 by LivingVoid full book limited free

Chapter 1: Prelude

[ A/N: This chap shows how and why MC died, The story starts in the next chapter and MC's char will develop into a fine one as the story progresses while he experiences many ups and downs. ]

My name is Athan, My parents passed away when I was small, and since then, I've been living with my uncle and aunt, who took care of me like I was their real child.

When I took 1st rank in the exam for the first time, Uncle and aunt were very happy, so I worked hard and got 1st rank every time after that. It brought me joy to see them being happy.

When I turned 16, my uncle and aunt moved to a different city, so I transferred to my new school.

There was a girl in my class, very beautiful; her name was Lily; I think I fell in love with her, but I was not one to express my inner feelings, so I just kept them to myself and studied hard just like I did in my previous school.

But When I achieved rank 1 in my new school and that by a large margin compared to 2nd, I got a pleasant surprise; the most beautiful girl in my class Lily approached me for study-related help; I was so happy I was on cloud nine. She approached me for study-related help and I was more than happy to help her.

We talked every day and I just got more and more attracted to her cheerful personality and was going to ask her out. but just after a week of my interactions with Lily, three boys from my class suddenly approached me after school, They threatened me to stop having interactions with Lily, or they will break my limbs. Of course, I did not take them seriously at that time and continued my interaction with Lily.

But after two days, when I was walking home from school, a van suddenly stopped beside me when I passed through a hollow alley, and I was kidnapped. They took me to some abandoned place, and there, They beat me up. They did not break my limbs, but They hurt me bluntly in places that can not be seen after wearing clothes.

The ones who beat me up were those 3 boys in my class and 2 adult man who drove the van. They once again threatened me, saying that if I continued to interact with Lily, they would also trouble my uncle and aunt on top of breaking my limbs.

Amidst the pain and their threats, I realized that I have to forget Lily. Even if I like Lily, She is not as important as My uncle and aunt who never let me feel the absence of my parents. If they get troubled because of my matters, I can't forgive myself. If interacting with Lily means inviting trouble to my uncle and aunt, then I'll stop talking to her.

So I told Lily to stay away from me and that we shouldn't interact with each other from now.

I definitely don't want to cause trouble to my uncle and aunt because of my matters. They are already sharing the love of their two children with me and I absolutely don't want to trouble them because of my matters.

I also did not say anything to my uncle and aunt about my injuries because I did not want them to worry for me as they also have their own little son and daughter to care for.

But after a week, Lily suddenly showed up at my house.



In A Big Mansion, The so-called Boss Lanry, who looked around the age of 18, was having fun with a woman who was around 30 years old on a king-sized bed.

Beside the bed was a small table and on it was a telephone which started ringing.

*trrrrink trrrrink*

Lanry stopped and moved towards the table's direction before he stretched his hand to pick up the phone.

" Whatever is it, It better be important!! now speak. " Lanry spoke in a foul mood as he was interrupted during his fun hours.

A rough sound of a man came from the other side of the phone, " Boss Lanry, Madam Lily visited that boy's house with a small bag; we don't know her purpose for visiting him. What should we do? "

" That fucker, I'm tired of hearing about him. Kidnap that bastard tomorrow and kill him; I'll handle the police work and media...wait, don't just kill him directly. Torture him first before killing him. "

" Ok, Boss. "

Somewhere near Athan's house, A buff body man muttered while shaking his head, " Boss directly skipped to killing this time....that unfortunate boy would get torture before dying tomorrow sigh, such is the society. " [ A/N: such is the society in Earth-619 in multiverse which is my planet ]



" Hello, My name is Rosy Fox, I'm here with the latest news; today morning, A dead body of a 16-year-old boy was found in the abandoned storehouse behind National High-School; from the signs on his body, He was tortured pretty badly before his death; currently The police is doing its best to find the perpetrators. "



5 hours ago, In the abandoned warehouse behind the National High school.

A badly tortured boy was lying on the floor with blood all over his body; his nails were dug out, hair pulled out, and many slash marks over his face and body, and in front of him were 3 other boys of similar age while the ones responsible for this torture were standing behind Athan, They were two adult men.

Athan opened his mouth and said in a weak voice, " Wh-why, are you doing this to me? I did as you told me and stopped talking to her, so why? "

One of the boys among the group spoke with a shout, " WE TOLD YOU MANY TIMES TO STAY AWAY FROM HER. YOU KNOW HER IDENTITY? SHE IS ENGAGED TO BOSS LANRY, although she doesn't know that, it was decided by their parents long ago. "

Another boy spoke with a sneer, " But What drove Boss Lanry to kill you was the thing that happened yesterday; Boss Lanry found out that Lily came to your house after school yesterday, and who knows what you two did in your house, hehe."

Athan's tears rolled out as he spoke while enduring the pain all over his body and face, " We did nothing, I didn't even invite her; I also told her to stop talking to me at school last week, that's why she never talked to me since last week, and the reason she came to my house was that she wanted to return the book I lent to her a few weeks ago. "

" So what? Your fate is sealed now."

" Boss Lanry decided to kill you, and that is final. "

" Just consider yourself unfortunate and move on, hahaha."

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Athan's eyes had pain, despair, unwillingness, and anger as he passed away.

But Fate has something different in store for Athan.

Edit:- [ Author Note: [ minor spoiler ]- Many of you are wondering whether MC will have his revenge or not...Well, he will have his revenge in a way, but I can't spoil it. Another thing...Sorry, it's not trunk-Kun, car-Kun, Scooter-uncle, or scooty-chan isekai and meeting some god or goddess before getting transported to another world. Because there is a reason, a plot on why he was even transmigrated to another world after dying...and why he had that black whirlpool inside him. ( which will be revealed in just a few chapters ) All story behind the black whirlpool had already been revealed in 2nd volume. One more thing...If you want to assume something, then keep it in your mind and don't write in comments, please. Like " this will happen, and that will happen, Oh I know this will happen, It will be cliche for sure, bla bla...etc." :( I feel bad when people write as if they have already read my novel by traveling to the future, One such example is in this chapter's comment section by a person with username: [ Daniel_Choritz ], You can look at his comment and you will know what I mean by writing " assuming comments " Just don't comment like that please. BUT...Any advice, critiques, and such things welcome so don't hesitate on that. :) Lastly...Have a good day every day, and I hope you like this book. ]

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